Chapter 29
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Dan waits for a few seconds, then gets a message from the system like before when he used Insatiable Hunger.

From Insatiable Hunger, you have gained 1 Dex.

"That's not much but what can I expect, it is just a squirrel," Dan tells himself. Dan then proceeds to search for more prey.


After half an hour of searching, Dan does not find anything worth hunting. He decides to go home and get his mother to get him something to eat. That would be a better use of his time right now.


Dan gets home and has his mother make him a huge meal of eggs, sausage, and hashbrowns with milk to drink, gaining a decent some of bio-energy from it. Finishing his meal, Dan goes out and trains for a few hours. He trains Sprint, like usual, and he trains Crushing Bite. But even after hours of training, neither of the skills level up, and he does not get any stat points. "Saia, why didn't my stats go up even after all that training? I felt like I tried just as hard this time as any other time my stats went up," Dan inquiries?


"Well, the higher your stats, the harder it is to raise them through regular means. You need to step up the difficulty of your training exercises to make raising your stats faster," Saia says to Dan, answering his question.


"That makes sense. I could try to bite through larger sticks when using Crushing Bite and carry something as I use Sprint to raise the difficulty of the exercises. Maybe I will gain stats faster that way?" Dan rests for a bit, drinking some water, then begins training based on his revised method.


An hour into training using his new method, he gets a message from the system.

Through continuous strenuous activity, your Str has increased by one.

"Good, my new training method works. I should see how much my stats have grown," Dan thinks as he opens his stats menu.

Name: Dan Sage

Lvl: 0(Locked)

Species: Gray Monitor Lizard

Title: Reincarnator

HP: 31

MP: 0

STR: 7

VIT: 10

DEX: 8

INT: 9

WIS: 8

SEN: 16

LUK: 6

"Wow, my stats have improved quite a bit. Hey, Saia, if I Advance, does that increase my stats," Dan asks?


"Yes, it does now. Before you evolved into a Gray Monitor Lizard, you would hardly get any benefit for Advancing, but now that you are a stronger species, you will get stats each time you Advance. The higher you Advance, the more stats you get from it," Saia explains to Dan.


"That's great. If that's the case, I should eat more so I can Advance and get those stat points. If I keep training hard and using Insatiable Hunger, in a few days, I will probably be strong enough to take on the beast that killed me, completing my quest. If I can find the deer again and trap one, I may be able to get it done even faster, but I will have to get some rope and practice making a trap without hands," Dan says to himself.


After eating a large meal for lunch, Dan asks his mother for some rope so he can practice making a trap without hands. He then spends the next two hours practicing how to make a simple snare trap using the rope, a tree, and a heavy object. All his effort paid off. He, after all his practice, is able to set up a trap in about 15 minutes.


"Now that I can set up a trap, I will be able to hunt one of those deer I saw. The trap I created is not the best, but its the best I could come up with without having to use my hands. I could have my father get or make me a trap that I could set up, but I will not gain any battle experience that way, and if I want to be ready for what's coming, I can't always rely on someone else. That said, if my trap fails or if I can't find it soon, I will have my dad help me. Although I need battle experience, I also need to get as strong as possible as soon as possible to complete my quest," Dan thinks to himself.


Finished practicing setting up a trap, Dan hears his mother call him for dinner. He gets his mother to bring the food to his room, so he can eat while he studies. After he finishes eating, he decides to spend time with his parents until it is time to go to sleep.


The next day Dan wakes up a little later than usual. He goes downstairs to have breakfast, then goes out into the forest with his rope lightly tied around him by his mother, so he can carry it without using his mouth.


He searches around in the area he saw the deer before, hoping they would still be around that area.  He wanders around the area for a while and doesn't find the deer. "Of course they wouldn't be here, why would it be easy," Dan says to himself sarcastically. "I guess I will test my luck elsewhere to see if I can find them. Or maybe I will find something else," Dan thinks to himself.


While he is searching, he finds a few blackberry bushes and snacks on some of those for some time. While he is eating the blackberries, Dan hears what sounds like a pig snort nearby with his Enhanced Hearing. Activating his Camouflage ability, he walks toward the noise and sees something he never expected to see in these woods, a lone wild boar. With the wild boar in his sights, he immediately uses Identify.

Name: N/A

Species: Eurasian Wild Boar

Power Level: 38

Worth: 5920 Bio-energy

Note: Wild Boars have very thick hide and fur, making it hard for predators to damage them. They have strong and dangerous tusks. They have some resistance to venom. Males of the species mostly travel alone while female travel with her children. Wild Boars can run up to 30 mph(49km/h) and are bulk, so if attacking, be wary of its charge.

"Wow, wild boar are pretty rare around here. Looking at what the system says about it, it would not be a simple battle for me. But I can't let this opportunity pass me up. I learn how to make a trap because I wanted to hunt prey that is much stronger than me."