Chapter 19
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Emma comes back with the class to eat lunch. Finishing lunch, Emma and Catlin go upstairs to finish their assignment for the teacher while Sara and Tamy do theirs in the cafeteria.


Going into the room, Emma sees a note on the bed. Reading it, Emma looking under the bed, into the shoebox, for Dan. She sees Dan sleeping.


"What are you looking at, Emma," Catlin asks, getting closer.


"Dan wrote a note. He says he is growing and will be asleep for a while and not to worry," Emma tells Catlin.


"I wonder how long he will be asleep. I hope it's not too long. We leave the day after tomorrow, and we still have not discussed how to bring him back with us or how will we keep him when we do," Catlin states.


"I could poke some holes in the shoebox and carry him back with my other stuff. I would have to ask my parents if I could keep him because my dad would probably kill Dan if he found him in my room," Emma says as a realization dawns on her. "My parents," she exclaims! "How am I going to tell them about Dan? With Dan being kidnapped, it has been really hard on them, so not telling them would feel like lying to them, and I don't want to do that," Emma says.


"You should wait for Dan to wake up and talk to him about what is the best way to tell your parents about it," Catlin tells Emma. "I would love to try and help him, but my mom does not allow any animals in the house, plus he would find the picture you gave me of him. If staying at your house doesn't work, we could always get your dad to help us build a shelter for Dan outside like the birdhouse he built for my mom."


"Yeah, dad is great at building things, but that would be the last resort, it seems cruel for Dan to have to sleep outside," Emma tells Catlin.


After finishing their assignment, Catlin and Emma spend the rest of the day watching movies, talking, and playing games on their phones. Waking up the next morning, they check if Dan has woke up yet.


Looking into the shoebox, they see that Dan has not woken up, but they also notice something else. Dan is bigger than they remember him being and there are tiny flakes of scales littered around him. Both Catlin and Emma were inwardly stunned by his growth, but unable to express it as Sara and Tamy are nearby.


They went through the rest of their day as they normally would. They ate breakfast, went outside with the class, came back to eat lunch, finished their assignment, ate again, and finally when to bed.


Waking up early the next day, Emma and Catlin get out of bed and look at Dan. He grew even bigger since they last saw him. He no longer had any scales and is instead covered in a white film that is almost see-through.


"What do we do, we are going to be leaving later today, and Dan has still not woken up," Catlin says in a whisper as to not wake up Sara and Tamy.


"Give me that pencil over there," Emma says, pointing to the pencil on the floor. "I am just going to have to leave him in the shoebox and take him with the rest of my stuff like I planned to do when he was awake. Now I will just have to be extra careful with him when doing it," Emma tells Catlin as she pokes holes in the top of the shoebox with the pencil.


After getting ready, they go down for breakfast, and while eating, a teacher starts speaking to the class. "Can I have your attention, students?  Class will be short today. We will only be out for about two hours then we while return. When we return, you need to pack up all the stuff you took with you on this trip. Once you are all packed up, we will have lunch then we will get on the bus to return home. As homework, you all need to write a three-page essay on everything you learned on this trip. The essay will be due by the end of the school week."


After packing Dan away with the rest of her stuff, Emma finishes eating lunch with Catlin then gets on the bus she was assigned to by the teacher. She holds her backpack, with Dan in it, close to her to make sure Dan does not get shaken around too much.


On the bus ride back home, Dan awakens in darkness. He then gets some system notifications.

You have met the requirements to upgrade Devour into a system Unique Trait, True Devourer.

Requirements: Completed at least two eating-related quests, have eaten 20 different species of creature, have eaten a minimum of 1500 creatures, have eaten a creature five times your size, and reach max advancement in your species.

Note: True Devourer will overwrite Devour, which could cause you to lose the original ability.

Do you wish to upgrade? Yes/No

Dan tried to use Identify to find out more about True Devourer, but as he tries, he gets a notification.

Host can not get any information on the True Devourer trait unless you upgrade to it.

Think the decision over for a few minutes, Dan reasons that whatever it upgrades into would be better, or it would not be called an upgrade. "Yes, I wish to upgrade."

Devour upgraded into system Unique Trait, True Devourer.

System update initiated to manage new abilities. The Host will not be able to access the Mutation Menu or Stats while the system is updating. Estimated time to system update completion, five hours.

Dan seeing the system is a little surprised but accepts it quickly. As he is nothing but darkness, Dan starts training his hearing as he does not have anything better to do, and what better time to train his hearing than when he cannot see anything.