Ohara, 12th November 1499
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After the professor decided on the plan and the path we would tread yesterday afternoon, Hocha and the other scholars of Ohara pulled an all-nighter to finish the preliminary preparation. They had sorted the book and the knowledge that urgently needed to be preserved and had beginning to pack it as cargo at the sunrise.


They negotiated an arrangement with the shipowner to carry the cargo to the island where Wuld and Yord lived. It was not the optimal path, but they had decided to follow through with the plan to make sure that knowledge passed down for countless years would not perish together with them.


They would also send some of the scholars together with the cargo to arrange the books’ safety and the place where they would hide and preserve them on the island. Before a permanent building could be arranged, they would place the cargo on the warehouse or other temporary places. Some of the scholars – who were boarding the ship together with the cargo of books to ensure the safety of the books and to make sure it didn't get damaged from any lack of care – would take turns to care for the book while the other would secure land, building, and other necessities.


It would be hard to do, but the shipowner Shinda – who actually was Yord’s uncle – promised to help them in way of manpower and connection to make sure that the proper permanent place for what would be their books’ safe house could be built as soon as possible. After that, both the Professor and the Ship Owner spend the next hour hammering the detail for the cooperation while the scholars made a discussion among themselves to decide on who would be chosen to go with the cargo.


Hocha volunteered in the first couple of minutes, while Rint and Busshiri were chosen after a prolonged debate. Not that they didn’t want to go, just they were someone with responsibilities toward other people and their own families, while Hocha had lived by herself after she went here to Ohara to learn knowledge.


It didn’t take long for Hocha to pack her belonging, picking only what was necessary and putting away the rest. She was glad she had proceeded with her plan to clean and tidy up her house after she was delaying it the day that she brought the brothers to Tree of Knowledge.


By the time she went back to the Tree of Knowledge to help other scholars to sort what would be packaged in the first wave of evacuated cargo, it was already nearing midnight. Rint and Busshiri still haven’t come back even until the dawn comes and lighting the dark night sky with a patch of gorgeous red and orange light.


They just finished packing a cargo of book when Yord came with other people from the ship. He went to help pick up the cargo and load it to the ship. It was very strange to see a teenager with the size of muscle that was smaller than the other people with him lifting a cargo by himself while the other people need to group up to even be able to lift one.


They could only put six packages into the ship for their first cooperation with the shipowner since he already had other cargo that he had promised other people to take care of. The distance between the Tree of Knowledge and the Dock was not too far, but the terrain made the journey slow enough that they reached the ship by the time other inhabitants of the island started their daily routine.


There was a bit of commotion when the passerby was curious about what was the business between the scholars and the cargo ship people but people started to disperse when they know what it was they are carrying. But some people still wanted to watch and by the time they lifted up the cargo to the ship, there was a sizable crowd of curious onlooker on the dock.


The crowd split up briefly when it looked like there was someone who wanted to go through them. Turned out that it was Robin who ran out from the crowd to the ship, and did a tackle hug on Yord’s little brother from behind. He looked startled, both of his arms about to do something before aborting it and relaxed his posture. He looked back at robin with a grimace that turned to a helpless smile when she kept hugging him while mumbling a lot of things under her breath.


“Look at that, Robin found a friend that she was okay with.” Busshiri came out from the crowd following robin with a calm pace commenting with a teasing smile while walking to the ship over the plank connecting it to the dock.


He looked like he hadn’t slept a wink since yesterday, and he had eye bags under his small circular eyes. He still wore the same clothes he wore yesterday, the one he wore with more frequency than the other clothes he has. It was a white shirt with the word "Bomb" written on it – there was a new sauce stain on it – under a wrinkled yellow jacket. He brought a heavy big bag that was visible over his wide shoulders. His wife trailed behind him, a small smile adorning her face. She fussed over him for a while before coming down back to the shore, standing there looking at her husband still on the ship.


Hocha looked back at the spectacle Robin made and smiled. ”It’s good that they could be friends.” She sighed and held her cheek. “I was worried when the kids on the island started avoiding her.”


“Maybe after we succeed in what we planned, she would have a possibility in experiencing the childhood that she’s been denied.” Rint came over through the crowd and stood near them next to the starboard. It was easy to think of him as a boorish insensitive person when looking at her outward appearance. But those who knew her found out that there was a gentle heart beyond the form of a severe middle-aged overweight woman.


She took off her reddish-purple hat and fanned herself with it while continuing her words when Hocha and Busshiri kept their silence. “Well, her aunt didn’t like her, the kids avoided her recently, and the only adult in her life was us.” She continued with a lower tone and sad expression. “I bet she’s thinking that if she learned a lot of things her mother would bring her instead of leaving her here on the island.”


“If the Professor’s plan succeeded, she would be able to be together with her mother Olvia.” Busshiri added with a slight smile curling the side of his lips.


Hocha considered things for a second before saying her bits. “I think things would change for the better after this”






Written on the news coo edition of March 1501, on the part of Current Event on West Blue; “The Tree of Knowledge on the island or Ohara was attacked by extremist, there was a great amount of book passed down from countless years past which was burnt down and destroyed.”




I was considering to change the titling. Titling a chapter with a Date was too restricting.