Chapter 16
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Watching movies for a few hours, Dan is extremely happy to be able to spend time with his sister and Catlin. Emma and Catlin are also thrilled to have Dan back, both casting aside their worries for the future so they can enjoy watching movies with him.


In the middle of the movie they are watching, Dan gets off the bed and goes over to the pencil and paper. Both of the girls turn their heads to look to see what he is doing. He writes, "Food" on the paper and shows it to them. It has been several hours since he ate last. Although Dan did not need much if he wanted to get strong, he has to eat whenever he can, plus he has a food-related quest as well.


"You want something to eat? Alright, I will go and get you a snack for downstairs. Pause the movie. I will be right back," Emma says, walking out the door. 


Emma is so glad to have Dan back after knowing what it felt like for him to be gone. Learning that he had died had been a big shock to her, but now that he is back she would be sure to cherish him and do her absolute best to make sure to never lose him again.


Walking down to the cafeteria, Emma sees Vanesa in the hall by herself. Emma does not care much for Vanesa. She always came off as stuck up because her family is wealthy, and although Vanesa was never truly mean to her, she picked on Catlin a lot, causing Emma to dislike her. Even though Catlin and Vanesa both like Dan, Emma did not consider that as a good reason to ridicule someone.


Vaneasa sees Emma and walks up to her. "What do you want, Vanesa," Emma asks a bit annoyed.


"I know I have not been the nicest to you or Catlin I will try to be a better person in the future. Dan getting kidnapped was a real wake up call for me, it gave me preceptive on life. I wanted to tell you if you wanted to talk to someone, you can count on me. I know that must be weird coming from me. I hope the police find Dan soon," Vanesa states walking away.


As Vanesa walks away, Emma is confused by what she said. Her words sounded genuine, but could someone change so quickly. Emma decides to remain skeptical until proven otherwise. Emma then goes and gets the food she said she was going to get.


While Emma is getting food for Dan, back up in the room, Catlin is talking to Dan. "Do you know what species you are, Dan? I looked it up on my phone and thought you were an Eastern Fence Lizard but, you seem bigger than the ones I saw."


Dan knows he is a Grey Lizard because of Identify, but he did not if he could tell Catlin that because Identify is related to his system. The ability to grow bigger and stronger could be explained as genetic traits, but a skill that can give you information can not. He reasons that he should be able to talk about the system and anything related to it as it is not related to the gods or the mana upheaval.


Dan decides to try to tell her. He grabs a pencil and writes, "Grey Lizard" on the paper.


"You are a Grey Lizard? I am pretty certain that is another name for an Eastern Fence Lizard. But how do you know that you are a Grey Lizard, you could not have seen yourself," Catlin asks?


Dan tells her about his ability to know information by simply looking at it and wanting to know about it.


"Wow, that sounds like pure magic," Catlin exclaims as Emma comes through the door.


"What sounds like magic," Emma says with her hands full of food as she comes through the door. "I brought an apple, a snack bar, and I bought you a bag of beef jerky, that I know you love, from the vending machine downstairs. Now, tell me what you were talking about magic," Emma says as she opens the beef jerky bag for Dan. As Dan starts eating the beef jerky, Catlin tells Emma what Dan told her.


"That really is like magic. I have no idea how that would work, but it probably has to do with him becoming a lizard," Emma says, amazed by the discovery. Growing bigger and stronger by eating is weird, but at least she had theories of how that would work. With this new discovery, she has no clue how it could work, gaining information by simply wanting it sounds like magic to her.


"What kind of information does your ability give about me," Catlin asks Dan, curious about how detailed the information is.

Name: Catlin Ruby

Species: Human

Power Level: 19

Worth: Nothing (Protected)

Note: Only daughter of James and Stella Ruby. A relatively intelligent and athletic member of the human species. Best friends with Emma Sage.

Seeing Catlin's information, he finds it odd that the part about how humans were designated a protected species by the gods of Earth is left out but assumes it is because he has already seen it before that it is left out.


With much difficulty, Dan writes everything he sees down on a sheet of paper except the worth section, as it would be weird, and it possibly has sensitive information that he could not explain.


"This is amazing! It gives my name and who my parents are. I don't know what power level is, but it sounds neat. Why does it not give my middle name, Roslyn, that's strange," Catlin asks?


"Yeah, it is certainly is amazing. His ability even knows you are smart and athletic, you being top in your grade both in academics and track prove that. I am almost tempted to say it works off knowledge Dan already knows or assumes to know, but I am certain Dan does not know your father's name. You never talk about him, and he is away for business most of the time, so he can provide for you and your mom. The only reason I know about him is that I keep hounding you until you told me, and even then I had to ask your mom about it to get the full story," Emma says to Catlin


"Emma, please don't speak about this in front of Dan," Catlin tells Emma seeming uncomfortable.


"Sorry, I won't bring it up anymore," Emma says, apologizing.


Dan, hearing about Catlin's situation is worried about her and wanted to know more, but seeing that she did not want to talk about it, did not bring it up.


"Now, let's watch another movie and get to bed," Catlin states.