Chapter 21
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System update complete.

You gave gained System A.I. Assistant with Tier One Universal knowledge.

You have gained the True Devourer trait.

You have gained several new possible species Evolutions.

True Devourer: You have proven willing and able to eat many things to survive and grow stronger. Being a True Devourer grants you many abilities to accomplish your goals.

Gourmet Regen: Health regeneration increases by eating nutritious food. How long the health regeneration last and how much it increases is base on what kind of food it is and how nutritious the food is. (Max Duration: 24 hours)

Insatiable Hunger: Completly devour a target, giving you a chance to gain stats, skills, or abilities from them. When used on a living target, you have a decent chance to get a skill or ability and will get some stats from it. To use on a living target, the target must be on 1% HP or less. The chance of success depends on how strong the target is in relation to you. When used on dead targets, you have a small chance to her a skill or ability and a large chance to get some stats for it. Will always succeed on a dead target as long as the target is not more than 50 times stronger than you. Benefits you gain from target drop the longer the target has been dead, or the worse the condition the body is in. (Cooldown 24 hours)

1000 Devouring Marks(Passive): All attacks now create a Devouring Mark on your target, effect stacks. When not in active combat, marks dissipate after a minute. (Limit: 1000 Marks)

Ten Devouring Bites: Deal 10 attacks that deal 25% of the damage the attacks that left the marks dealt over 10 seconds. Marks dealt with skills that more than triple your damage have their damage reduced to 10% instead of 25%. Consumes 10 Devouring Marks. (Cooldown 2 min.)

Blood Devour: Inflict Bleed effect that slowly deals 1,000% of your attack damage over two minutes. Can't affect targets immune to bleed. It can be healed by any item or ability that stops bleeding. Consumes 20 Devouring Marks. (Cooldown 5 min.)

Speed Devouring Chains: Target is inflicted with a Speed Devouring Chain, the chain devours 5% of the targets Dexterity. If you do not land another attack within the next 8 seconds, the chain disperses. If you land another attack within the 8 seconds, the target is inflicted with another Speed Devouring Chain. You can inflict a maximum of four chains on a target. After inflicting the fourth chain, all chains are consumed, you gain the devoured Dexterity for the next 10 minutes. Consumes 50 Devouring Marks. (Cooldown 25 min.)

Note: Grow stronger and prove your worth to unlock new skills of the True Devourer trait. Enhance already unlocked skills through repeated use and proper execution.

Dan, looking at all the new things he had gotten, is stunned. "Yes, yes, YES," Dan yells excitedly in his mind. "I got such amazing things from True Devourer. I even gained an A.I. from the system update. How do I access that?" As he asks this question to himself, a system prompt pops up.

Please chose the name and gender of your A.I. assistant.

"Female gender," Dan says, then pauses for a moment. "Oh, I am terrible at thinking of names, how about Saia, the abbreviation of System A.I. Assistant."

Name and gender have been chosen, activating Saia.

After a few moments, a voice starts speaking to him. "Hello Host, as I am sure you already know, I am Saia, your A.I. assistant. My job is to help you in any way I can, I will do my very best to help you," a young energetic female voice says.


"Nice to have you. May I ask how you can help me? And please call me Dan, calling me Host is just weird," Dan tells Saia.


"Sure, I can answer any of question to the best of my ability, I can give you advice on things, and I can even slightly manipulate quests. I can push the system to give easier quests, better rewards, or even issue minor quests, but the quests I can give have to be at least a bit difficult, or the system will not allow me to issue them. Also, the rewards I can give for those quests are not amazing. I can only give those kinds of quests once every other day. That is all I can do currently, I will be able to do more things as the system is updated," Saia tells Dan.


"That's amazing, but I have something else to ask you," Dan says in a serious tone. "Do, whoever the Gods of Earth are, control you, or anything of the like?" Although they did make the system and seem to be protecting humans, that does not mean Dan trusts them. After all, they did not allow him to tell anyone about them or the impending disaster, it could be the system itself implementing that rule, but he did not think so. And even if most of the Gods of Earth are good, that does not mean all of them are.


"No, I am controlled by or a spy for them. You really shouldn't worry about them, from what I know, they are not allowed to interfere on Earth unless it's under an extreme circumstance. I understand that you are worried about the restriction they place on you through the system, but on that topic, I have good news for you. The more the system updates, the less the restriction applies to you as the system becomes less and less theirs and more and more yours. So if you are really worried about it, keep getting stronger and updating the system," Saia tells Dan. Hearing this makes Dan feel a little bit more relieved.


"Great, thank you for answering my questions," Dan says to Saia


"You're welcome. It appears your father has arrived."


"How do you know that?"


"I am connected to your senses. How else would I be able to assist you? While you were to talking to me, you heard a car door open outside, you simply did not pay it any attention to it as you were busy speaking to me. And as it is my job to help you, I am constantly monitoring your senses for anything dangerous, especially since you are not used to your new heightened senses," Saia tells Dan.


"Well, thank you."


"You're welcome, but you do not have to thank me, I am happy to assist you."


As Dan and Saia are talking, Emma notices that her father is home. "Alright Dan, after dinner is over, I will bring you downstairs to them so I can tell them about you, then you can prove to them you are really Dan. I hope they don't freak out too much," Emma tells Dan.