Chapter 25
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After selecting the abilities he wanted, Dan stands up to check on his new body. Inspecting his body, he found it only to be 16 to 17 inches long and a bit bulkier, but nowhere as big as he expected. "Saia, why am I still so small? From the description, I thought I would get quite a bit bigger," Dan asks Saia?


"It's simple, this evolution has five Advancements instead of the last ones three, so you are at the beginning stages of development for this species," Saia tells Dan.


"That makes sense," Dan says as he opens his stats.

Name: Dan Sage

Lvl: 0(Locked)

Species: Gray Monitor Lizard

Title: Reincarnator

HP: 25

MP: 0

STR: 5

VIT: 8

DEX: 3

INT: 8

WIS: 7

SEN: 16

LUK: 6

"Wow, my Sense stat is so high. It is probably so high because of Enhanced Hearing and Enhanced Chemoreception. Hey, Saia, what exactly does the Sense stat do?"


"Well, the Sense stat is the combination of all your senses. If it is high enough, it can even give the ability to tell how strong someone or something is and an almost sixth sense for danger. It is a very useful stat," Saia tells Dan.


"I should check the Tail Whip, but I do not know how to check on skill once I got them. Saia, do you know how to do that," Dan asks?


"I am working on something for that, but for now, I will just tell you about it. Tail Whip is a fast attack that deals 75% attack damage and has a chance to stun the target," Saia says.


"I should see if mom is back yet. If she isn't, I will have to tell dad I am going out and listen to him lecture me on all the things to look out for. Then, I will have to tell him again that he can't come because he would scare all the animals away," Dan thinks to himself as he goes down to look for his mom.


Luckily enough for Dan, his mother was back from shopping, so he goes over to her to give her the note he wrote about going hunting. Seeing Dan, Rose says, "Wow, you have grown in just a few hours, that's incredible! What's this, you have a note for me," Rose says as she takes the note and reads it. "You're going out to hunt, alright, but be careful and be back before it gets dark. I don't really like you going out, but maybe this strange ability to grow so fast can help you get back to normal. Or at least make it easier to find a way to return you to normal."


After telling his mother, Dan leaves though a window his mother opens for him, so there is no chance for anyone to be suspicious if someone for some reason was looking.


Dan walks to the nearest woods, about half a mile away, which happened to be close to where he died, making him a bit nervous. "It's alright there is no way that thing is still around here," Dan tells himself as a quest pops up.

Main Quest: Take revenge

Quest Objective: Get revenge by killing and devouring the Mana Mutated Beast that killed you.

Reward: Unlock Leveling, Unlock Mana, Unlock new evolution paths, and Two Mutation Points.

Punishment: Can't gain access to leveling for two months.

Note: If the beast is killed by something else or dies from an accident, the quest does not count as failed. If this does happen the quest will be updated.

Giving quest target tracker to A.I. Assistant, Saia.

"Those are some great rewards, but the task will be very hard to accomplish anytime soon. Saia, how does that quest target tracker work?"


"It tells me if the beast that killed you is within a mile radius around you and its general direction. It seems it is not anywhere near you currently," Saia states.


"That's good. I still have a long way before I am confident I can take it on," Dan says, relieved.


"I suggest that you begin training so you can complete this quest."


"What do you mean training, what kind of training," Dan asks a bit confused.


"One of the major benefits of the Monster Evolution System is you can gain stats for training much faster than you would normally have to do to raise your stats. For example, instead of constantly resting and recovering from strength training for weeks, you can get more strength right after training as you do not have to rest and recover to gain muscle. It works basically the same for all your stats except luck, of course. You should train both your mind and body every day, so you can grow stronger," Saia tells Dan.


"That's great, that means I can grow stronger without putting myself in danger as well," Dan says, as he goes around the forest eating tiny bugs.


After eating insects for a few minutes, Dan realizes that the bugs he has been eating are giving significantly less bio-energy than before. "Saia, I know every time I advance these things are worth less and less, but these are almost worthless to even eat."


"Since evolving into a new species, the tiny things you have been eating are worth 75% less than they did in the beginning. I would recommend either you find larger pray or go back home to train," Saia states.


"The only way I am going to find bigger pray is to go deeper into the forest, and I am not comfortable with that right now, so I will go back home and train."


Dan walks back home and begins his training by doing laps in the backyard, during the laps he has the idea to use Sprint so he can also try to level it up. After running about twenty laps, Dan is tired and getting thirsty so he goes through the window his mother left open for him to ask for water from his mom. Getting a drink, Dan goes out to do it again. Repeating this process four times, Dan gets a message from the system.

Through continuous running your Dex has increased by 1.