Ember Part 2
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Toroa, May 21st, 1500


It had been fun last night, partying and celebrating for the completion of the new library, and Hocha understood that the level of happiness they achieved in finishing such a massive building in a span of half a year would definitely make them went over the line in celebration. but looking at the aftermath of the party made Hocha crinkle her nose in disgust. Cleaning a massive building like this didn’t look really tempting.


Hocha didn’t spare another glance before walking away from the vicinity, afraid that if she were to delay, someone would force her to stay to help in cleaning up. She was someone who would delay something absolutely necessary like cleaning and tidying up her own living place. Being forced to help up in this situation would be very awful for her sensibility.


She didn’t need to bother feeling guilty for ditching everybody else to do the cleanup, especially because she knows that she wasn’t the one dirtying the place. That was what Hocha kept telling herself as she walked down the mountain following the path that had been widened and flattened by the countless passing peoples for the span of half a year.


The path down the mountain had been an uneven animal trail that meandered here and there. But by the necessity of the people building the library, the path had been widened, and the obstacle in the path dug out and removed so that the trail could be straightened. And after they built the mechanical saw, all the trees surrounding them had been cut down for the material and also to make space.


Before, Hocha couldn’t see past the trees surrounding the trails. Now, she could see the clump of building in the town twenty kilometers away from the mountain clearly, and she could also make out the shape of its inhabitants. Hocha deliberated for a moment whether mingling with the townspeople would be enough as a reason to ditch cleaning up before she decided that it was better to find something else to do even as she kept walking in the direction of the town.


Along the path, there was a collection of sheds built to house the newly built machinery that they used to hasten the construction of the library. The sheds were hastily built, and while they might not have been equipped with lock and key, they were usually closed after usage at the end of the day.


But as Hocha walked past them, her sight paused on one of the sheds that had its door opened slightly. Hocha found the sight to be slightly peculiar so she walked in closer to investigate. When she opened the door wide to take a look, she found out that the two-man pedal-powered machine saw placed inside was gone. She was surprised and curious as to where it was.


There doesn’t seem to be any project necessitating their usage lined up, so who could have taken them? Hocha walked outside and saw a newly made tire track on the grass leading to a different direction than the path leading to town. She raised one of her eyebrows and after contemplating for a minute, she decided that following down whoever used the machine would be a better reason to ditch helping the others.


The trail taken by whoever using the machine saw was leading to an out of the way beach in the southern part of the island. She had been there once and it wasn’t a nice place to relax since the wave was too strong to comfortably swim in. When the beach was visible behind the outcropping and the trees surrounding it, she found out who brought out the machine from the sheds.


She couldn’t help but curl the edge of her lips up knowing who they were. Of course, it was the two tireless siblings who would want to use it in the morning. As she walked in closer, Yord looked back toward her and waved while Wuld disregarded her and kept doing whatever he was doing.


“Hey, Yord.” She looked around and saw that surrounding the machine saw was the planer and other assorted wood-working tools. “Busy?”


“Yeah, I was bored and Wuld wanted me to help him make something.”


She saw that the two siblings were using the woodworking tool to shape a long unbroken wooden plank to a strange shape that she hadn’t seen before. It was thin, had a curved rounded tip on both ends, and Wuld was currently busy sticking a small wood that was shaped like a shark fin on one of its ends using a screwdriver.


“What is it?”


“Wuld says it was a surfboard.”


The strange shape and the name made Hocha really curious, and she waited for Yord to finish tying a cord to the board before asking her question.


“What’re you going to use it for?”


“Uhh... I don’t know?” it looked like Yord haven’t thought out what the wooden board is going to be used for “What’s it for, Wuld?”


Wuld ignored them for a while before answering them “To ride the waves.”