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Welcome to another world. There are countless such existences, worlds of nothing, everything, chaos, order, and so on. In this story there exist two. The first world, Earth, where humanity strives towards a future of science. The other world is [Theifos] a world of countless races, magic, and a battle between the gods.

Because of this world’s unique disposition, it is common for people of Earth and other worlds to be reincarnated or transmigrated over. For example, have you ever heard of someone disappearing and their body was never found? As if they no longer existed? These types of scenarios happen when people are migrated.

The gods commonly move humans from earth, as compared to Theifos, they tend to produce unexpected results and find their way into unforeseen ideas. In this case, our subject is a man aged 26 who was well versed in mathematics. The gods are mischievous after all, and well… let’s just leave it as mischievous.

A small apartment in New York was dimly lit by a computer screen in the dead of night. At the chair, leaning back and scrolling through an article with a dead stare and a bag of chips, the young man sat groaning. “What an idiot… None of these values are efficient. The formula is way too long and half of it is pointless!” placing the chip in his mouth and crunching down, he clicked on the reply box and leaned forward to type.

The computer screen went black and he frowned in the darkness before looking down. A meow answered his gaze and he sighed loudly. “Again Mione?” He lifted up the phone in his lap and turned on the flashlight, peering into the small space. The cat in question peered back and moved towards his legs, purring loudly as he reached for the cord that had been unplugged.

“Can you stop unplugging it? Last time I lost so much wor-“ the plug began slipping into the wall port. Let it be known that this apartment complex was seriously run down and while typically a charge from the electrical system might hurt it is by no means deadly. In this case, however, due to a few cut corners and ageing, the charge was stronger than it ought to have been.

Well, and divine intervention.

So, the electrical current surged as his finger slipped against the plug and both man and cat were assaulted by a strong numbing sensation. Well, he shouldn’t have died but the gods are quite something and shortly after everything went black, both man and cat were in an expanse of white. He blinked and the cat forced herself deeper into his legs in fear.

“Did I just… die?” the man blinked for a minute in shock. “THE HELL! AND NOW I CAN’T RIDICULE THAT IDIOT COME ON!!!! AND WHAT ABOUT MY SHOWS!?” He grabbed his head and yelled.

“You are indeed dead, my apologies,” a woman’s voice echoed throughout the space. The man froze for a moment and looked around. He blinked rapidly.

“Uh… god? Angel? Whoever you are, I’m not very believing in the afterlife. If this isn’t death but a neardeath experience, we need to hash some shit out about the bullshit that is life.”

“…My apologies, but this is not the afterlife, nor is neardeath. However, yes, I am a god,” the voice seemed hesitant.

“A god? Not God? Merde, can’t you just send me back?” the man sighed heavily and looked down at his legs. “And why’d you bring my cat?”

“Um, we realized she’d be very sorrowful without you and considering the choice we’re going to be offering, her bond with you suits the situation,” the woman answered hesitantly.

“Could you like, show yourself or something? It feels like a police interrogation. I’d also like an explanation,” he said, rubbing his hand on the purring animal’s head.

“Oh yes,” in the white expanse a woman appeared, though completely different from anything on earth. Her skin was impossibly white, no damage, pimples, or any sort of scarring. Her eyes were a deep brown, speckled with white and gray, while her hair was as green as the leaves of an oak tree. “I am known as Mother Nature, Ceres, and Gaia amongst many other names of your world. My name where you may be going is Qhedea, I am the goddess of Land and Nature.” The woman curtsied, “I have a request to make of you.”

The man frowned. “Right, so I’m assuming it’ll answer why my cat is here too? Amongst my other questions.”

“I believe so,” she nodded, “The realm I, with the other gods, rule is called Theifos and it is much unlike Earth. The closest analogy would be one like those fantasy stories or games of your world. This world is currently being assaulted by the descendants of an exiled god. They are invading it from their realm and have conquered a portion of the world.”

“You want me to fight the Demon King, no way, I’m not one of those cliché hero types,” he immediately shrugged it off, “Just send us to the afterlife then.”


“No no,” she answered. “In fact the request is nothing of the sort. This is merely relevant to it. I’d like to reincarnate you into this other world as one of the inhabitants. More specifically, as one of my followers to spread-“

“Your beliefs? Word? No way.”

“I’m sorry, but that isn’t it either. You see, because of the demon incursion, many of those who manage nature in my world have been killed and it is more difficult to sustain nature. I need you as a means of spreading my power, so as to nourish the land.”

“And you can’t go yourself?”

“That would cause a disaster, my power would cause nature wherever I go to run rampant, even were I to control it. Such an imbalance would be an affront to the other gods and would destabilize the realm.”

“Ah, so like an adapter?”

“I would not put it exactly like that, but it is indeed a close approximation.”

“Alright so, I spread nature wherever I go for you, in exchange for a new life and what restrictions?”

“None, you could even choose to destroy civilization with the demons, assuming you protect nature and the land. My requirement is simply for you to reincarnate with my blessing, spread nature and re-enforce it, to allow my children to keep their homes.”

“I would have assumed you would be one of those ‘Save The Entire World and Humanity’ types of gods.”

“While I would prefer you not destroy humanity, nature and the land are my only concern. Your presence will strengthen my children. I will be able to infuse the place I send you with a small amount of my power and protect it.”

“Okay, out of curiosity, am I the only one?”

“As it stands, yes. The other gods would only allow me one soul. I chose yours, for your aptitude with the magic system.”

“I see. I’m happy my talents are being recognized and I have no qualms as it stands, but don’t you usually get a cheat of some sort in these scenarios?”

“Well, I suppose, but I can’t do much. Your cat was another matter, she already fell under my jurisdiction, and most of the gods aren’t happy with my stance.”

“It’s nothing world-breaking like ultimate power or infinite mana, or whatever it’s called. I just want access to books, shows, and entertainment from my world. Games aren’t necessary, though maybe sudoku or something like that would be nice.”

“An… odd request, may I ask why?”

“Don’t fantasy worlds lack entertainment usually? I tend to enjoy downtime you know.”

“I see, well, that’s not under my jurisdiction but I can make a request of another god I suppose,” the woman answered, “Does this mean you are willing?”

“No problems here, Earth sucks and this thing sounds more interesting than my last life. Am I gonna be an elf or something?”

The woman shook her head. “A dryad, one of the forest nymphs.”

“Ah… well, fine by me I guess,” he shrugged and picked up the cat at his heels, “Ready when you are.”

The woman nodded, “By the time you awaken there, I will have contacted someone and you should have access and knowledge on how to utilize the skill you’ve requested.”

“Brilliant, where am I headed?”

“I am unsure of the name, but it is the currently weakest source of nature on the main continent.”

“Helpful, alright, send us off.”