Ember Part 4
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Toroa, June 20th, 1500


After a month adjusting himself on how to use the surfboard, Yord felt confident that he would be able to keep his balance above it in most kinds of situations. Riding a very high and very fast rolling sea waves above a flimsy wooden board, such a strange way of having fun is something invigorating that had chased away all the boredom he felt.


When he saw the way Wuld used the board to ride the waves, he was intrigued and wanted to try. He had thought that surfing was easy enough and he could master it in a short time. But then he found out how hard it is stabilizing his body above the fast current of water and had the experience of being swallowed by the breaking waves. And before he knew it, hr went to the sea every time he had no other obligation and spend a lot of time surfing.


Compared to the training he had where he ran around the island every day in a progressively farther distance and carrying a increasingly heavier burden, he thought surfing was better. He knew that his daily training made him stronger each consecutive days he did it, but it felt so monotonous that he wanted to just skip it to go surfing were it not for Would continuous encouragement.


Now surfing becomes the highlight of his day. It might have been as monotonous as the training if viewed from outside, but it felt different for him. From the very first day where he couldn’t keep himself above the board to this time, every single day felt like a different experience. He could clearly see his own improvement because no two waves are the same and accomplishing a trick with the surfboard didn’t mean that he would succeed again when another wave came.


Every time he was free, he would bring the surfboard to the beach and paddled seawards. Then he would stand patiently above the water waiting for the waves to propel him ashore. He already had a lot of experience with the waves, and now he could approximate how high and how ferocious the wave would be. He would also fix his posture so that he wouldn’t overbalance when the waves break.


Sometimes when he was lucky, he would succeed in placing himself in front of the breaking waves, so that he could experience a tube riding. But most of the time, he would end up in a wipeout right when the waves break above his head. That’s why when he succeeded in riding it toward the shore, he would feel so happy and upbeat for the rest of the day.




Yord actually wanted to go to the beach to spend another day relaxing above the sea, but when he caught the sight of the calendar near the door, he put down the wooden surfboard. He walked back in and saw his mother busying herself in the pantry, making note of the grain and other foodstuff left inside.


“Mom,” Yord called her from the door, and when she looked at him continued. “isn’t Wuld’s birthday tomorrow?”


“Yeah, it is” She smiled at Yord and put her hand on her hip.”Why?”


“Celebrating it?”


“Of course we’re going to celebrate it.”


“I thought you weren’t after his recent stunt at November.”


She laughed candidly, tilting her head back and look at Yord from the corner of her eyes. “Well, this and that are different.”


Yord raised one of his eyebrow and deliberated for a moment before asking, “Need help?”


“I was going to send you to buy things we didn’t have...” she paused to look at the foodstuff in the pantry and swept her long reddish-brown hair behind her ear, “after I’m done taking stock of what we have and what we didn’t.“


Yord shuffled in place before turning back and said over his shoulder as he walked away.“I’m in the porch when you need me.”


As he walked away, he heard his mother asked him in her usual style “Come to think of it.” He paused to hear her next sentence, ”Did he wanted some specific gift for his birthday?”


 “Not really” Yord paused to think briefly, and concluded. “I guess he didn’t even remember that tomorrow is his birthday.”


“So...” His mother put her right hand on her chin, index finger tapping on her lips, “Surprise celebration?”


“Can we even distract him for a whole day while we make him his surprise party?” Yord felt skeptical over the surprise birthday party, after all, Wuld can be perceptive at times that hiding a secret from him is a lost cause.


“Well, you think of something.” His mother playfully answered.


Yord turned back to give her a look of incredulity before putting his palm in his face and using it to massage his brow. “Mother, please be reasonable.” He sighed helplessly before putting his hand down and asked: ”What’re you and dad going to give him?”


His mother changed her posture to stand straight and crossed her arms in front of her body. She fixed her gaze toward Yord and said in a serious tone “It’s either food or money.”


Yord wanted to retort about her ridiculous gift choice, but swallowed his words when he considered that he hadn’t even thought what he would give Wuld for his birthday tomorrow. He settled by saying something about her plan of surprise celebration.


“Well, just be like usual, I guess.” He pondered the plan briefly inside his head before continuing “If he didn't know about it until all is done then it will be a secret celebration, and if he caught up that we will celebrate his birthday, then make it a normal non-secret celebration.”


“Well, you’re no fun, son.” His mother scoffed ”secret birthday party is more joyful than a normal birthday.”


Yord helplessly shook his head and turned around, “I’m going to sit on the porch. Call if you need me, mom.”


Since his mother didn’t say anything anymore, Yord proceeded toward the porch without stopping. he had to think about what kind of birthday gift would make Wuld satisfied. After all, Wuld already gave him the best gift against boredom in the shape of his surfing activity.


It's only a common sense for him to reciprocate.



I paused for a couple of days because my internet ran out.


It's surprisingly hard to set up a convincing chain of events. it was so hard that I almost quit this fiction and moved into doing something else.


I planned to have an outside observer view of the SI jumping in joy over his cheat coming online, => and then having Robin and Olvia moved into Toroa to hide (still not sure whether I should make it so that Olvia already had a bounty or not yet) => before moving into August when Roger got executed in Logue Town.