Case 53: Misunderstanding and confession.
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I had a little 'cheating' incident yesterday with Christina. It felt very immoral, and exciting at the same time. We had sex a few times, and then went to the bath together, sneakily, of course. 

But then we got horny again and did it two more times in the bath. Fortunately, when we went back, no one noticed us. I think.

Regardless, we're currently in the territory of the Marquis already, just need to arrive at the designated train stop.

Looking at Christina on the opposite of the table, she seems very happy and energetic, there's a bit of that smugness on her face as well, especially when she is glancing at Emy or Liana. I guess she's loving the feeling of stealing me from them, huh.

Anyway, I took a look at the pamphlet they gave us earlier. They advertised about the territory's entertainment facilities a lot, so I think it's pretty clear that this territory is relying on tourists to make profits, which is fair enough.

The pamphlet also said that this land was once belonged to a Saint, and the current Marquis family members are the descendants of that Saint.

And apparently, this one single Saint really loved video games, so he decided to modify his whole territory into a game-themed mess of a city, which, to be honest, I respect it.

People here call it 'Saint's culture', but I say that's BS, just call it 'game'.

But then, how are we going to train here if it's all games? Is this really a vacation? 

Nah, I don't believe this school. But we'll have to see.


As the moving scenery outside gradually slows down and the noise coming from the train's magic engine fades away, we start to pack our things and prepare to go outside. I'm holding most of the luggage though.

Finally coming outside after two days, we simultaneously take a deep breath to refresh our minds. The smell of cum is good, but this normal fresh air is fantastic as well. I know, I'm addicted to cum and sex now, leave me alone.

Walking beside me along the many students, Christina suddenly starts to caress my belly while smiling foolishly. What is she doing?

So I make a confused face, raising an eyebrow at her, Emy on my other side is also doing the same, just, much less expressively.

''Hmm~ We should go buy a lot of fruits and vegetables later, and what else...'' She closes her eyes, thinking.

(○´ ― `)ゞ

What's wrong with her today...? The netori play she did with me yesterday was so good it broke her?

''Ah, you shouldn't eat cheese or smoked meat, alright?'' She suddenly opens her eyes.

But why...? I love cheese and meat...

''It's bad for our child, please bear with it, my princess.'' She said with a serious but still soft face.


I forgot to tell her that I couldn't get pregnant for now. And this silly girl, your semen just went in yesterday, even if there were eggs for you to fertilize in the first place, eating cheese or meat the day after won't kill our baby.

Christina then pulls my waist towards herself, into a side hug, letting my head leaning on her shoulder a bit.

''I'm so glad that your first child is mine. With how much we did yesterday, I'm sure you're pregnant now.'' She said.

Mhmm, so she thinks that because I didn't clean up the semen inside me yesterday like I did after the foursome, this 'child' would be hers, I see. And you're rubbing it directly at my other two lovers, you know? Why did I even bother to be stealthy...

Emy, together with Liana and Anastasia, who's walking ahead of us by a bit, all turn their gazes towards me and Christina. While Anastasia is just blinking repeatedly with a blank face, the other two seem to have something to say.

''Guilty.'' Emy declared.

''I see... You were doing it yesterday, huh...'' Liana's eyes turn cold, her signature sadistic smile emerges. ''Be prepared, Sylvie, we're doing it rough today.''

Shit, why you got me excited again.

''!!'' Hearing that declaration, Anastasia turns beet red like usual.


''As much as I want this to go on a little more...'' I said after a chuckle. ''Christina, I can't get pregnant yet.'' I turn to the 'father' of my nonexistent child.


I know, surprise, right?

''The circumstances I will explain later. Actually, let us go to our room first, then I'll explain.''



After we registered ourselves at the counter of the hotel that Stephen prepared exclusively for us, we got the key to our room.

The academy got us a pretty good room, I'd say, although I think it's because we got two princesses and two daughters of high nobles here.

This is almost like, a whole floor already, three bathrooms, a kitchen, a balcony, a mini gym, and they have five beds separated by actual walls as well, so I think we still can do it here, I guess.

Now, we initially ordered this room for all of us to hang out with each other, but now that Anastasia knew what we're going to do here, it's becoming real awkward.

''Um... I can use another room?'' The cat girl said.

''No need, there's walls between beds already.'' Liana said frankly.

''So you really admitted that you're going to do it here...''

''Yes.'' Liana said proudly.

Coming closer to Anastasia, I pat her shoulder again, triggering another shudder from her. ''I'm really sorry, my dear. I'll make sure there's no sound or anything for you.''

''U-Um, thanks... I guess.''

''But enough of that, can you explain why you couldn't get pregnant?'' Christina said worryingly.

''Yes, yes, let's sit first.'' I replied.

''Um... Do I need to hear this?''

Yes you do, little cat.


''Now then.'' I said, turning my face from relax to serious.

Emy and Liana already knew everything, so they seem more interested in the reactions of these two than the actual conversation.

''The reason why I can't get pregnant... Is because I don't have my eggs with me.''


Confusing, I know.

''Wha- How?! How did that even happened?'' Christina asked frantically, putting her hands on my shoulders. ''Are you really alright? Did I push you too much?''

( ゜ρ゜)

Anastasia meanwhile is just confused.

''Thanks Christina, but I'm totally fine.'' I said. 

''Phew~'' I let out a sigh. ''I'm sure you have somewhat realized. But, we was the ones fighting with you guys back in the battle at Duke Forbes's mansion.''


''...As expected.'' Anastasia muttered.

''I... See. But, what does that have to do with your eggs...?'' Christina tilts her head.

''Let me explain from the start.''

''The reason why we were attacking the nobles, is because they had our people as their slaves. In fact, that's why we are here in the first place.'' Three of us elves frown at the same time.

''But that's not the only objective we have here, we also want to end this current war between humans.''

''The war...?'' Christina grimaces.

''Yes. We do not have much time until the demon king resurrects himself again, we cannot afford to waste time doing meaningless wars like this.''

''Additionally, as the previous Saint pointed out, the movements of the demons this time is highly suspicious.''

''Wait wait, what do you mean the previous Saint, you're talking about Saint Lucas, right??'' Anastasia said, leaning forward.

''It's the headmaster, Stephen. He's retired now, though.''

''!!'' The cat girl's eyes shine brightly. ''To think that I was that close to a Saint...''

''Anyway, by disposing off Duke Forbes, we should be able to push the second prince, who's known for his peaceful approach, onto the throne, and thus achieving our objective of stopping the war. If that doesn't work out, I will have to use radical methods.''

''...Much like Lucas, it is my absolute duty as well, to try and protect peaceful races and punish demons, so I need to be forceful sometimes to achieve those goals.''

''W-W-Wait...! Don't tell me...'' Anastasia covers her mouth with both of her hands, her round eyes wide open.

''Allow me to introduce myself again.'' I straighten myself up.

''I am Sylvia Everwood - the Crown Princess of the Everwood kingdom, the 24th Saint of [Aria], and the champion of goddess Eva.''