Chapter 23
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After speaking to Dan for a while, both Rose and Eric are overjoyed to have their son back. Although they had hoped it would be under better circumstances. "Your room is the same as it was before you left," Rose tells Dan as she holds him while walking to his room. "I'll leave the door open so you can get in and out. I know it's degrading, but since you are so small now and do not have thumbs, I am going to get a potty tray to put in the bathroom for you to use and I am going to get you a water bottle that is easier for you to drink out of," Rose says, Dan, wincing at the thought. Ever since he obtained Iron Stomach, Dan has not had to use the bathroom as often, probably because of his enhanced digestion getting everything it can out of the things he eats, not leaving much waste. But every time he did have to, it always feels awkward because he is not used to his new body.


"Alright, sweety, I am going to go out and get some things for you. Since Emma told us of all the kinds of things you ate, so I thankfully do not have to worry about a specific diet. Remember, if you want to out and hunt prey for your strange ability, you need to tell your father or me and to be extra careful. I would rather you not go out at all, but since you insist that it could help you, I will allow it as long as you promise me you will be careful and back home before dark," Rose tells her son.


After his mother leaves, Dan decides to see what species he can evolve into now that he is fully advanced.


Gaint Gray Lizard: A bigger and stronger version of your current species.

+2 increase in Strength and Vitality

Gain Skill Tail Whip

Requirements: Met

Achieve Max Advancement 3/3

Gray Monitor Lizard: A wholly different species of monitor lizards, most of the largest lizards on earth are monitor lizards. Can grow much stronger and bigger than other lizard species. When fully grown it can have a bite strong enough to crush adult human bones.

+2 increase in Strenght, Vitality, and ???

+1 increase in Random stat

Gain Skill Tail Whip

Gain one ability for a random list of 5 abilities

New Evolution Paths

Requirements: Met

Achieve Max Advancement 3/3

Consume any other reptile

Defeat a creature at least twice you size

Armored Ant-Lizard: A combination species of ants and lizards. This species has several hard interlocked shells resembling an exoskeleton of ants on top of its already protective scales. It is said to incredible ability to lift 100 times its own body weight for a short while.

+3 increase in Vitality

+2 increase in Strength

Gain Pseudo Exoskeleton mutation

Gain Ant Strength skill

Random ant mutation

New Evolution Paths

Requirments: Met

Achieve Max Advancement 3/3

Eat one thousand ants: 1000/1000 ants

Have an ability that makes your exterior tougher

Black Fanged Lizard: A highly venomous species of lizard, a drop of its venom is deadly enough to kill 100 adult humans in under a minute. Getting the venom on your hands will cause swelling of the affected area within minutes and large pustules will also form within a week. The subject will feel a persistent burning sensation for up to 72 hours, less effective if the subject has hide or armor. If it's ingested, it causes the throat to swell and the stomach to try and empty its contents.

+1 increase to Strenght, Vitality, and ???

Gain Black Fanged Lizard Venom mutation

Gain Toxin Immunity mutation

 Gain Toxic Spit skill

New Evolution Paths

Requirements: Not met

Consume a venomous reptile 1/1

Have Toxin Resistance

Consume 20 different toxins 6/20

Have any kind of venom

Dan looks though all of them, trying to use Identify on the skill and mutation but comes up with nothing. "Hey, Saia, how come I can't see the information for these?"


"You can't see that information because the system classified that information as a secret. When any entity, person, or group of people think of some information as secret, it becomes more difficult to gain information about it through the Identify skill. A good example is the information you got about your friend Catlin's father. You did not know his name, but by using Identify, you learned it, as it was only thought of as much of a secret. But it did not give you any information about the troubled relationship between them as that is thought of as a big secret. As you level Identify up more, you will be able to get that information," Saia tells Dan.


"That's good to know, but how do you know about Catlin? I did not have you then," Dan questions?


"I am connected to your mind, so of course, I have access to all your memories as well. How would I be able to help you if I did not know anything about you," Saia tell Dan.


"That's a bit unnerving, but since your here to help me, I suppose it's fine," Dan says. " Don't you have universal knowledge or something, can't you tell me what the skill do?"


"Yes, I do have Tier One Universal knowledge, so I do know what the skills do, but I am not allowed to tell you specific details on secret information. I can tell you if something is good or bad or suggest you do something, but I can not tell you super-specific information that is classified as secret. The system will stop me from telling you things like that, not only because such information could be dangerous for you to know but also because it could lead you to stop thinking on your own, stunting your growth. Besides, most of the information the system gave me was general information anyway. But if you really want access to more information there are three ways to do it: update the system, grow stronger, or level up Identify more," Saia says.


"I suppose that's reasonable. Some information is dangerous just to simply know, like the missile codes. If anyone knew that someone had the missile codes, people would try to either kidnap that person to get them to tell them the codes, or kill them to keep them from speaking to anyone about them. I can also see how constantly relying on you might make me stop thinking for myself."


After finishing talking to Saia, Dan looks through the evolution, carefully pondering what would be best for him. Mulling it over for a while, Dan has a decent idea of which ones he would like. It is between Gray Monitor Lizard and the Armored Ant-Lizard. The Gaint Grey Lizard seems fine, but it is just that, fine. It has nothing to set it above the other and does not have any great bonuses for choosing it. In stark contrast, the other one Dan ruled out, the Black Fanged Lizard, has arguably the best bonuses, but he ruled it out because he needed to find and consume 14 more toxins which could take him months to find and even if he did find them all, his Toxin Resistance might not be able to protect him from them all. Stuck between them, Dan decides to ask Saia to help him chose. "Saia, which one do you think I should pick?"


"Well, the Armored Ant-Lizard is strong and has strong armor, but it is slow and has limited evolution potential. The Gray Monitor Lizard may not have as good of a defense, but it is well rounded and has great evolution potential. Plus, if you would pick Armored Ant-Lizard, it would draw a lot of attention to you if someone sees you.”