Chapter 1:Death and Return
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...God I'm so tired.

"Hey we brought the latest no game no life novel like you asked."

"Yup yup so how's my baby feeling?"

In this small quite room I saw two people walk in. One a tall old looking man with stubble all over his face and nothing but grey hair and a short black haired young looking woman with a deep shade of purple right below her eyes ...I wonder who they are?


Seeing me stay quite they began to panick a small bit. 

The old man put on a sad expression and the small women clenched her hands.

"...Its fine do you want us to read it to you?"

The old man put on a weak smile and rubbed the stubble covering his chin while the young woman put her arms to the side and went closer to old man so that she could pinch his pants.

Seeing this he put his large hairy arm over her and began telling her everything will be fine.

Suddenly I began to hurt seeing the way these two are acting...that's right they're the ones that visit me every day.

"Go ahead..."

I feel so tired.

Seeing me respond they seemed to relax a small bit. With the old man wrapping his arm around the young woman they began walking to the bed I was laying on.

"...It looks like this time they plan to make an old god a loli idol so this is going to be a fun one."


The young woman looked at me and began to tear up.

I dont know why but I began to reach my hand towards her...My arm...I'm so skinny?

"...Thankyou sweety. I wonder what kind of songs she'll sing after all she is a god."

She suddenly went quite and began to cry.

He began to hug her telling her everything will be fine.

...Maybe I should take a tired

As I closed my eyes I suddenly felt the need to look around me one more time.

I saw a small white room with a tv on the corner of the wall near the roof and a large window showing how high up I am.

I saw a tiled floor and two people that I just cant seem to remember.


They began to panic jumping around.

Suddenly the old man ran out of the room seemingly screaming something as the young woman grabbed onto the railing on the side of the bed screaming at me with tears spilling out her eyes.

Just as my eyes closed I heard something...something that brought everything back.


Fuck my head...

I remember....

" you"

Suddenly everything went black...looks like I can finally sleep...

As I waited to dissapear I heard a voice.

"Hello young man welcome to gods domain."

I opened my eyes and saw I was in a small white room with a small table and two chairs right with an old man standing by the side of one of them.

"Come here I have decided to reincarnate you as whatever you wish."

...This can't be real.

"I'm sorry for all you had to go through please take this as my attempt at repaying you."


"...You knew...did you get our prayers."

"...The god you have created does not exist I am simply a collection of the remains of the first creation."

"...Could you have done anything."

"I attempted to reward your parents but your body rejected my gift."


I didnt care if I died I'm sure this is just a dream after all.

I ran at the man preparing to kill him to strangle him with all my strength.

"Why dont you take a seat so we can have a small conversation."

I suddenly stopped and began walking to the unoccupied small white wooden chair and took a seat entirely against my will.

"I'll just take a look."

The old man appeared in front of me replacing the white table and reached his hand into my head.



"Really again!"

Shit I couldn't think for a moment.

"That's it you humans want to live in a fucking isekai and summon fucking bender fuck this you get what you fucking want!"

He put on an enraged expression and looked me right in the eyes as he screamed.


.....He looked me right in the eyes and gave me a bright smile.

"It seems like you're a little different though."


"How about I just open gates to every single possible world in your planet where only you goddamned earth people can visit...yeah...let's see how about you return to earth for a small bit then with a small gift after all I'm no fan of wasting things."

...What's happening?

"Then after things are ready I'll send you to your little isekai where you will live forever if you want to see your family...well good look inviting them to visit."

Suddenly my mind blanked out and I found myself surrounded by nurses. 

"Fuck what happened."


Name=Joshua Ritters












•Almost immortal body-Body will age but stats will increase to give skill possesser a body that can only be damaged significantly through extreme methods(Negative stay effects will either be canceled or delayed extremely as well)

•Perfect Poison Resistance-Immune to all harmful chemicals and elements as well as etc.

•Health gamble-Damage is no longer set and will instead be random.

•Absolute luck(Positive)-You are to only experience positives when gambling and chances of accidental life save increased several hundred fold.

•Near Absolute Defence-Only the best weapon is capable of harming you.



"sir everything is going to be fine we just need you to go back to sleep."

The nurse suddenly tried to inject me with something but she hurt her wrist trying to inject me

Since the needle broke off the moment the slammed the shot onto my arm.

I grabbed the railing of the bed I was laying on straightened my back and procedded to hop off the bed while they were moving  us to I think the emergency room.

They all stopped and looked at me with eyes full of fear and shock.

I looked around and saw my mom with them looking at me with a face of absolute shock.

"Hey mom I'm hungry can we get some arbys?"

She walked up me crying and put her hand on my chest.


I looked at my body and saw that my bones are clear as day.

".....Mom he sent me back."

I can think later I have to enjoy the moment.

I hugged her and put on the biggest smile I could as tears streamed down my eyes.

-Damage taken....Damage taken Is zero. Luck activates gain 100 health-


-Damage taken....Damage taken Is zero. Luck activates gain 68 health-

"...I'm sorry mam your son needs to come with us we need to make sure everything is fine."