Chapter 26
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After all the running around, Dan is exhausted. He decides to go to his room and read some of his math and science books that he had his mom get him. Although he could not go to class, he still needed to continue learning. It could help him in various situations in the future, plus it would help his stats go up.


He goes to his mother to get help getting the books down from his self. Reading the note Dan gives her, she says, "Of course, I will help you. I am glad to see you are keeping up with your studies, but I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to take a break after everything that's happened. Also, the school sent all the books and stuff in your locker to us. I put them in a box in your room."


After getting the books down that he wanted, Rose left. Dan decides to read one of his science books called, The Periodic Table and The Properties of its Elements. A book that tells about the properties, uses, and where the elements are found. Dan had memorized a little of the periodic table while in school, but before he turned into a lizard he had wanted to memorize most of it before the year was over, so he decides to continue toward that goal.


Reading for about an hour and a half, Dan goes downstairs to get his mom to come up to his room and quiz him. He gets most of them correct. Then, Dan, has his mom prepare some math questions for him. She writes down 50 questions of varying difficulty then goes back downstairs. Completing all of the questions, Dan gets a notification.

Through continually absorbing knowledge and thinking critically, your INT has increased by 1.

"Yes, it did not take to long to gain a point in intelligence, only a little under two hours of study. Now, I should start working on social studies and grammar. I need mom to show me where she put my books," Dan thinks, dreading having to work on grammar. It is his least favorite subject. It was always difficult for him, his worst subject in school. Social studies are interesting to him, but he doesn't enjoy it as much as math or science.


Dan gets his mother to show him where she placed his school books. Seeing where the books are, he takes out his AP American History book and begins to read where he left off at school.


Reading through three chapters of his history book, he switches over to his grammar book. Although he does not like it, he needs to stick it out. Right as he is about to start, he has an idea. Maybe if he got his mom to help him it would be more bearable, plus it would make it easier for him to concentrate.


Dan brings the book down to get his mother to help him and spends the next hour working on his grammar. It was gruel for him, but with his mother's help, he got through it.


As it is getting late after everything he did today, and exhausted from it, Dan decides to go to his room to sleep for the night.


Waking up early the next morning to the smell of eggs and bacon, Dan goes downstairs. Rose, seeing Dan while cooking, says, "Oh, you're up, breakfast will be ready in a few minutes. Your father got called into work early, so he will not be joining us for breakfast. If you want to take a bath, I bought a small tub for you to wash yourself up. I will fill it up for you after you eat. Also, I was thinking about getting you some soap, but I read that soap is not good for lizards."


Eating the eggs and bacon, Dan gets a decent amount of bio-energy from it. As he finishes, Saia starts speaking to him. "I finished what I have been working for you. Simply think, Skill Menu, just like when you want to pull up the Mutation Menu." 


"Alright," Dan answers, doing as she said.

Skill Menu

Identify (Lvl 2): Allows you to gain information on the things you use it on. Higher levels give you more information.

Pain Resistance (Lvl 3): Pain effects you less, giving you a higher pain tolerance, allowing you to function better even when in pain.

Tail Whip (Lvl 1): A quick attack using your tail as a whip. Deal 75% attack damage, has a chance to stun the target.

Iron Skin (Lvl 1): Skill that increases your defense by 100% for 30 seconds. (Cooldown 5 minutes.)

Sprint (Lvl 1): Skill that increases your movement speed by 40%. (Costs 1% of your stamina for every second it is in use.)

Traits: True Devourer(Open)

"I can finally look at my skills. Thanks for doing this for me, Saia," Dan says. "It even shows traits that I have at the bottom."


After checking out the new menu, Dan goes out to the back yard to start training. He has his mother get a bottle he can drink out of and fill it with water, so he does not have to keep going back in to have water.


He starts by training with Sprint as he did yesterday. He takes a break ever so often to recover his stamina, then after doing a few laps, Dan switches to strength training, lifting things around the yard with his tail, mouth, or his whole body. He also decides to train Tail Whip as he figures it is somewhat related to strength.


After a bit over two hours and a half of training, Dan gets multiple system messages.

Through continuous exercise, your Vit has increased by 1.

Through continuous strenuous activity, your Str has increased by 1.

Skill Tail Whip has leveled up to level 2.

Name: Dan Sage

Lvl: 0(Locked)

Species: Gray Monitor Lizard

Title: Reincarnator

HP: 28

MP: 0

STR: 6

VIT: 9

DEX: 4

INT: 9

WIS: 7

SEN: 16

LUK: 6

"My hard work has paid off. With this, I am confident enough to go further into the forest to hunt larger prey."