Case 50: Skewed foursome. (R-18)
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...It seems like I've fucked myself over.

Now that I really think about it, I'm trying to get permission from my lovers to go suck another dick, which doesn't sound good in any context whatsoever.

And how do I even ask to begin with...? Do I really need to do a naked dogeza?

Ei, whatever, I'll just ask them. Worst case scenario, Christina would need to be satisfied with a telekinesis handjob or something, and that would technically be considered cheating, but I think my lovers won't have a problem with that, considering they allowed mouth kissing.

But first, I need to wait until Anastasia is in her sleep, only then will we be able to do it.

Sitting on my bed, I spread out the newspaper for today. Over the past month, the second prince's faction has grown a lot, all thanks to the bullet I gave Duke Forbes that day. Nobles have realized that without the Forbes family, the current crown prince would be brought down soon enough.

Worse for him, the second prince's side has full support from the public now, nobody really likes slavery after all.

And about the 'Duke Forbes' title, because the Duke is already a goner, and his son died due to mysterious circumstances, the emperor has decided to pass the title onto a blood relative later in the year, fair enough, I guess.

I feel like it's almost time for a new crown prince already, and according to normal progression, the current crown prince would try to do something stupid at the last moment. 

...Nah, that can't be true, he's not that desperate.... I think.

Oh, lunch is here already.

Mhmm, it's not very good...



''I'm going to sleep first.'' Anastasia let out a yawn and said. ''Good night~''

''Sure, good night.'' I replied.

After waiting for a few minutes and checking her breathing to make sure that she's sleeping, I fly onto Liana's bed.

Closing the curtain, I lay down facing her, then wrap my arms around her torso, giving her a big warm hug.

''What's wrong?'' She asked normally, noticing the sound barrier that I just set up.

Instead of answering her, I close our distance and kiss her on the lips. But it appears to be a not so good decision, because Liana immediately pushes back, her tongue dominantly breaks through into my mouth, stirring whatever is inside it together with my tongue.

''Ahn...*slurp*...Wai- Mhm! *slurp* *slurp*...''

So we kept going for a good three minutes, I tried to stop her, but she just held my head fixed in place with one of her hand, the other one already shoved inside my skirt, playing with my lower lips.

''Hah...Hah... Why you...'' I said, panting.

''What? Didn't you want this?'' She snorted, shoving three fingers inside my soaked pussy.

''Hyah! Wait, wait, I lost, I lost! Please let me go first!''

''What is it?'' Liana said, bringing her hand wet with my juice up, licking it slowly and thoroughly, like a cat cleaning its fur.

''U-Um, you see... Christina-

I didn't have the chance to finish, because she tore down my entire skirt in an instant, and thrusted her already erected cock inside my pussy, going all the way till it slammed against my cervix.

''Argh! Eh?''

When did she even flop her cock out??

''Christina what?'' She said coldly, one of her hands gripping my butt firmly, almost too firm, even.

''Er, I mean, sh-she's also a futa like you guys...''


''Doesn't she need... Um... Sexual relief too?''

''And you're thinking about using your whore hole to please her? In front of our face?''

''N-No! I don't-



''Yes, you do, you fucking slut.'' Her rod forcefully pierced through my cervix accompanied by a dull colliding sound, returning the cock to where it usually is at night.

''J-Just a blowjob...?'' I asked weakly, gasping for air.



*flap* *flap* *flap*

''Ah~!... Nhn~...''



''I love you.'' She said, kissing me deeply on the lips, her cock throbbing, filling my womb with her semen.



We stayed still for a while, our lips connected, our reproduce organs also connected.

Breaking out of the kiss, Liana grins mischievously. ''I have a nice idea.''


Not waiting for my response, she pulls out her cock and picks me up in a princess carry, then swiftly jumps over to Christina's bed.

Needless to say, Christina, who was meditating on the bed, is dumbfounded when she suddenly sees Liana with her cock out and me with my skirt gone, semen gushing out of my pussy.

Liana then lays me down on the bed. ''Do a sound barrier, I'll call Emilia.'' She disappears.


''...What?'' Christina blurted out.

''Eh?'' I'm confused too, didn't I just get fucked for having thoughts about cheating?

''Um, Christina-

I turned around and was about to clarify the situation to her, but in my eyes, I could see her cock already towering, slipping out of the skirt, her eyes glued onto my semen-soaked pussy.


I silently crawl my way to her cock, rubbing my cheek against the girthy shaft.

''!!'' Christina widen her eyes.

This size... Is about the same size as those two, but, it's slightly curving...

 As with every single one of my blowjobs, I hold the cock carefully with my two hands, similar to how I would hold a precious gift. And then-


Kiss the glan deeply once.

''Sylvia... Ah...'' Christina seems pretty shaken, her cheeks flushed red, her irises jumping around.


I carefully sweep my tongue across the cock's entire length, occasionally sucking on the balls. My one palm sitting on the tip of the cock, rubbing, while my other hand is playing around her labia, circling and kneading the soft mouth.

''Ah~!... This... I-I'm cumming!'' 

As soon as I can feel her cock throbbing, I open my mouth wide reflexively, letting the semen splashed onto my whole face, around 50% of it went inside my mouth, I think.



Swallowing the cum load after a bit of chewing, I open my mouth again to show that there's nothing left, like usually what I would do.

''Oh, already going at it?'' Liana suddenly appears outside the bed together with my other lover.

''I've heard the story.'' Emilia declared.

''Ah! T-This...'' I stumbled, remembering that there's semen smeared all over my face right now.

What the hell do I do now?! What if they get mad?? Awawawawaw-

''Don't worry, keep sucking it.'' Liana said mockingly. ''Emilia.''


Emilia climbs up onto the bed behind me, then whips out her already erected cock, sandwiching it between my butt cheeks. Meanwhile, Liana also settled herself besides me, then swiftly cutting down all my remaining clothes with her hand coated in mana as well.


She then grabs one of my hanging breasts, flicking my nipple against the tip of her standing cock a bit, before abruptly twisting that nipple 720 degrees over.

''AH~!'' I moaned, tides coming out of my pussy, probably spraying onto Emy's thighs.

''What's wrong? Suck it again.'' She said, still holding my twisted nipple in place, her other hand grabs my head and turning it to the curvy cock in front of me.

Christina seems to be even more dumbfounded, but her honest cock is already hard again.

Feeling the pain and pleasure from my nipple, and the hands kneading my butt cheeks, I lower my head to kiss Christina's cock again, signaling another blowjob.

''Good, go.'' Liana said to Emilia behind me.

Immediately, I had a rock hard cock slammed inside my raw pussy.


I just came again...

''I said, suck it.'' Liana frowns, pushing my mouth into swallowing half of Christina's cock.

Holding the giant cock inside my throat, I'm using my tongue to move around inside my mouth, giving the pleasure to Christina.

*flap* *flap* *flap* *flap* *flap*

Still with Emy grinding my womb down mercilessly, Liana releases the pinch on my nipple, then-


Giving my breast a good slap, before grabbing it again, biting my battered nipple repeatedly, effectively chewing on it.

''Uguh!...'' I almost bitten down Christina's cock because of that.

Christina looks at the scene in complete shock, apparently she didn't consider that our sex would be this hardcore. She's still enjoying this very much, at least.

Because just a little bit after that, both of the cocks inside my body started to twitch at the same time, one shooting the gooey white liquid down my throat, another one shooting it inside my sloppy sack.


''Puh- Hah~... Nn!''

Pulling my mouth out, I started to lick the tip of Christina's cock again, just to clean up any semen left, all the while with Liana still chewing on my nipple like a candy.

When I had just licked off the final drop of semen on the cock, my head abruptly turned again due to Liana's hand, this time, I'm staring at her cock.

Immediately knowing what I have to do, I plant a kiss on her cock as well.

''No, not that.'' Liana said.

''...Eh?'' I said confusingly, my voice a little bit hoarse.

Liana then stands up, moving over to behind me. Emy has already pulled out her cock at this point, settling down on Liana's previous spot.

Christina and I look at her actions strangely, then Liana lifts me up and sits me on her laps, her cock resting in the place between my butt cheeks.

''Look at this closely.'' She said, looking straight at Christina's eyes.

She then lifts my entire body up by circling her arms around my waist and kneepits, not a single part of my body is touching the bed, and my pussy spreads open naturally due to this unconventional position.

To add insult to injury, Emy comes over and uses both of her hand to pull apart my vagina even more, thick, gooey streams pouring down the onto bedsheet.

Christina's cock stands up again, she tries to move over to me, reaching out her hand, but before she could do that-


Liana drops me.

My pussy ate Liana's entire cock, down to the very base, my womb clinging, sucking her cock, not wanting to let go. I could even see a bump on my stomach, and I came just by her penetrating my womb...

''Mhmp!'' I tried to moan, but was blocked by Emy's kiss.

*flap* *flap* *flap* *flap* *flap*

Emy finished our kiss after a few dozen seconds, she's now, very much like Liana, chewing on my nipple, all the while I was being dragged up and down, the motion similar to how you would use a cock-sleeve.

I'm just using telekinesis to forcefully shut my mouth off at this point, I don't think the sound barrier is stable right now.

Then, I could see Emy gestures Christina to come closer to me, pointing to my unoccupied, bouncing breast. Christina shakily comes over, grabbing my bouncing bit with both of her hands, and sucks on the tattered nipple desperately.

''Mhmm, cumming~''


The cock inside me spurted out, inflating my womb, making the bump on my stomach even bigger.

Hearing that sound, the other two stopped chewing my nipples, seemingly waiting for what's next.

Liana pulls out her cock, her own semen dripping onto her shaft from my hole.

''You see.'' She started to talk.'' This hole is the absolute best. It's warm, tight, slippery, soft, there's even a pathetic sack of meat at the end sucking your dick in as well.''

W-What the fuck was that pussy review?! How did you even reach that conclusion after fucking me?! Oh, wait, she was fucking me, alright, fair enough. And why do I feel excited after hearing that...


''Do you have what it takes to be able to use this wonderful hole? How far would you go for it?''

Hey!! Why did you word that sentence so wrong?! Couldn't you just normally ask how far would she go for me?? Why did it sound like you were auctioning a masturbation device...

''... I would do anything.'' Christina said coolly, the hard cock below ruined it though.

''Really?'' Liana asked doubtfully.

''Yes, I would do anything for her, I could even betray my country for her.'' Her eyes unwavering.

''...I will test your determination again afterward. But for now, you get to enjoy this pussy.'' She said with a sigh. ''Agree? My slut?''

''Y-Yes.'' I said weakly, to be honest, her determined face earlier sold me.

''Here we go.'' Liana puts me down on the bed and goes to sit besides Emy.

Christina immediately goes over and pushes my down, her cock resting on my navel area.

''Sylvia.'' She whispered. ''I love you.''

''...Me too!''

The cock slowly enters my sloppy pussy, because it has been sprayed with so many semen, the rod is sliding in very smoothly.


This sensation... This cock is way different from Emy's and Liana's, but still pleasurable regardless...

''Christina.'' I called out softly. ''I love getting my pussy railed. Preferably a little forceful. So, please use my secondhand pussy as you like.'' I whispered the last part into her ears. I don't even know why I said that, what's wrong with me today...?

Instantly, I could feel the cock inside me getting even bigger, Christina is looking down at me, her eyes practically have hearts in them. She then leans down and kisses me on the lips. I reciprocate, hugging her neck, locking my legs behind her as well.

*flap* *flap* *flap* *flap* *flap*

While exchanging saliva, her hip is still moving very passionately, not losing to even Emy or Liana, the slightly curvy cock bringing new sensations to my 'worn out' pussy.

But this monster cock has the same length as those two's, so she's not going all in yet.

''Harder, Christina.'' I said between moans after the kiss. ''Pierce my womb, I'll give you the best feeling there is.''

Christina stopped for a second, then she does as I said, slamming her cock as hard as possible. My cervix, which has already been loosen by Emy and Liana earlier, readily opened to welcome a brand new cock.

As I feel the now familiar sensation of my sack being violated, Christina's body trembles, her eyes widen. It looks like my womb was pretty good, because-


She came right after, as I also came for the nth time today.

''Thank you for using my sloppy pussy, Christina.'' I said to her with the warmest smile possible.



''Not enough yet.'' This time she declared firmly.

''If so, please use it again, whenever you want!'' An unknown excitement filled my mind.

''Don't forget us so fast, Sylvie.'' Liana complained jokingly.

''Un.'' Emy seems to have agreed as well.

''Of course not, all three of you can use it whenever you want!'' I said after planting a kiss on Christina's lips.

It was at this point, when I discover that I was just a whore.