Case 61: My cat girlfriend.
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''Hey, Anna.'' I tap the sleeping beauty.


''...Ngh?'' Her eyebrows twitch a bit.

''Wake up.''

''...Mghmm~ Nyaa~'' She stretches her arms out. ''Sylvia? Good mor-

''AH?!'' She screamed. ''What happened to you?!'' She hurriedly grabs my shoulders, scanning my body worriedly.

Yep, this reaction is totally reasonable. After all, I am totally naked right now. But that's not even the surprising part.

As I am standing right now, she should be able to see cum continuously leaking out of my lower lips, accompanied by bite marks and hickeys all over my body. But even that's just the normal stuff.

Most alarmingly, should be the bright red spank marks on my breasts, as well as on my butt. Ah, the faint choke marks on my neck as well. Yep, we went kinda hard yesterday, that was a whole two hour session of full-fledged BDSM. And I enjoyed every second of it.

This is the first time that Anna has seen me in this state, so obviously she's going to be surprised. But I want to get her familiar with this first, if she really does want to be my girlfriend, she'll have to see this regularly.


''Did you sleep well?'' I asked after kissing her forehead lightly.

''Ah? I-I was only able to sleep after three hours... Wait! Tell me about these first!'' She said, pointing to my neck.

''Well, what do you think happened?'' I asked playfully, guiding her hands up to my neck, wrapping her fingers around.

''!!'' She widen her eyes, finally realizing what had happened.

'''' ... ''''

''...Is your... lovemaking always this intense...?''

''Yes, what do you think?'' I said, smiling warmly.

''U-Um... I don't know what to say...''

''That's alright.'' I said, holding both of her hands that are wrapping around my neck. ''Do you want to do these stuff?''

''Eh?... I, I don't know.'' She said, bowing her head. ''I can't hurt my Saint...''

''But what if I'm enjoying it?''

''...Even so, I don't think I want to hurt you.'' She said, pulling her hands back.

Mhmm, so she prefer vanilla stuff, I see. I am totally fine with that, too, people have their own preferences, Liana prefers BDSM, Emy just wants to breed and can go along with anything, Tina seems to enjoy netori stuff, and now we finally have a normal one.

Me? I could go with anything, except gore or disgusting stuff. I could cum continuously while getting beaten and pounded at the same time, but I could also feel good, in a different way, when merging with my lovers slowly and gently, cuddling and sticking bodies, that kind of sweet sex.

The point is, I can and will comply with whatever fetish my lovers might have, and Anna, my prospect lover, is not an exception.

''I see, that's fine, too.'' I said, grabbing her hands once again. ''Remember, Anna, I can go whichever way you prefer, I just need you to be honest with me.''

''Of course, assuming that you won't reject me for being such a whore, though.'' I let out a chuckle.

''O-Oh! No, no... How could I say that...'' She clasps my hand back.

''I'm sorry, your Saint is such a lustful bitch.''

''No!'' She screamed. ''You are a wonderful person, Sylvia! Not only do I respect your dedication towards your sacred mission, but I also love that you took such good care of us as well!''

''You always try to encourage us, support us, both physically and mentally, and, being around you is always fun.''

''You always think of something to entertain us, getting everyone closer to each other, I've never had a dull day with you before!''

''You boast such charms that can move a whole country, from your gentle demeanor to your bright personality, to your voluptuous figure, to your gorgeous little face, to your adorable, droopy ears...''

...I... Am stunned. I didn't think that she would say this much about me...

As I thought... This emotion that is swirling uncontrollably inside my chest...

Before I could say anything, Anna has already pulled me into a hug, she hugs me tightly, leaving almost no space between us, her face buried in my nape.ย 

Shakily, I started to wrap my arms around her waist as well.

Soon after, I could feel her lips part right above my sensitive skin.

''Even if you are just a bitch, a whore, or a slut, whatever. I would still love to have a sweet girlfriend like you.'' She declared.

...I thought I was on the attacking side, but this... Is just too much.

''...So, can I take it that you want to date me with the intention of marriage?''

''Yes! I would love to!'' She pulls her head back, looking at me straight in the eyes, our noses almost touching.

''...Thank you for accepting me, my sweet Anna.'' I said merrily.


Still with our bodies sticking together, we plunge into a deep kiss, her tender lips overlapping mine.

We stayed in that same position for a while, enjoying the sensation of two bodies connecting with each other.


Finally breaking out of the kiss, I could see Anna's face flushed red, but, her eyes are slightly curving upward, and the corners of her lips couldn't go higher anymore.

''I love you, Anna.''

''Me too, Sylvia.''


We both started to laugh at the same time.

''Phew~'' I sighed, maybe this was more nerve-wracking than I thought.

But... It's not enough yet.

*chu* *chu* *chu*

I started to plant a lot of kisses on her lips, my arms now hooked around her neck.

Although her face suggests that she is still a bit embarrassed, her tail is very honest, it's standing straight, looming over her shoulder right now.

''My love.'' I called out. ''We can do this all day, but we still have somewhere to go today, isn't it?''

Snapping out of her trance, Anna transforms back to her normal shy state in an instant.

''Ah! Um, okay... Let me go to the bathroom first...''

''Sure, I've been holding you off for too long.'' I said, releasing her from the hug.

''Phew~'' She sighed, but her face looks undoubtedly brighter than usual.

Mhmm, I want to be a little playful here, I think.

Grabbing her right hand, I guide it towards my bare crotch, letting her palm covers my whole nether region.


I then push one of her fingers inside my cave, letting the cum soak it, follow that, I bring her hand towards my face.

''Remember my promise, you can make me do anything you want, Anna.'' I said, licking the sticky liquid of her finger slowly and thoroughly.

*slurp* *slurp*

''Mn...'' She let out a small moan.

''Done.'' I said, releasing her hand. ''Now go, my love.''

''A-Alright! Thank you a lot!''

For what...?

Watching Anna clumsily walks to the bathroom, I let out a sigh.


...Finally, I got her to be my girlfriend. It's much earlier than expected, but I'm not complaining.

Yesterday, I did ask my lovers if I could make Anna my girlfriend as well. Surprisingly, all of them agreed almost instantly.

For Emy and Liana, they said that as long as the person in concern is a good person, and as long as I love her and she loves me, they would gladly welcome her.

In Tina's case, they were reluctant to let her in simply because it was too sudden, but we've all known Anna for a while already, so they have no problem with her.

Tina was in favor as well, quote: ''I like her quite a bit, unlike this sassy cutting board over here.''. Actually, right after Tina said that, she and Liana nearly fought each other on the bed, but somehow I managed to stop them, by getting myself spit roasted between them, of course.

Either way, now we need to eat breakfast and get prepared first.

Wait... I forgot to ask Anna for a heal. That was my initial goal coming here, dammit.


Well, let's wait for her, I suppose.