Chapter 27
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Dan, confident in going deeper into the forest, does just that. He gives a note to his mom and sets off.


Dan goes further into the forest, ignoring all the small prey in search of large prey, being a stealthy as he can be, so he does not alert any prey.


Walking around the forest in search of prey for about half an hour, Dan sees something promising, turkey tracks. "Yes, a turkey should be worth quite a bit of bio-energy, or maybe I should use Insatiable Hunger to see what I get," Dan thinks to himself.


Following the tracks for a while, Dan sees a big large wild turkey munching on some plants. Dan hides in the nearest cover he could find where he could still see the turkey. Peeking out from behind his cover, he uses Identify on it.

Name: N/A

Species: Wild Turkey

Power Level: 15

Worth: 245 Bio-energy

Note: Wild turkeys have strong legs and beaks as well as large claws, stay away from these areas. If feeling sufficiently threatened, it may use its wings to fly away. Although they can fly fairly fast, wild turkeys can only do so for a short amount of time. Wild turkeys usually travel in packs, but this one seems to have been separated for some reason.

Reading its information, Dan reasons that it is too risky to fight it head-on. Although he could probably win, he would be heavily injured. Dan decides that the best way to deal with the turkey would be to ambush it. "One big venomous bite to its neck should paralyze it almost instantly, allowing me time to bite all the way through, killing it," Dan thinks to himself as he sets his plan in motion. He silently climbs up a tree close to the turkey then goes out on a branch that it directly over the turkey, activating his venom as he does so. Dan waits for the turkey to extend its neck to eat some leaves, then ponces. He bites into its neck at full strength, pumping it full of venom, the turkey barely able to make a sound before it couldn't move its body. Dan deals another full-force bite to its throat, finishing it off.


As the turkey is bleeding out, Dan thinks over whether to eat it or use Insatiable Hunger. He ultimately decides to use Insatiable Hunger, as he has never used it yet, and the turkey seems like the best choice to use it on currently.


Activating Insatiable Hunger by thinking of using it, like his other skills, causes a pitch-black fog to envelop the turkey a few inches away from him. A second after the fog covers the turkey, the fog along with the turkey vanish without a trace. Dan stood by astonished by what he had just witnessed, then a few seconds later, he gets a system notification.

From Insatiable Hunger, you have gained 2 Dex and 1 Vit. You have also gained the mutation, UV Vision. Do you wish to accept?

"Wow, this skill from True Devourer is amazing. I knew some birds could see UV light, but I did not know turkeys could as well. What does this mutation do exactly anyways?"

UV Vision: Allow you to see in the UV spectrum of light.

"That's pretty cool. Saia, can I turn off UV Vision as I do with Infrared Vision," Dan asks?


"Yes, you can, Dan," Saia answers.


"I accept then," Dan says, answering the system.


Right after he accepts, Dan feels a powerful energy fill his entire body, making him feel strong. Feeling good, Dan goes out to search for more prey. Walking around for a while,  Dan hears a buzzing noise near him. He follows the noise and finds a large nest of wasps on a tree. Seeing wasps coming out of the nest, Dan uses Identify on one of the wasps as it is flying into the nest.

Name: N/A 

Species: Yellowjacket

Power Level: 1

Worth: 0.2 Bio-energy

Note: Yellowjackets have painful and potentially deadly if stung by thousands. They will swarm anything that disturbs their nest. Their nest usually houses several thousand wasps.

"That nest is large, but with Toxin Resistance Lv 3, I should not have anything to worry about. If there are thousands of wasps in that nest, that is hundreds of bio-energy, well worth the effort of taking it out," Dan thinks to himself.


Dan climbs the tree with the nest on it and starts cutting it off the tree with his claws. As he starts doing so, the yellowjackets begin swarming him, trying to sting him through his scales. Most of the attacks do not make it past his scales, but the few that do sting a little. Dan starts using Tail Whip to swat them away as he continues cutting the nest away, killing quite a few wasps in the process. 


After cutting the entire nest away from the tree, it falls to the ground, cracking the whole thing open. Dan begins eating the wasps in a single bite. He tears apart the nest more to get the wasps that are further inside, and after several minutes of eating, he finishes eating them all, gaining 305 bio-energy altogether. With the sizable amount of bio-energy, Dan decides to open his Mutation Menu to level them up.

Mutation Menu

Advancement: 0/5 (500 Bio-energy)

Species Evolutions: (Locked)

Scale Resistance: Lv 3

Iron Teeth: Lv 0

Lesser N. Venom: Lv 3

Iron Stomach: Lv 1

Toxin Resistance: Lv 3

Infrared Vision: Lv 1

Enhanced Chemoreception: Lv 1

Enhanced Hearing: Lv 1

UV Vision: Lv 1

Camouflage: Lv 0

Mutation Points: 3

Dan, looking at the menu, decides to level up Scale Resistance to level 10, its max level, costing 60 bio-energy. He experiences a similar pain as he does every time he levels up a mutation, although this time, it is noticeably less painful probably because of his Pain Resistance skill. But, he notices after a few seconds, he is not given any menu pops up for him to evolve it to the next mutation, like how he got Toxin Resistance. "Hah, nothing popped up, maybe it has a special requirement or something," Dan thinks to himself.

He then moves on to level up Iron Teeth, but as he tries to do so, he gets a system prompt.

Do you wish to use one Mutation Point to gain Iron Teeth?

What's this about, Saia," Dan asks?


"Iron Teeth counts as a high-level mutation, meaning you can not use bio-energy to level it up, you need to use Mutation Points. Enhanced Chemoreception, Enhanced Hearing, and Camouflage also count as high-level mutations, so you have to use Mutation Points on those as well," Saia tells Dan.


"Alright, then I will get Iron Teeth and Camouflage and save the last Mutation Point for later. Hey, Saia, how do I get Mutation Points outside of doing quests or evolving?"


"For right now. you can't. You need to update the system more before you can do that," Saia answer.


"Okay," Dan says, then starts leveling up more of his mutation one by one. He levels up Lesser N. Venom, Iron Stomach, Toxin Resistance, Infrared Vision, and UV Vision to level 5, Infrared Vision, and UV Vision reaching max but also not giving a pop-up menu. Leveling up all of them to level 5 used all except 10 of his bio-energy. Iron Stomach, Infrared Vision, and UV Vision being the most expensive.

Mutation Menu

Advancement: 0/5 (500 Bio-energy)

Species Evolutions: (Locked)

Scale Resistance: Lv 10(Max)

Iron Teeth: Lv 1

Lesser N. Venom: Lv 5

Iron Stomach: Lv 5(max)

Toxin Resistance: Lv 5

Infrared Vision: Lv 5(Max)

Enhanced Chemoreception: Lv 1

Enhanced Hearing: Lv 1

UV Vision: Lv 5(Max)

Camouflage: Lv 1

Mutation Points: 1