Ohara, 11th November 1499
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PoV:  Yord.


After exercising in the morning with Wuld like usual, Yord went to the Tree of Knowledge. This was the last free day before his uncle’s ship would sail away from Ohara, so he would make sure to have as much fun as possible by getting some interesting book to read. Normally he would have fun by doing something else, but because Ohara had a Tree of Knowledge, he thought it might not be so bad to pass the time by reading things.


With the library that big, he thought it would be plausible to get something like a travel log or record of interesting account at sea that he hasn’t read back at the island.


The people inside were still busy, but they are not as tense and nervous as the day before. the girl who led him to meet the professor with the strange hair yesterday – Hocha, if he was not wrong – was sorting books in one of the aisles by herself. He was going to walk deeper but he paused and walk her way. He didn’t know where the location of the kind of book that he wanted to read so he might as well ask her instead of trying to find it himself.


He could have tried to ask the direction from other scholars and researchers inside, but it would be awkward and Hocha was a familiar face. When he was about 5 meters away, she found out that he was near, paused doing her book sorting and looked upward from her crouching position near the shelf.


“Hey, Hocha, was it?”


“Yes, I am” she knitted her eyebrow and lifted one corner of her lips “We met just two days ago and you’re already starting to forget my name?” when he smiled sheepishly she continued, “What do you need, Yord?”


“I am bored and wanted to read something interesting.” He paused to take out the encyclopedia he borrowed yesterday and showed the book to Hocha.”And where do I place this one? I had finished reading it.”


“Just put it above that stack.” She gestured to the stack at the end of the aisle and changed her position to sitting with a crossed leg on the ground, left elbow at her knee and the palm holding up her chin. “What kind of book?”


“Something fun, like a storybook, collection of strange tales at sea, or a travel log...” he crouched down near Hocha after putting away the encyclopedia. ”What’d you recommend?”


"There are tales of Mont Blanc Noland in that stack, along with other books of the same kind.” She gestured absent mindedly, having gone back to sorting the book while Yord was putting away the encyclopedia.


“I think I’ve read it before, along with the story about sora or something, fighting gamma? 66 or whatever that evil organization’s name.”


"Well. The section where we put travel log and strange stories are on the other side of the building,” she paused to look at him and smiled wryly, “if you’re asking for a recommendation from me... well, I am a bit busy right now.”


Yord considered things for a moment before offering,” Do you want some help?”


“Ah, it’s not necessary, it will be a bother to you...” she looked up, surprised at his offer and inspected Yord’s expression before continuing ”Well if you really want to. You could ask the other that wasn’t occupied doing things about their recommended fun read though.”


“It’s fine, I’m bored anyway.”


She fixed her gaze at him for a period time before smiling and rummaged for something hidden under the pile of book in her left. “here’s how we’re going to sort this, take out the one listed in this notebook and put it away in that pile” she took away a notebook with wrinkled leather cover.


“Okay, then?”


"Then the leftovers were going to be sorted by the title, and put it together in that pile” she gestured toward the farthest stack of books. “If you have any trouble, ask for my help!” she finished her instruction, pushed the leather notebook at Yord and went back to sort the shelves adjacent to her seating place.


Yord opened the notebook and inspected the list written inside. He read it carefully while referencing the book that was still neatly arranged at the shelf. He looked behind him at the various pile of sorted books that have been taken away from the shelves before closing the notebook and starting from the rightmost shelves.


Before long, the sound heard from the aisle was the sound of the book page being flipped and the sound of the book that was placed in their respective pile. When he had taken away one shelf and intended to continue to the adjacent, he heard Hocha talking to him, asking about something in a hushed tone.


“Is your brother a seer?”




“Someone who can predict the future.”


Yord glanced at Hocha, one eyebrow raised. When he saw that Hocha was being serious, he contemplated her question before answering “I don’t think so.”


“He knows what’s the name of the ancient weapon written inside the poneglyph.” Hocha said in an inquiring tone.


Yord shrugged“he had a lucky guess?”


Hocha raised one of her eyebrows at him but otherwise didn't say anything.


“He might say something that made sense sometimes, but the other times... he’s spouting a lot of unbelievable things."


The conversation stopped for a while before Yord asked. “What’s the update on your situation?”


After being quiet for a while, Hocha answered.”...We still couldn’t get the contingent of scholars who had sailed away about four years ago. Professor said that we might end up using your brother’s scapegoat scenario” she said dejectedly.


When Yord wanted to continue the conversation, someone walked by. It was Professor Clover, he walked slowly in an absent-minded way, looking a bit lost like someone who had too much problem in his thought.


“Hey, Professor,” Hocha called out to him while Yord only nodded in acknowledgment when Professor Clover turned his face their way.


“Hocha, Young man Yord.” Professor Clover acknowledged their greeting before continuing toward wherever he was heading. After a couple of steps, he paused to look back over his shoulder at Yord. ”Young man, might I know where your little brother is?”


Yord shrugged and lifted both of his arms halfway at the side of his body.“I don’t know, maybe somewhere on the island.” Yord tilted his head, continuing “Do you need me to tell him that you were looking for him?”


“Yes, I wanted to talk to him again,” Professor Clover smiled wrily “ It was not urgent, though.”


“Tomorrow morning we’re sailing away.” Yord told him and continued before Professor answered: “I’ll get him to see you this afternoon.”


“Thanks, Youngman Yord.” Professor Clover smiled before walking away.