Case 54: New party members.
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The overly excited cat girl jumps across the table, flying like a rocket towards me. She then lands head first into my chest, wrapping her arms around my body while sitting on my lap, and then just snuggles her way between my breasts.

''My, no need to be so excited.'' I said, hugging her waist in with one arm and petting her head with another. ''Calm down.''


She raises her head to look at me face-to-face, her chin resting on my cleavage. ''Is this a dream?! Is the Saint really my friend??'' Stars emerge in her irises, swirling around in a beautiful motion.

''I am indeed a Saint, Anastasia.'' I replied, enjoying the smooth and fluffy feeling of her cat ears.

''MHMMM~'' She groaned, burying her head into my chest again.

''...I didn't expect my girlfriend to be a Saint...'' Christina muttered with a blank face.

''What? You don't like the thought of bedding a Saint?'' I teased her.

''No, no, of course not, I love it even more.'' She said, waving her hands. ''I'm just surprised.''

''I'm just kidding.'' I said with a smile. ''So, as a Saint, I have a world to save later, that's why I don't really want to have children yet.''

''I... See. But then, how did your eggs disappear? Can you restore them back?''

''I asked the goddess to keep them for me.'' I said. ''Eventually, when I want to have children in the future, she will hand them back to me.''

''She can do that?! How does that even work?''

Hearing what Christina said, the cat pulls out her head and looks at Christina.

''Of course she can!! Mother goddess is absolute! She could easily stir fry hundreds of thousands of dragon egg at the same, let alone keeping a few little baby elf eggs!'' She said with a sulky pout, then dives into my breasts again.

Hey!! Don't insult my eggs?! Those are my future children, you know?

''Hey, hey, don't say that again. We need them for our cute children later.'' Liana injected.

''Hm, hm.'' Emy nods.

''...Well. I understand now.'' Christina said with a sigh. ''Thank you for trusting us.''

I smile back at them.

...Actually, I've been wanting to tell them a while ago on my birthday, but... I just forgot. Yep, I got distracted while playing with them back then, and I got brutally mated that night too, so it just didn't pop up inside my mind for a while. And when it did pop up, there was no good opportunity either.

Talking about being mated on my birthday, I should find someone to make another pair of ring for me and Christina too. The question here is, which hand do I put it on...?

Eh, let's leave that for her to decide.

''But, Sylvia, what is your Saint power? Is it the magic that shoots blue rays we saw that day?'' Christina asked, Anastasia is also looking at me curiously.

''Ah, I don't have special magic or mana buff or anything.'' I replied. ''Instead, I can make lots of different things. The 'rays' you're talking about are just what a weapon of mine shoots.''

''That's insane! Your power belongs to the production side, yet you're still an Archmage...!'' She exclaimed. ''Now I know that my girlfriend is really, really amazing.''

''Yes, your girlfriend is amazing, and my girlfriends are amazing, too.'' I said, triggering warm smiles coming from all three of them.

''Sylvia, Sylvia.'' Anastasia called, looking at me with her round, sparking eyes. ''Can I see your weapon? I want to see a Saint's weapon.''

''Sure thing, little cat.'' I said, stroking her hair.

''This is not the one I used back then, but it's still one of my trusty weapons.'' I said, pulling out the Desert Eagle from my space bag. ''It's a gun.''

I hand the D.E to Anastasia, who instantly takes it, and then proceed to examine the gun meticulously, like a child with her brand new toy. This silly cat still doesn't realize that she's been sitting on my lap for a long while now. But whatever, I like it. Denying a cat sitting on your lap is a crime.

''Gun? You mean, like those muskets that our army is using?'' Christina asked.

''Well, essentially yes, it shoots out projectiles, but this one is way more advanced than those.'' I replied. ''There's guns back in our world as well, and we've passed the era of those pathetic muskets a long time ago.''

''Let me demonstrate for you.'' I said, taking back the D.E and pulling out several normal bullets, and a magazine.

Hmm, what would be a good target... Let's just make a metal target or something.

Using telekinesis, I load three bullets into the magazine, and then insert it into the gun.ย 


The two part slide of the D.E closes with a clack, I then use Earth magic to make a metal pillar of sort, standing in a distance.

Holding the pistol with one of my hand, I then turn the safety lever around, and we're ready to shoot. Oh wait, let's do a sound barrier around the gun, I don't want everyone, including myself, to have their eardrums pierced or anything.




Three bullets hit the rectangular pillar precisely in the middle, eating away a sizeable amount of metal, a decently deep hole with coal-black marks surrounding it formed.

''...What incredible power..! And it can shoot consecutively as well...'' Christina marveled, while Anastasia has already went to take a closer look at the target.

''These are just normal bullets.'' I said, picking up the casings using telekinesis. ''The ones with the blue trails are specifically made for armor piecing.''

''And they can even go through the barrier of a Swordmaster...''

''Can I ask some more questions?!'' The cat girl excitedly runs back to me.

''Well, I can tell you guys more. Ask away.''



The questioning section lasted for about an hour. They were righteously curious about Earth, as well as the goddess, and me.

When they asked how did I die, I told them the story, and the result were Anastasia weeping while hugging me, and Christina's face turned extremely sad.

''I won't ever let you die, Hanako.'' She said, then gave me a kiss on the lips.

Needless to say, I was very happy. We even forgot our surroundings for a while and almost made out, but it turned alright.

Anyway, back to the present.

''So, I want to ask you guys a favor.'' I said. ''Could the two of you help me defeat the demon king and save this world?''

'''' Of course! '''' Both of them answer instantly.

''I've always wanted to go, *sniff* on an adventure with a Saint before, this *sniff* would literally be a dream come true!'' Anastasia added, her cat ears and tail swaying uncontrollably.

''I can't let my future wife go to the battlefield alone, can I?'' Christina said confidently.

''Great! Now our little party has five members.'' I smile, and then hand Anastasia a handkerchief.

''Sorry for interrupting, but the welcome party is starting soon, we need to hurry.'' Liana said, she's still smiling though. I guess she likes the fact that we have more members now.

''Alright then, should we fly there?'' I said. ''Or we could just find a professor or some students to guide us.''

''I like flying.'' Christina replied.

No one seems to be objecting. Alright.

''So, anyone knows the way to the Marquis's estate?''

'''' ... ''''

Well shit, should I make GPS on this planet, too?