Case 59: Who stole my panties?
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Ace Attorney.

A visual novel game where you'll be acting as a lawyer defending people accused of various crimes.

Normally, that would sound and be pretty boring, who would want to play a game about laws?

But, the game itself is silly, in a very good way, of course. You do not just defending your clients, but you also solve mysteries as well, which is always exciting.

In addition, the situations and the court cases are all very outrageous and stupid in a comical fashion. That's why you can get a lot of fun out of playing the game.

The point is, it's a classic, especially in Japan. To see this court room recreated in real life is simply amazing.

''So, what do we do in here?'' Liana asked.



After explaining roughly how the game works, I got to decide the roles. Now, everyone was eager to be the defending lawyer, which is fair enough, that's the spot where Phoenix, the main character usually stands.

But this time, I properly bribed all of my lovers, and then turned it into a majority vote to decide roles, so Anna couldn't do anything. Too easy.

I am pretty sure that Anna is the one who stole my panties somehow already, so I voted her to be the defendant who got accused of theft. Then I decided to make Emy the judge, which really fits her, I'd say.

For the defending lawyer, I decided that it would be Liana, and of course, she would be defending Anna, the number one suspect here. For the witness, Tina. And finally for the prosecutor, me. 

''So now we just need to make up a case, right?'' Liana asked. ''What would it be, a murder? Theft?''

''No need to make up anything.'' I said. ''This morning, I woke up finding one of my panties missing.''


Yep, while my lovers only reacted lightly to that, Anna is literally trembling right now, look at those tender legs tensing up.

''We could just use that.'' I declared, turning around to walk to my position.

''B-But...'' Anna hurriedly grabs my hand.


''That, that would be too trivial of a case, isn't it...?''

''What, it's a princess's underwear, you know?'' I refuted. ''Do you guys think this is trivial?'' I turn to my lovers.


''Of course not, it's what you wears, so it must be precious.''

''Aside from the fact that it's full of your pussy scent, you doesn't buy a whole lot of new clothes often, so that one might be one of the panties I used to masturbate with when we weren't lovers yet.''


'''' ... ''''

''...Whatever, chop chop. Get into position.'' I said, diverting the topic.


*clack* *clack*

''Court is now in session.'' Emy declared, sitting on the judge's seat. ''Please begin, Miss Sylvia.''

''Now then.'' I said, pulling out a random piece of paper and smack it a few times. ''This morning, when I woke up, my vanilla-colored striped panties that I left on my bed was gone.''

''I searched around the cabin, but I found nothing. Thus, it could only be a case of theft.''


''Assuming that it was a case of theft, as you have said, on what basis do you accuse the defendant Anastasia of the crime?


''Tut, tut, tut. Let me finish my speech first, Miss Raeliana.''

''As you have already know, I had an affair with Miss Christina the previous night in the bathroom, and when she and I came back, the previously there panties was gone, so it couldn't have been her.''

''Additionally, you, Miss Raeliana, and Miss Emilia, are my lovers. Thus I see no reason for you two to steal my panties.''

''That means, the only one left, is Miss Anastasia, the defendant!'' I point at the pitiful cat girl, who's trembling and twitching all over the place.

''Hoh~ That makes a lot of sense.'' The judge commented.


''But you have no concrete evidence! How can you be so sure that it was her?''

''Hmm, Miss Raeliana is right, too. How do you answer this, Miss Sylvia?''


''Well, well, why don't we hear what our witness, Miss Christina has to say first?'' I point to Tina, who's already in her position.

''Hi everyone, my name is Christina.'' She started. ''The night when the theft happened, I was unable to contain my sexual desire, so I went to the victim's bed to make love with her.''

''During the process, I took of her panties, which is the very same one that is missing today, off, and threw it to the side of her bed.''


''How could you do that without inviting us?!''

*clack* *clack*

''Miss Raeliana, that question is not related to the case.'' The judge rightfully said.

'''' ... ''''

''...Miss Christina, have you noticed anything strange about the panties at that time?'' I calmly resume the testimony.

''Aside from the fact that it was drenched with my girlfriend's love water from me fingering her, there was no special feature.'' Tina proclaimed proudly.

''...Thank you, Miss Christina. You can finish your testimony now.''

''Yes. After we had sex for a while, we decided to go to the bathroom to do a quick cleanup, but we ended up having sex two more times, taking quite a while inside the bathroom.''


''I know, I know, I get very aroused when looking at her naked body in the shower, too.'' Liana crosses her arms.

*clack* *clack*

''Miss Raeliana, for the second time, please refrain from saying comments unrelated to the case.''

'''' ... ''''

''...When I came back with the victim, I could see that the panties was gone, but I didn't think much about it, until now.''

''Hmm, so the theft happened during the shower, is what you're saying?''

''Yes, Miss Raeliana.''

''Yes, and at that time, you and Miss Emilia were clearly sleeping. Or, do any of you two want to admit that you stole my panties?'' I added.

''Of course not, I can get the real thing anytime, so why bother with the panties.'' The defending lawyer said, her face unhinged.

''Me neither.'' The judge shakes her head.


''So, based on what you two said, combined with Miss Christina's testimony, it is very clear that Miss Anastasia stole my panties!''

'''' ... ''''

'''' ... ''''

''Miss Anastasia.'' I called out. ''Do you have anything else to say before you get arrested?''

The cat girl turns to me, her face red like a tomato, her delicate eyelids blinking repeatedly.

''U-Um... I-I didn't mean it...''

''Please elaborate.''

''Y-Yesterday, I couldn't fall asleep, because... I-I was too nervous thinking that you guys might be doing it...''


''I-I ended up watching the two of you m-made love to each other...''

Shit. Now that I think about it, we forgot to close the curtain.

''...And then?''

''W-When you two went to the bathroom... I-I couldn't resist the s-sweet scent coming from your panties...''

''I... Ended up placing it in my m-mouth and t-tasted it...''

''But, but, it was so sweet and tasty!'' 

'''' ... ''''

''... And where is my panties now, if I may ask?''

''Ah! I-I didn't have the time to hide it when you two came back... So I'm... Wearing it now...'' She trailed off.

'''' ... ''''

Walking closer to the cat, I silently hug her, caressing her head. Poor sweet girl.

'''' ... ''''

After a few silent moments, Anna reciprocates, so now we're hugging each other tightly.

Moving closer to her right ear, I started to whisper in a very sensual voice:

''That panties, I will give it to you, as a present.''

The girl shudders, I could feel her body heating up.

''And... If you really want to taste it, come directly to me, I'll give you the real thing.''

As soon as she heard me said that, her body started twitching, so I gently pat her back a few times to calm her down. Only after a minute or so, does she return to her normal blushing state.

'''' ... ''''

Finally, the girl nods weakly after a long time has passed.

...I think I just made a new girlfriend.

So, I decided to change the cover, again.

Mainly because the previous one was made by converting img2img from a model to another, so the details are pretty lacking.

And frankly, I like this one better.

I hope you like it.