Chapter 9
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“Skye. Skye. Wake up already,” said Leyton, shaking his wife’s unconscious body.

He was sitting on the grass as he had his wife lying on his lap, looking curiously at her. The two angels, Lexy and Veva, watched them quietly while also sitting down on the grass. Behind them was the luxury car that he had summoned earlier, which had caused his wife to faint from shock of seeing such a thing for the first time in her life.

“Did that vehicle have such a significance for her to lose consciousness, sir?” Veva asked curiously.

“Well, it’s not just anyone can afford to buy,” he replied with a wry smile. “It’s very expensive. Only the very rich people in our world would have one of those.”

“I see,” she said, nodding in understanding.

“Your world must be very advanced to have such a smooth looking car, sir,” remarked Lexi in amazement.

“Advanced could be based on the perspective,” he replied with a wry smile. “Anyway, wake up, Skye. You can’t sleep at a time like this. We got a war to go to.”

“We could awaken her with our magic, sir,” suggested Lexi as Skye remained unconscious.

“No. I don’t want to wake her up like that. What if something were to happen?” He asked her with a concerned look on his face. “Rather, I’d wake her up myself. I’m the husband after all.”

“It won’t do any harm on her,” was what Lexi wanted to say, but when she saw the determined look on his face, she decided to remain silent.

So, they remained and watched as he tried waking his wife up by shaking her. When they suggested he use some water to wake her up, but he refused.

“Maybe, this is for the best,” he muttered, coming to a decision.

He rose to his feet and placed his arms under his wife’s body before raising her into a princess carry. With her in his arms, he moved towards the car and to the passenger side before saying single word.


In an instant, the passenger door opened wide for him, and he gently laid her inside it and buckled her in. Then he remained there, watching his wife sleeping peacefully with a pleasant smile on his face. She made a cute expression, and he liked it very much. It made him want to stare at forever, but he also knew he had work to do.

He leaned back and closed the door gently with his hands, which was when the angels finally spoke to him.

“Sir, can this vehicle move in our world?” Lexi asked curiously.

“I am worried that because of the low height and its strange looking wheels, maybe it’ll have difficulty moving around in this grass,” commented Veva worriedly.

“Yes. We need a road,” he replied, making them look dejected as there was no road anywhere to be seen. But he smiled and said, “It’s fine though. It’s just a simple task of making it able to move around with magic.”

With that, he aimed his hand at the Lamborghini and said, “Program:-

Command START: Absorb energy from the surroundings, convert it to fuel and start the engine and be on standby for action, alias command is LAUNCH;
Command STOP: Cuts the engine and brings the car to a stop if it’s moving;


Wheels: Find traction on uneven fields, move 10 centimeters up above all kinds of surfaces, ignore all bumps and unevenness of the terrain, scan ahead or behind to account for those, remain undamaged from all effects, from any environment, and from external interferences;
Body: Block all water from leaking inside, stay afloat over water, fire, and air, be unaffected by all external factors such as bullets, bombs, explosions, tornadoes and ice while remaining smooth;
Exhaust: Convert exhaust smoke into sustainable energy for the environment;”

When he was done, he smiled and said, “Right! Now this is one hell of a formidable car!”

“I don’t understand, sir,” said Veva while Lexi nodded from beside her. “You certainly put a lot of spells on that vehicle.”

“Oh,” he said, turning to look at them with a sheepish grin on his face. “Well, you could say I gave this car a lot of cheats to make it a car like no other.”

“I… see…” said the angels together, looking perplexed.

He smiled at them and said, “Okay. I should test the car and see if it’s working just to make sure.”

Saying so, he jumped into the driver side of the Lamborghini, closed the door, fastened his seat belt and smiled as he enjoyed the luxurious comfort only the rich people could enjoy. He enjoyed it for a few seconds before, with his fingers moving excitedly, he placed his hands on the steering wheel.

He placed his left leg on the clutch and said, “Start.”

In an instant, the car’s engine came to life, and he immediately pressed on the accelerator pedal. An enormous roaring sound came off from the car and it echoed in the surroundings, causing both the angels to jump back with fright and stare at it in alarm.

“It’s a monster just like those things!” Lexi said, thinking about the tanks lined up nearby.

“I concur,” said Veva in agreement.

While inside the car, Leyton was enjoying himself as he said, “I like this wireless like command structure, but just in case, I should go back to making a master key so that the car operates only with it to avoid the car being stolen. It’s a pretty powerful car after all.”

He chuckled lightly as the car slowly moved forward.

“Okay. Engine’s started, and the fuel gauge looks full,” he said, glancing around at the settings. “A bit unfamiliar, but should operate like any normal car. I hope anyway.”

With a sheepish grin, he moved the gear stick from neutral to the first gear. Then he slowly raised his left foot off the clutch while pressing lightly on the acceleration pedal. In an instant, he felt a movement and the car slowly moved for the first time since being summoned into this new world. It moved slowly across the grass, treating it like a road.

He continued to let the car move slowly forward, waiting for something to happen. As everything appeared normal and the car moved smoothly along the grass, he smiled excitedly like a small boy playing with a toy that he really loved.

“Okay. Time to test this baby out!” He said, and put his foot down on the pedal.

In an instant, the car revved loudly before shooting forward like a rocket. Skype and Leyton fell back into his seat, and he widened his eyes in shock as the car dramatically went from 10 to 100 within seconds before he could comprehend what had happened. Even the angels watched in shock as the car tore away through the grassy field at high speed.

“Way too fast!” He shouted, and lifted his leg off the accelerator and gradually stomped down on the brake so that he and his wife would not end up smashing through the car and ending up in an accident.

A loud screeching sound came as the brakes on the car got applied, causing it to skid forward for several meters. During this time, he desperately held onto the steering wheel with both of his hands and tried to not lose control of the car as it zoomed forward at high speed. Several seconds later, it finally came to a screeching halt, and he laid back on his seat while sighing deeply as sweat formed on his face.

“Holy crap. That was insane!” He exclaimed, sighing deeply due to the sensation of being out of breath. Then he looked at the steering wheel and muttered, “Forget about fighting the enemy. For now, I need to first focus on getting accustomed to driving this thing before I end up in a stupid accident.”

Just then, he heard a slight moan from the passenger side, and he turned to see his wife slowly stir. She opened her eyes gradually and became confused by the situation she found herself in.

“Huh? Where am I? Am I in the car? Oh my! Did I faint? Did you put me here, Leyley?” She asked, turning to look at her husband in confusion. Then her expression changed to that of bewilderment by seeing him looking tired and asked, “What’s wrong? Did something happen while I was asleep?”

“Ah… Nothing in particular,” he said and smiled weakly at her.

He was not willing to tell her he drove the Lamborghini at an incredible speed because he knew she would scold him for driving so recklessly even though it was not his fault.

“Well, maybe being careless does make it my fault?” He thought to himself wryly.

So, he slowly made the car turn around and move back to where the angels were waiting for them.


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Closing the Book


“Heh,” the boy said and smirked with a smile on his face. “So silly. He should’ve known he’s driving a powerful car.”

“Well, you can’t really blame him since it’s his first time driving such a car when he was mostly used to driving average cars that moderate families own,” the older man told him.

“Yeah, but I would’ve been careful!” The boy said, trying to act strong and mature. “He wasn’t even wearing a seatbelt!”

“Oh really?” The older man asked, and the boy looked nervously at him. “Tell me honestly what you would’ve done with the first bike you got? Would you have put on a helmet?”

There was a fraction of a second where the boy hesitated before he said hurriedly, “Yes! I would’ve worn the helmet.”

His response man the older man chuckle and say, “You hesitated in your response. That’s more than enough to tell your true answer. Likewise, I doubt you would’ve put on a seat belt as well if you suddenly drove that kind of vehicle for the first time in your life.”

“Are you saying I’m immature?!” The boy asked while looking indignant.

“I’m just saying that perhaps 70% of people from the place he comes from don’t wear a seat belt on their first time driving unless a supervisor is there to guide them. They just don’t think about it at that time as they are fuelled by excitement,” the man said wisely.

“Oh? Does that mean you did something like not wear a seat belt during your first time driving?”

“Well…” The older man began, wearing a cheeky smile on his face, “would you blame me for being overly excited about driving my first supercharged car?”

The boy shrugged his shoulders and said, “Well, I’m sure you learnt your lesson from then. Anyway, I’m glad Leyton is smart to make a physical master key to keep his rightful ownership of the car in case it should ever be stolen. I just hope he makes it with a GPS tracking of the car and that no magic could overwrite the master key over the car.”

“I’m sure he’ll get to it eventually,” the older man said with a smile.

“Right,” the boy said and nodded in agreement. Then he frowned and asked, “Still, can’t the author speed up his writing? I mean, he’s keeping the chapters pretty short. While I can understand he doesn’t want to burn himself out, he’s getting carried away and straying away from the main story.”

This made the man smile and asked, “You just want to see the action, right?”

“Of course! That’s what I, as the reader, was promised, and 9 chapters in, and we’re only getting to see Leyton prepare himself, getting a car, and so on with no real action.”

“Oh, come on. There wouldn’t be much of a story if you only had action without any drama, romance, and comedy in a story,” the man told him strictly. “It’s like making food; you don’t use just one ingredient, you use various ingredients and only then will the food taste good.”

The boy blinked at the older man in surprise and asked, “What’s food and stories have anything to do with each other? You don’t eat books, do you?”

The man said, “Pft,” and chuckled before he went on to say, “I know that, but what I’m saying is that just as how food is made using different ingredients, a story is made using many different elements and that’s when you have an enjoyable story to read.”

“I know that. I’m just messing with you,” the boy said and winked at him.

The older man laughed and said, “Anyway, move onto the next chapter and see what happens.”

“Yeah, but I just hope the author doesn’t spend time describing how the hero got control over his driving skills because it’s fillers, and I don’t think readers would appreciate it. I know I wouldn’t,” the boy commented hopefully.

“There’s no way to find out if you don’t turn that page and read on,” the older man commented and winked at him with a bright smile on his face.