Ember Part 6
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Toroa, June 20th, 1500


After deliberating for a while, Hocha decided to head up to the dock to see what kind of ship would land in the dock and who had come aboard it. She did felt skeptic over whether there was actually a ship in the distance or not, but she never saw Yord lie before, except by omission of fact as a joke.


But when she reached the dock, she could make out a small shape in the distance that grew bigger with the passing of the time. At first, it was just an indistinct blurry shape made so by the reflection of the sun in the water. Then it gets bigger, and though he couldn’t see any emblem in the sail to proclaim the ship's affiliation, Hocha could see one of the sail had a large rip on it.


And getting even close, she could see that some part of the ship had a hole on it, and the other was charred like it had been set on fire. The people on the ship still looked indistinct, but she could make up the color and the stu=yle of clothing worn by the crew. It looked like a normal fishing boat, but there was someone standing in shade lurking and hiding their face under the hood they wore.


It still took a while before the ship got close, and by the time the gangplank was placed, her legs were asleep.


The crew secured the ship on the dock and anchored it while the passengers streamed out of the cabin and waited until the ship fully stopped and tied safely to one of the pillars on the dock. Hocha intended to stand up and walk away when her leg had stopped feeling numb since it looked like there was anyone she recognizes there.


But then she saw that some of the passengers looked off, even if there was nothing too suspicious about it. The passenger alighted from the ship one by one, and she saw suspicious hooded one tried their hard to keep themselves by delaying to step off the ship until everybody else were already gone.


When she squinted her eyes she could see something white fluttering under the hood of the one she had seen lurking above deck. Something about it seemed so familiar to Hocha but she couldn’t remember what it actually was.


And suddenly she was brought out of her musing by the low sound of *tap**tap**tap* that she heard coming closer. It was Robin walking toward the gangplank followed by the suspicious hooded person who was hidden under the costume that left no part of the skin exposed. It took a couple of seconds before Hocha made the obvious connection and exclaimed:




“Ssshhh” one of the weird passengers of the ship shushed her from the side. She jumped up in place, the numb feet holding her up for a second before she fell face down. From her place lying down on the ground, she saw the one shushing her was standing behind the place she previously sits in. The other passenger that looked off also stopped nearby, and from their shaking shoulder, she could tell that they were laughing and felt amused over her surprise.


Hocha glared at them briefly, noting each individual with an annoyed gaze before finding out what made them looked off. one of them had a large nose that looked like it had been pasted on, one had a birthmark as big as the nail of her little finger, and the other had a bushy lopsided mustache.


‘Of course they looked weird, turned out that they were a disguised person and they put their disguise wrong’, she complained inwardly.


Olvia – face still hidden under the hood – walked closer and offered her hands to pull Hocha up. Robin who was walking in front of the former stopped stood akimbo and admonished the one who surprised Hocha by pouting at him. He looked sheepish being admonished while the other stopped holding back and laughed obnoxiously.


“Seriously, why are you shushing me for?” Hocha complained when she stood, and she briefly saw Olvia smiled wrily over her complaint before answering her.


“It’s because of me.”




“She got spotted and given a bounty when we were seeking a Poneglyph hidden on one island.” The fake nose chimed in, waving the bounty poster depicting Olvia standing in front of something that was aflame.


“The one in that place is very hidden, only a small part of the inhabitant knows of its existence.” Olvia swept her gaze toward the surroundings, and continued when she saw that there were no uninvolved people trying to eavesdrop. “but the way there is well guarded since it was in the complex of the kingdom’s tomb.”


“We had requested to see the Poneglyph over the King when he gave us an audience, but he refused to be involved with it for fear of what the world government would do to his kingdom for letting us through.” The askew mustache explained.


“When the other had given up and intended to depart to another location, I insisted to go by myself to copy the Poneglyph.” Olvia grimaced over her recollection and smoothed her expression before continuing. “I was sure that it was a Rio Poneglyph. I had to find out what it says...”


“Then she got a bounty on her head.” The birthmark guy mused briefly, ”we’re actually not sure that she was given a bounty for trying to read the Poneglyph or because she barged into the Tomb.”


“It’s because of the Poneglyph.” Someone suddenly chimed up. Olvia and the other jumped in surprise while Robin smiled prettily seeing the one who spoke. Hocha only rolled her eyes over Wuld’s penchant for dramatic.


“How are you so sure?” the fake nose exclaimed.


“Gold Roger had a big bounty and called the King of Pirates because he could also read the Poneglyph. he continued serenely “He used the road Poneglyph to reach the Great Kingdom’s Birthplace.” He smirked teasingly, “It’s a shame that you guys couldn’t just hitchhike, huh?”


When everybody fell silent over the sudden revelation, Wuld suddenly asked another question “Did your ship get caught?“


Olvia watched Wuld intently before answering”...No. We were fortunate to get the message from home, and we dumped all the things that could be linked to Ohara in the sea before sinking it somewhere.”


“Good.” Wuld nodded in satisfaction before making an observation. ”if you didn’t take that much precaution, they would infer where you come and followed you guys home.” He paused, adding ”Aren’t you glad that you’re the only one with a bounty?”


“But if she was being wanted because of Poneglyph, why weren’t us too?” when the other stared at him incredulously, the birthmark stuttered along”...for solidarity?”


“Because you’re just a redshirt.”




“You guys are unimportant peoples whose death didn’t even call for even a footnote” Robin giggled quietly when the three people crouched down in despair, while Olvia was shocked over her daughter's taste in joke.


Olvia let out a deep sigh before turning her head towards Hocha “...let’s talk over this in another place.”


Hocha agreed and she walked to the direction of the library while Olvia gestured at Robin to come over. Robin looked toward Wuld who was busy poking fun at the three before charging over and clung at Olvia’s waist and looked up.


“Mother, can I play at my friend’s house?” she looked back briefly toward Wuld before looking up at her mother again.


Olvia made a tiny frown, looking conflicted before Hocha cut in ”I know where his house is.”


Olvia fixed her gaze at Hocha before nodding and looked down toward her daughter. “Don’t run around. I will pick you up later when I’m done.”


“Yes, Mother!” Robin beamed happily before running over toward Wuld – who was having the time of his life bullying older people – and grabbed his hand. They both watched the kids speaking excitedly – in robin’s case, while Wuld responded in his distinct unaffected tone – before Olvia gestured with her chin toward the path.


“Sure, the library is this way,” Hocha said with a smile and started to lead the way.



Wuld thought that they were actually openly admitting that they were researching Poneglyph to the World Government. They were actually only known for Archaeology, and do the research on the Poneglyph under the radar of the WG. That’s why the scholars of Ohara got spooked so much and went along with his plan, believing him to be somewhat a Seer after he easily says the name of the Ancient Weapons.


After knowing that do the research covertly, he asked them to erase any trace relating them to Ohara, even including their ship.


By the way, there were some changes in the second chapter, but Scribble Hub won't let me update it at all. it kept saying updating... but it stopped before it actually updated