Case 55: The sulky blonde.
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True to the fashion of a noble, Marquis Vivian decided to throw a party at his estate, to, well, welcome the students into his territory. Which is fair enough, you get fame, I get food, fair trade. But, if his food is garbage, then I'll have to leave a one star review or something.

Because we were dilly-dallying earlier, we kinda got left behind. It's probably my fault too, I asked Stephen to not have anybody accompanying us on this trip, so we had no one to remind us about the time.

Regardless, I thought that it would be fast enough if we fly there, but here's the problem. We got lost.

Yep, no one in our group knew the location of the estate.

''Hah~'' I sighed. ''We need to ask for directions. You guys can stay here, I'll go down.''

After reassuring them that my telekinesis will not go off and they will not be dropped from the height of 200m, I casually descended into the city, landing in a dark alleyway, where I could see some rough looking fellas sitting on wooden boxes.

''And then, that bitch begged me to release her, but-

Hm? Why are there thugs in the middle of the city? 

Minus one point for poor security management, Marquis Vivian, I'll include this blunder into the review later.

''Hey there, wanna have some fun?'' I said out loud, gathering all the attention.

''Oh~ What is this, where did this whore looking one come from?'' 

''Look at those tits...! Are those even real??''

''Hey girl, come with us obediently, we won't hurt you.''

Yeah no, fuck off.


I use telekinesis to kick them in their crotches real hard, making sure that they won't be able to ejaculate ever again.

'''' !@&$*)&$!*$*&! '''' 

They started to speak gibberish, clenching their precious members, some of them even dropped onto the ground.

Alright then. Directions.

Walking out of the alleyway, I then grab a random bakery shop owner and started to ask for directions.

''The Marquis's estate?'' She said. ''Go that direction for around 10 minutes, you'll definitely see it.''

''Thanks, aunty.''

''No problem, girlie. Do you have business with the Marquis?''

''Nah, I'm just there to attend a party.''

''Hoh~ Looking at your figure and face, I'm sure you'll catch all of the men attending that party in an instant.''

''I don't care about them. I have girlfriends already.''

''My, my, I know, I know. Doing it with a futanari feels way better than with normal men. And what? Girlfriends? You're incredible, to be able to handle multiple ones.''

''Better put my body to the best use. But anyway, I have to go now, could you wrap for me ten egg tarts?''

One for Anastasia, one for Christina, one for Liana, two for me, and five for Emy. Seems about right.

''Right up.''

''Ah, also, I just beat a bunch of thugs back in that alley over there, they tried to assault me. Could you call guards to arrest them later? If there's any bounty money, you can keep it.''

''You beat them?!... But... I'm afraid they can't be caught just like that, girlie. They have some connections with the guards.''

Great, now we have corruption as well. Minus 90% of the points on the review later. Hmm, maybe I could try to find out more about this later. I'm not a justice hero or anything, but this Marquis dude is on the crown prince's side, I should care about him.

Maybe I could even use this opportunity to deal some more damage to his faction.

''Mhmm, alright then, be careful aunty, I'm going.'' I said, taking the bag of egg tart.


Flying up above, I gradually close my distance with my party members. Hm? What are they discussing so intensely?

''I'm telling you, doing her from behind is the best. You can grab those juicy ass cheeks however you want.'' Liana said with her arms crossed.

''No, no, doing it while pinning her down is the way to go. It's a crime to not give love to her beautiful chest and kiss her tender lips. '' Christina refuted.

''Huh?? I have fucked her way more times than you have, so just take the advice and be quiet.''

''That doesn't make what you said true. What do you think, Emilia?''

''Mating press.'' Emy said nonchalantly, her face unchanging despite the extremely embarrassing thing that just came out of her mouth.

...What the fuck is going on here.

''...Hey Anastasia, want some egg tarts?'' I tap the trembling and blushing girl's shoulder. She's been cooping here silently for a while, poor girl.

With the usual shudder, she turns to me. ''Ah, alright, thank you.'' She takes one.

''Me tooo~'' Emy moves closer to me using her limited telekinesis power. 

She then kisses me on the lips for a few seconds and takes one as well.

So the three of us munched down the tarts for a while, watching Christina and Liana arguing about what position is the best.

Hmm... I personally like the one where Liana held me by the kneepits though.



Finally landing at the front gate of the estate after Christina and Liana failed to reach an agreement earlier, I let out a sigh.

But, there's only two guards here, no students. Are we too late? Or too early?

''Hi.'' Christina greeted one of the guards.

''Ah, Your Highness, you're finally here.'' He hurriedly said, bowing his head. ''Please go inside immediately, our lady has been waiting for you for a long time.''

''Hm? She is?''

''Yes, yes, she has been preparing for this very meticulously, just to welcome you to our territory.''

''...Fine. Let us go.'' She said, turning back to us.


Walking inside the party hall, I could see the students already eating and talking to each other, so we did come late after all. 

But something always remain unchanged, our entrance caused everyone to look at us. Not only did we enter late, but there's also the fact that all of us happened to be cute girls as well.

Regardless, there's a lot of students who don't care about anything and just eat, they're just like me for real. Ahh, there's some dudes going around flirting with girls as well, classic.

And then... Oh.

There's the blonde, or, Lady Vivian, sitting on one of the chairs near the end of the hall. Now, I'm not an expert on human psychology or anything, but I think she's mad.

She's wearing a really pretty dress, makeup feels natural as well. But she's frowning, and seemingly sulking by a lot, so there's no one around her at the moment, probably to not annoy her and get into trouble.

The girl sees us, then briskly stands up and walks towards Christina in a very fast pace.

''Please come with me.'' She said, grabbing Christina's wrist.

Christina just stands still, though.

''Go with her.'' I said, then give her a wink. Don't make a scene here, I feel like we're doing catfight again soon, so at least do it somewhere else.

Christina nods lightly and started to follow the girl, who seems even more mad after seeing Christina listened to my words.

''Well, I think I'll follow her for now.'' I said. ''Agent Emy, can I ask you to scout this area for good desserts?''

''Roger.'' Emy salutes, immediately going off to the desserts stands.

''What will you two do?'' I turn to Liana and Anastasia.

''I'll follow you, staying here will only get me annoyed.'' Liana replied, glaring at some of the flirty dudes in the distance.

''Me too, I'm curious.'' Anastasia said honestly.

Okay then, time for some real life K-drama.