Ch_4 David’s Insight
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As David teleported from the space farm to the cave again, He saw that he was standing in the same place, as where he left.

He looked at his side to check on his mother and sister and saw them still sleeping. He thought about waking them up to talk about his situation. But he shook his head and thought about telling them when they woke up.

He sat down in a Lotus position and closed his eyes. He started thinking with a total concentration on the memories he had about this novel.

He forgets most of the things from the novel except for some epic moments, like fights and system upgrades and also about some important novel characters.

He also remembered that Zhao Hai first planted Radish seeds to get experience points for raising his space level fast.

But after raising his level, he didn't plant other high-level seeds to get more experience points. Instead, he continued to plant the low-level seeds. He was thinking about earning money from them. That was his way of thinking, or maybe he is just a noob player and doesn't know how things work in the game. Like, planting low-level things can't give you more exp when your farm reaches a high level.

And if you think about it, This seems to make sense. Because he was planting low-level things when he had already become a high-level player. You can argue that He was doing that to sell things for money, and high-level crops can't be bought by many people.

And you are right about that. High-level crops can't be bought by commoners of this continent because of their meagre monthly income. Most of the high-level things are either bought by people in power or rich people.

But it still does not make sense. David means you can buy seed of level one crop for 150 gold coins from the system shop, then after planting them in the system farm you can get fully matured crops in 8 to 9 hours. Then after collecting the crops, you can sell them for 500 gold coins in the system shop again. It will give you 350 gold coins profit in just some hours.

Yes, You can sell those things outside and get more money but the demand for anything is limited outside the space.

The space can produce thousands and thousands of kilograms of crops in some hours. But If you sell them outside then you will be announcing war on the economy. And not only of a country but of the whole world. Of course, the people in power and the merchants will not gonna like that.

This place is not Earth which is in a peaceful era, And even if Earth is in a peaceful era doesn't mean that they are going like you dropping or increasing their economy. Earth is peaceful on the surface for many countries but many countries are still ruled by someone who doesn't like peace. So there is no such thing as a proper peaceful era. it's just peace before a storm.

And here in the Ark continent, it's different. The thing which is called crime on earth can be said, to be not a crime in Ark continent for example, you can kill anyone openly if you have the power to do that and no one will say that what you did was wrong.

And what is even more problematic is the production of crops per acre. In the real world, if you plant radish in one acre field then you will get something like 2000 to 3000 Kg of matured Radish. But if you Plant Radish in the space's one-acre farm land then you will get 24,000 kg of radish. Like seriously what is this abnormal number?

And What is even worse is that the Radishes grew in space farms, come into the category of magic vegetables. So it can't be sold at a cheap price, even though it is called the cheapest magic vegetable. It is still a magic vegetable that is far more expensive than common-category vegetables.

Zhao Hai sold the magic radishes but their demand was only 50,000 kg per month in the Purcell domain. It may sound so much but just think about how much big a dukedom is in an empire.

Not many commoners can afford to buy even magic radish once a month and it is mostly bought by either low-level nobles, small merchant families or low to mid-level mercenaries.

For commoners meat and magic radishes are a thing that can only be bought on some special occasions days, like someone's birthday or at a wedding. That's why its demand is very low. The big nobles and big merchants' families are keeping tabs on the magic ingredient market because if this thing becomes cheap for commoners, then many mages and warriors will rise from the commoner side and disrupt their ruling system, which has been going on for thousands of years.

By selling those radishes outside Zhao Hai was able to get 1400 gold coins, But doing this, also made him a target of many big shots, which was not on his to-do list. His priority was to remain lowkey and at his first step, he exposed his capability.

He made this kind of mistake many times but still called himself, a lowkey person. Like, common, the whole world is after your products and you can't do anything about it, but run away from one place to another. How the heck you can still consider yourself a lowkey person?

David shook his head at the stupidity of the protagonist and praised the plot armor when he thought about the novel.

David knows he can't do things like the MC. He can't sell his items in an open market. The most he can sell outside is some treasure in very limited quantity and also in an auction if possible. Zhao Hai was the MC but David wasn't, If he did things as the MC did, then he would not be able to freely roam on the continent.

It is not that he can't do business like this. But this is more like charity work than a business. And if he wants to do this then he has to level up the space, level 20 for the ranch and level 30 for the farm. If he did that then he would unlock the function to control the quality of the products he produces in the space. And then he can do charity work without being targeted by most nobles and merchants.

As for doing real business, he can do it with space because he can sell everything without limit here.

The space can make both plants and animals fully mature in some hours to days. So, he will be going to have limitless products to sell and the outside world can't afford to be limitless. Because if you sell something in a large quantity, and that thing is scarce in the market then its price will drop and it will become cheap. For example, in the Firefish business of Zhao Hai, the continent can only produce 50,000 kg of Firefish in a whole year. And this time it is not because of the people in power's interference.

The continent doesn't have many natural farms to do farming of Firefish. Doing it artificially will be a loss because you have to spend magic crystals to power the facilities. And magic crystals are a very expensive commodity.

Plus general public also can't afford these fishes because it costs two to ten gold coins per fish. this thing can only be eaten by rich people or big nobles.

But Zhao Hai did something unimaginable, he sold 28,000 Kg of Firefish in a month. And also told the people that this is not his limit. Just think how dumb this move is, not only he is decreasing the market price of the Firefish. he is also announcing that he has either some method or he knows about a very big Firefish natural farming place. Of course, people will get greedy and attack him.

Space is a different case, he can sell unlimited amounts of things and the price will never rise nor will fall. It will remain the same, So yeah doing business here is good. Thinking about this David suddenly thought about laughing at himself because in the space when he saw the purse, He also thought that selling outside is good and selling in space is a loss. He now knows that he was wrong. He shook his head and thought about other things.

When the space farm becomes level 10, it can even extract seeds directly from the matured crops. so he doesn't have to buy seeds from the shops again and again. He only has to do that for one time if they are not some special treasure plants. The same goes for animals too, because they can be bred in space, so, a one-time purchase for any animal is enough. David doesn't know about the mythical ones though which he can get at level 50.

He also doesn't know about the selling price of animals in the space shop, because Zhao Hai never tried to even investigate it.

Zhao Hai is seriously a protagonist with many flaws, and you can also find it if you read him carefully. Even though his behaviour and principles were like the protagonist of the righteous side. His business ability is stupid and his mind is the same as those big nobles.

When David realised this he didn't know what to feel about this. In the end, Zhao Hai is his favourite character, but when he thinks about Zhao Hai properly, he can only say that he has used his plot armor too much.

The dumbest thing Zhao Hai did, is to not properly investigate the abilities of space. And When he got the seven-coloured flower fairy from the carrion swamp, He became even more detached from the space and only used it for planting crops, rearing animals and making advanced-level undead, like seriously bro, you are not even a proper mage, at least do some work.

David knows that he is sounding like a hypocrite because he is also going to use the space for the same thing, But he thinks ' It's okay, Nobody knows so why should I care if I am being a hypocrite in my head'.

There is this famous saying on earth "If you are going to insult me, then do it on my face, not behind my back." David only has this answer for it. 'It sounds cool but felt Horrible.'

Uhm, So where what he? Oh yeah, system space function. Well, It is not a good idea to not utilize the system to its full capability. But Even though he knows that he also can't do it. But telling doesn't take money, right?

Uhm, again distractions, Uhm, well, it's a very complex system. Just think about how complex this system will be that can evolve the space into a plane, then into a world, a solar system, galaxy and it will keep going on like this. Not only that but if he goes to a higher dimensional place or world then the system will also copy the environment of the outside place and will evolve into it.

And the one who will be able to control everything in the system will be the host. Here that is David.


As he was thinking about all these things he didn't realise when his mom and sister woke up. Seeing him sitting in a lotus position while also closing his eyes makes him look like he is meditating.

Seeing this Crystal called his name gently " Sun."

Hearing the voice, broke David's concentration. He opened his eyes and looked at his mom. Seeing her concerned expression melted his heart in warmth. He smiled and said, " Good morning, Mother."

She was seeing that her son was okay and smiling at her. She also smiled and hugged him, Seeing this Angel also joined both of them.

David right now is feeling both happy and shy. This is the first time David is hugged by a woman. But he felt the warmth of maternal love. As David was feeling the warmth of his mother and sister's embrace. Suddenly a thought crossed his mind making his mind unstable.

He thought ' I am really happy about getting a mother and sister in this life, in my old world I was orpha-'. Thinking about this feeling, David finds out that something is wrong with him. Because from when he came here until now, He looked at both Crystal and Angel as mother and sister. It felt so natural to him that he even forgot about Earth and him being an orphan. He felt like he was her son and her brother from the start.

But in reality, he just came here some hours ago. How come, he got into the character the moment he came into this place? It doesn't make sense. Then he thought about a possibility, which shocked him at first but also relieved him. he thought that it would be good if this possibility was true.

He thought that the original Sunny was not dead but merged with him. Their souls are now one making him feel love towards his mother and sister. At this thought David said to himself in his mind. ' Since that is the case then I will be Sunny from now on.'

Feeling relieved that the person who gave him this life is not gone but is living with him. he hugged his mom and sister a little tightly to express his love. and they also responded by hugging him tightly. But he thought 'Fortunately I am a 3rd rank warrior.'

After calming his nerves down, David releases them from his embrace. Then he got up and said to both of them. " I have something important to talk about with you both." with a serious expression. They also nodded seriously, They thought that it might be about their future plan discussion. After all, they lost everything already and going back is only going to kill them, so they have to find a way to go to another domain to start their new life.

Seeing them nodding David also nodded and thought about going into space with Crystal and Angel. And all three of them vanished from the cave again.