Ohara, 10th November 1499, Afternoon
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PoV:  Yord.


The Devil Fruit Encyclopedia was a riveting and stimulating read. The details were sparse and not every fruit was illustrated, but that description was enough to send Yord’s imagination to fly freely into happy land. He kept reading and didn’t move from the place he sat even if the sun had moved and it beamed down at him with very bright and hot intensity. While he was still reading the section about snake model Zoan Devil Fruit, there was a shadow that fell on him.


He looked up to find that it was Wuld coming back from wherever he went exercising. He looked down at him and briefly read what he currently read before raising his eyebrow.


“Devil Fruit?”


“Yeah, I happened to see this encyclopedia yesterday. It looked interesting so I borrowed it this morning,”


“Anything you found interesting?” Wuld dropped down to sit in front of him and stretched his legs.


“Yeah, I read about the strange one that made the user become a syrup, and it was categorized as Logia. That was weird.”


“Logia, huh. I used to think that it was only for elements.”


“Yeah, it was so strange that some fruit was just blurring the line between Logia and Paramecia.”


“At least Zoan was simple, turning into animals... and turning into humans too, becoming a Buddha”


“ [Buddha] Buddha? that kind of Buddha? Who ate it?”


“Marine...  Admiral, I think. Sengoku.”


“Buddha is a Zoan?” Yord wrinkled his nose, tasting the strangeness of the idea on his mind.


 “Yeah, and it was categorized as Hito Hito no Mi model Daibutsu.”


Yord looked at Wuld in disbelief before flipping the pages of the encyclopedia, searching for the exact entry about Hito Hito no Mi. It wasn’t long before he found it. 


“Huh, that’s really weird. What’d you think would happen if a human ate a basic Hito Hito no Mi?”


“Who knows? Anyway, you want to have a Devil Fruit power?” Wuld asked, narrowing his eye and tilting his head.


“I considered it. It sounded neat, you know?”


“What kind of Devil Fruit would you choose if you could?”


Yord paused to gather his thought before answering.“That’s difficult. There were so many interesting Devil Fruit, and I could only eliminate half of Zoans and very little of Paramecias.”


“So many interesting fruit making you indecisive?”


“Of course, you can only have one in your entire life after all. There were just too many that sounded interesting. If I could pick and choose what I like, I would definitely have difficulties in choosing in a short period.” Yord then started to list all the Devil fruit he found interesting and what he imagined he would do if he ate them.


Wuld occasionally chimed in and propose unique usage that made their conversation become more engaging. They spend an hour or so talking animatedly before suddenly Wuld asked Yord’s opinion on one of Paramecian devil fruit.  


“What do you think about Suke – Suke no Mi?”


“Suke - Suke? The invisibility one? It’s okay. But it’s not an especially attractive one to trade for losing the ability to swim.”


“Are you sure? Just imagine what it could be used...”


The expression Wuld had in his face looked like he’s waiting for a particular answer. It honestly felt like Yord was being set for a pitfall. He mulled al his response inside briefly before answering.


“it’s something that would make the user and what he holds invisible, right? I guess it could be used to smuggle things... but since it needs the user’s touch and  conscious decision to make things invisible, it would make things harder than it should be...”


“Anyway, I would consider it if it were also going to make me intangible. Wait, intangible and undetectable to all manner of senses.”


“Usually anyone who wanted it will use it to peek on woman’s bathroom.”Wuld let out what he aimed to hear from Yord in a distrustful expression while Yord suddenly felt that he had to pay back Wuld in teasing.


“Ah, so that’s it. Wuld, you are too young to do something like that. If you took a peek at robin while she was bathing, she would hate you, you know.”Yord advised his little brother, hiding his baiting intention while Wuld’s face was making an amusing expression like someone being told to smell shit.


“Let me tell you, little brother...” Yord stepped near and slapped Wuld’s back in a brotherly gesture as shown by Olga and Bolga back at the island.


“What’s with you! Ugh!”Wuld dodged away and swatted Yord’s hand every time it went closer.


“Real men don’t peek like a coward! A real man bravely asks to see upfront!” Yord declared loudly, complete with a cool convincing pose.


“Where did you get the confidence to declare something like that...”Wuld’s face distorted like when he was seeing worm inside an apple he bit, and he shook his head mockingly. “You haven’t even had your puberty yet, so you couldn’t possibly make that kind of conclusion yourself.”


“Ohh, Gorlinda scolded someone who peeked on her bathing and said something along that line...”


“Seriously? Someone want to peek on that, that goril...” “*cough*” “...exotically shaped woman?”


“Well, different people, different taste, as your usual excuse” Yord paused before smiling and asserted confidently “Besides, I might not have experienced puberty yet, Wuld, but I can definitely give you a relationship pointer!”


“Stop that, Yord! That topic is already getting stale and moldy.” Wuld scowled before crossing his arm in a huff. “On the scale where 0 is apathetic and 10 is hopelessly smitten, my affection level to Robin is only at somewhere between 3 and 4, you know?”


“C'mon, Wuld!  You like her enough to consider peeping on her while she was bathing...”Yord teased happily.


“Where did you get that conclusion?”


“Well... you said people would use  Suke – Suke fruit to peep,” Yord paused before continued leadingly “I wouldn’t believe that you had ever been off the island, not yet...”




“Little brother, people on our island might be somewhat informed of what happens at the sea and the world at large, but the most they know was that devil fruit exists and it was not a myth...”


“Well, I had heard people saying that they want to turn invisible and peek on what happens at the women’s side,” Wuld huffed and looked aside, briefly before looking back at Yord and said in an arrogant and self-assured tone. “Anyway, I didn’t need a Devil Fruit to be strong and near undefeatable in all kinds of terrain!”


Yord could retort and strongly argue on the impossibility of a normal baseline human in beating up a Logia fruit user, let alone harm them, but he preferred to tease Wuld further. It’s not every day that he could witness a flustered Wuld trying to defend himself from being associated with an uncomfortable topic like versions of perversion, so he had to enjoy it as much as possible for all the bothering he did.


“Well, I get that.” Yord began in an understanding tone, before smirking down and said in a good-natured teasing tone. “You’re definitely just feeling embarrassed for thinking a perverted thought...”


“You’re incorrigible, brother...” Wuld scoffed in disgust and walked away, but he didn’t forget to look back and scowling at him a couple of times before he disappeared behind the bend in the distance.


Yord shook his head in amusement before finding someplace to sit in the shade and continued to read the Devil Fruit Encyclopedia.


I had added the information about the timeline on the first chapter.

It's about 20 years before Canon / Luffy reached age 17 and set sail from Dawn Island.