Chapter 28
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Finished with leveling up his mutations, Dan goes home to train and wait until the next day for Insatiable Hunger to be off cooldown.


Arriving back in his backyard, Dan has an idea. "Saia, could I make my own skill," Dan asks?


"Yes, if you repeatedly do a single action, you have a chance to make that action a skill. It's the same as repeatedly using the same skill to level it up," Saia affirms.


"That's great. I think I will try and make a biting skill since it is my main form of attack."


Dan finds a stick he can fit his mouth around and bites down hard on it, breaking the stick in two where he bit into it. "I guess now that I Iron Teeth, it is much easier to bite through things," Dan thinks to himself. Dan continues to bite through sticks, attempting continuously to create a skill.


After continually biting through over 30 sticks, Dan finally gets a system notification.

Through continuous effort, you have gained the skill, Crushing Bite.

Crushing Bite: Deal 150% attack damage and has a small chance to crush bones where you bite. (Cooldown 30 Minutes.)

"Yes! I made a skill, and it's pretty good, although it does have a long cooldown," Dan thinks to himself. "Alright, now I will start training Sprint along with getting trying to get my stats up." Dan spends the next three hours of exhausting training until finally, he gets two system messages.

Through continuous running, your Dex has increased by 1.

Through continuous use, Sprint skill has leveled up to level 2.

Dan proceeds to look at Sprint to see if it got any more powerful.

Sprint Lv 2: Skill that increases your movement speed by 50%. (Costs 1% of your stamina for every second it is in use.)

"The speed increase improved by 10%, not all that much better, but it is something. It will be more noticeable the faster my base speed is," Dan thinks to reassure himself.


Dan spends the rest of the day studying but did not gain any more stats. He goes to sleep a bit disappointed.


Waking up the next day, Dan gets right back to hunting in the forest. Insatiable Hunger is off cooldown, and he really wanted to see what he could get for using it on something other than a wild turkey.


Walking around the forest for a while, Dan sees a pair of white-tailed deer grazing. He immediately uses Camouflage to blend into his surroundings, so the deer do not see him. He then uses Identify on one of the deer to find out how strong it is.

Name: N/A

Species: White-Tailed Deer

Power Level: 49

Worth: 4420 Bio-energy

Note: White-Tailed Deer travel together, they have sharp senses, strong legs, and hoves capable of breaking bones easily. Males have strong horns capable of impaling their opponents. They are also excellent runners capable of running up to 30 mph(48 km/h). If trying to attack, avoid its hoves and horns. Also, you will need to be stealthy enough to be able to get close enough to attack before it notices you.

"There is no way I can take that on. I do not even know if I could take it down if I preformed a sneak attack loaded with venom, not to mention there are two of them. Saia, is my venom potent enough to paralyze this deer," Dan asks?


"Your venom is strong enough to paralyze it, but you would have to land a good bite on its neck and continually pump venom into it for about two and a half minutes. I would not recommend trying to attack the deer, it would only take one or two hard stomps on the head for them to kill you. But if you insist, I would recommend setting up a trap to separate the deer from each other and limit its range of motion," Saia tells Dan.


"How am I supposed to set up something as complex as a trap, I don't even have hands?"


"That's for you to figure out," Saia says in a sassy tone.


"Oh, alright, I won't attack the deer, for now, there are two of them, and right now, I do not like my chances. My stealth abilities are not the best, and if they notice me before I can get close, they would either stomp on me or run away," Dan reasons as he gets a message from the system.

Through continuous critical thinking and reasoning, your Wis has increased by one.

"So thinking through and making smart decisions can help me get Wisdom. That's good to know. If I want to hunt deer, I am going to have to find a way to be very stealthy or figure out a way to create traps without hands. I would have my dad help me kill the deer, but its not deer hunting season, so if he's caught he will have to pay thousands of dollars in fines. I will just have to move on and find some other prey to hunt," Dan thinks to himself, moving away from the deer.


Dan wonders around the forest for a while, eat some decent sized bugs as he looks for more worthwhile prey. Twenty minutes into his search, Dan sees a sitting on a tree branch eating some kind of berry. Dan uses Identify to see what it's worth.

Name: N/A

Species: Fox Squirrel

Power Level: 11

Worth: 32 Bio-energy

Note: Fox Squirrels are the largest squirrels in North America. They are amazing climbers capable of scaling large trees in seconds. They also have sharp teeth and claws capable of easily going through flesh, if trying to attack avoid these areas.

"Seems worth the trouble, especially if I can get something good from using Insatiable Hunger on it," Dan thinks to himself as he uses Camouflage to slowly sneak up close to it while it's eating. As he is close behind it on the tree branch, he leaps at it and uses Crushin Bite along with his venom, killing it instantly. He then proceeds to use Insatiable Hunger on the squirrel.