Case 49: Their libidos and school trip.
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"Rather than that, I could somewhat understand why the other girls didn't recognize us, but I distinctively remember seeing the blonde girl at the ball back then. Why did she seem to not know us at all?'' I asked.

So the blonde is definitely their leader, and then the rest I assume are all daughters of low nobles, that explains why they weren't at the party.

''Now that I think about it...'' Christina ponders. ''I think I also saw the daughter of Marquis Vivian at the ball, too, and I'm pretty sure she did see you guys back then, especially with that kind of entrance that you made.''

''Heh~ how did they enter?'' Anastasia asked curiously.

''Imagine these three wearing the best dresses with makeups.'' Christina said, turning to all three of us elves.

''Ah, I think I can see now. That's reasonable.'' The cat girl nods, her cat ears twitching a little bit.

''That's right.'' Liana's face changes to smug. ''But by 'Lady Vivian', you mean the blonde earlier?''

''Yes, learn to remember names, please.'' Christina said with a sigh.

Welp, I didn't remember it either, but I'm sure she won't scold me even if I said that, heh.

''So, are you guys saying that there's something wrong about that woman earlier?'' Anastasia asked.

''Yeah, I think.'' I said, everyone seems to agree as well.

''Hmm...? I don't feel anything special about her though.''

Maybe if you let me pet those ears, you could feel something.

(⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄ ⁄)

''Wait, aren't we going to Marquis Vivian's territory for our school trip this time?'' Christina said, snapping her finger.

Eh~ Are we going to get bothered there too? I kinda want to stay home and fuck all day long now.


After that day, the girls did not come to bother us again, which was very nice. My days went by quite peacefully, waking up, going to school, occasionally hanging out with Christina and Anastasia, training magic, restocking ammos, getting railed all night. You get the point.

Just like that, a week has passed, and tomorrow is the day we're going on the school trip.

The purpose? It will be a good experience for the students, they say. I don't believe it. Nope.

Seeing just how they teach students here, I wouldn't expect this to be a nice and calm vacation or anything. Pretty sure it will be more training.

You know, I was seriously considering staying at home getting my body fucked silly rather than going to this trip, because we're clearly not suitable for their curriculum as of now.

But then, Stephen said that there's a landmark called 'Saint's tomb' inside the territory of Marquis Vivian. Props to the Marquis's marketing team, they had successfully sold me on that one. 

Tch, it better be interesting, I don't want to let my sex time be sacrificed in vain. When I asked Stephen, he said that the content inside the tome should be kept to oneself, otherwise, they would get a very distasteful punishment or something.

Anyway, the trip would last for two weeks, we're going with out senpais, aka Fourth year students this time. In the announcement, they said that First and Third year students would go at a later time.

And fortunately we're not crawling our way there or anything, we have trains, powered by magic, of course.

The only thing that I'm worrying about is the libidos of my lovers, and maybe Christina's as well, mainly because we will be sitting on the train for almost two days. 

Now, they do allow us to choose our roommates inside the train, and each cabin could hold 5 people, so it's perfect for us. But then my lovers won't be able to have sex with me, not before those two. I'm not trying to cuck Christina nor I'm trying to corrupt the holy cat.

Do I have to invent a new distraction tactic or something? Actually, how would a futa like my lovers or Christina take care of their insane libidos on a long trip like this?

''How do you usually take care of your sex drive on a long trip like this one?'' I asked my lovers, who's been clinging to me on the bed after we had sex tonight.

''Sneak out and masturbate.'' Emy said precisely, then going back to sucking my left nipple, why does she look like a baby...

''Phimilar two Fwemiwia.''1Similar to Emilia. Liana also replied while still burying her face in my right thigh.

Hmm, so they just need some time alone, I guess. Maybe I could sneak out with them and use illusion magic to deceive people on the train...? But then how do we catch up though, is the question.

Eh, I can't think of anything, at least I should be able to cook something up if I could see the cabin's layout, but I don't have that information.

Let's do a temporary fix for now.

''Hey, round two?'' I asked.

I need to milk them as much as possible.



Sitting on my bed inside the moving train, I let out a yawn. 

Mhmm, maybe having sex till 3 A.M wasn't the best idea. It's probably necessary though.

Either way, the cabin is pretty decent for a train, each one of us got a bed, but we still have to sleep together in the same space, so no sex, as I had expected.

''Did you not get much sleep?'' Anastasia asked me worriedly.

''Ah, um, kind of.'' I replied.

''Hmm~'' Christina let out a meaningful hum, narrowing her eyes.

I think we got caught, chief. 

...I mean, I can't leave Christina like this forever, I think I do want to be intimate with her, so I will probably need to do a naked dogeza to beg my lovers to allow me to be more intimate with Christina later.

But I also feel like it's too soon for me and Christina to have full-fledged sex, I might be a slut, but not that one ultimate slut who would do it with anyone anytime. I think we still need to get to know each other some more.

So then, are milder stuff like handjobs or blowjobs allowed? I have to ask them later.

Wait, let's say I have to take care of both my lovers and Christina at the same time in this trip, and while I'm getting railed, Christina is only allowed to get a handjob or a blowjob, then isn't that just a cuckplay...?

What the hell am I thinking, I'm getting too horny these days, I should focus on my trip first.

I am still curios about how Christina would take care of her stick, though. Let's go ask her while my lovers are asleep.

Flying towards Christina's bed on top of Anastasia, I flop down besides her.

''Hey, Christina.'' I leaned in and whispered into her left ear.

''What?'' She whispered back.

''How do you take care of your 'thing' on a long trip like this?''

''!!'' Christina seems startled for a moment. ''I've never been to a trip like this before, but... maybe you can take care of it for me?'' She said, hugging my waist and burying her head on my neck area.

''...Um... If I can get permission, I could let you use my hands, or... My mouth.'' I said weakly, fearing that my lovers would wake up and 'punish' me.

''Your mouth?'' Christina rises her head to look at my face, her eyes sparkling.

''Y-Yeah, can you be satisfied with that though...?''

''I welcome all progress. Someday I will make sure you bear my children, don't worry.'' She said, kissing me on the lips.

She then pushes her tongue inside my mouth, and I let her do that.

We've kissed quite a few times after that date, and my lovers didn't seem to mind it very much, but this bold girl, Anastasia is right below us, you know? It would have been very awkward if I didn't set a sound barrier around us.

Our tongues intertwined for quite a while before Christina finally got satisfied and parted her lips. Our saliva forming a string between our mouths.

''...I'll try to persuade them.'' I said.