Ohara, 10th November 1499
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PoV:  Yord.


The humongous Tree of Knowledge and its lush green leaves was still visible even from where he sat on the beach. Its an admittedly amazing scenery to see in the morning, giving somewhat a calm and peaceful feeling. Yord was feeling so relaxed like there was no problem that would ever weigh him down. Doubly so now that his little brother stopped being highly strung and tense.


It was very distracting, more distracting than his usual restless exercising. He’s accustomed to seeing Wuld moving his body until exhausted, be it from running around or doing his strange gymnastic exercises. He was really worried that if things continued in the previous direction, Wuld would make another rash and reckless decision again.


Like how he was here. Stowing away on a ship Yord was getting a free ride on because their parent prevented him to go. Yord did feel annoyed since he had to make a promise to his uncle who owned it that he would help loading and unloading goods for free before he was allowed to board.


All of that happened just because Yord accidentally let out that one of the destinations of the cargo ship was Ohara when he talked about his plan with their parent. Wuld who usually held his own pace in doing everything insisted to be allowed to come with him. When their parent refused on account that he was still a little child – not even 5 yet – he stopped doing his daily weird exercise and silently brood.


Everybody believed that the matter was over, but halfway into the journey one of his uncle’s men found Wuld stowed away by hiding on one of the freshwater barrels. It’s really fortunate that uncle had a denden mushi that could connect to the one in his office on the island so that he could contact his parent that both of their sons was on the ship instead of just one.


The trouble didn’t stop right there. He was so impatient to land in Ohara that he jumped down and swum promptly toward the island when the ship had some trouble anchoring because of the small dock owner’s mistake. His uncle who didn’t quite get Wuld’s daily unreasonableness almost had a heart attack, fearing that Yord’s father and mother would blame him for what happened to Wuld – he had thought that Wuld fell over instead of jumping down by himself.


Seriously, how come Wuld become so wild like this when he looked like a good and obedient kid back home? Next time their parent wouldn’t be able to brag that he was easy to raise children whose only weirdness was his love of exercise and lack of social activity.


At least his uncle could get his fun in teasing Wuld when he met, helped and cordially talked with the little girl who was bullied for eating a devil fruit. Isn’t this island named Ohara, the island who was famous for its Tree of Knowledge? Yord wondered incredulously. Treating someone who ate a devil fruit as a devil was something that supposedly done by a resident of a backward place who thought that devil fruit was a myth.


The other alternative reason for their bullying would be because her ability to grow limb was something freaky, but Yord thought that it was something that was more laughable. He wouldn’t mind trading his swimming ability for something like having an extra limb to do his chores faster or saving time by doing a couple of different things together at the same time.


He also idly wondered if a chopped off limb could be grown back and wouldn’t dissolve ever even if she was submerged on water. And could someone survive a decapitation by growing a new head? The devil fruit was something that was really interesting, that was why he sat there on the beach reading the devil fruit encyclopedia he borrowed from those guys on the Tree of Knowledge.


Usually, after something big and troublesome – that involved him – like what happened last night happened, he would go down hiding. He would avoid the place and never take a risk in getting involved with the aftermath until he was sure it was already over. But he happened to see the encyclopedia on one of the shelves on the tree, and he just had to read it, no matter what.


Fortunately, those people on the tree didn’t make a fuss when he borrowed it, even okaying him to read it outside as long as he didn’t take it off the island. It looked like what happened last night really spooked them, and they were busy since the morning doing a lot of things that he didn’t care to find out.


And right then he was content reading the book in a sense of relative peace, at least until Wuld came back from his exercise and try to bother him again. He had exercised enough, thank you. now it was time for rest and relaxation.