The Demacian Orgy: Kayle
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An hour. Caitlyn sat in the patchy moonlight shadow of the grand oak’s canopy for an hour, and Kayle never came to get her. The moon was lingering above the mansion’s peaked roof when Morgana blew her load. Now, it was gone and the dulcet tones of twilight were piercing the pitch veil of night. 


Is this what makes her infamous? Her cruelty? Is forcing the exhausted girl to walk all the way across the garden after fucking more than four dozen cocks par for the course with her?


No. Then why would Riven sing her praises? She doesn’t seem like the masochistic type. Nor Gwen.


Caitlyn drew a deep breath of the frigid air. The shivers overwhelmed her locked joints, tender muscles, and heavy eyelids for a few blissful seconds. Perhaps it’s just as simple as that she’s good at sex. The best, even.


  “Y- You’re not… I’m… Majesty…” Morgana murmured. Her face twitched, screwed up, and then melted back into the innocent beauty of sleep. Deep, laboured breaths heaved her heavy chest, flaking off the crusted backsplash from her breasts.


The best of the gods? The same gods who claim to have seen it all. To be above us, mere mortals. Caitlyn felt her groin. Centimetres separated her pussy and ass. Ravaged, they fluttered closed and bled raw heat at the lightest touch. What makes someone the best of the best; good enough to humble the unbound pride of gods?


Another deep breath. Another distraction. This one long enough to get her back on her feet. Seeds pricked her soles, but she didn’t so much as flinch.


Over the top of the colour hedges and marble water fountains, a mountain loomed. Sloped, covered in scales, and giving off heat waves, Shyvana’s silhouette heaved as snores rattled the gravel path.


The grass cushioned her feet. For one step. Next, they cushioned her knees, and then her ass.


Caitlyn hammered her thighs. “Get a move on. We’ve only got one left. Suck. It. Up.”


Smiles looked odd on a dragon’s face. Their faces weren’t made for it. Yet, it still looked just as peaceful as Morgana’s. And Sona’s. And Lux’s, Fiora’s, Quinn’s, and Vayne’s. Bodies littered the lawn. Naked and slick with sweat and gods knows what else. Pools of cum were soaking into the dirt.


Caitlyn couldn’t help but chuckle, despite her raw throat. “Bunch of sluts the lot of you…” How easy it would be to join them.


But no. The door was right there. A few more steps and she could take a crack at this mystery. Caitlyn could never abide an unsolved mystery. It’s what made her a good police officer. Would have…


One last deep breath. The accumulated body heat dampened the chill. Her eyes welled as she stood, leaning on Shyvana’s spiked knee. Step by step, wince by wince, she approached the marble.


I can’t give up. After this will be the worst moment of my life. The shame of seeing the disappointment in their eyes – the men and women who worked so hard to train me – when I tell them what they did. The humiliation of the internal investigation, and de-badging ceremony to follow. 


The marble hurt her bones.


What will Mother think?


The golden lamp light stung.


What will Father think?


The pounding of her heart drummed her temples.


What will Vi think?


Oddly, Vi’s reaction made her smile. It would most likely be completely tone-deaf and void of any empathy. And exactly what she’ll need. Caitlyn slid open the glass door and stepped out of the chill into the embrace of central heating. And the clutches of Kayle’s gaze.


If Sona’s gaze was a pillow and Morgana’s was a bed of thorns, Kayle’s was a slab of stone. Neither did it seek to comfort or hurt. It was indifferent, immovable, and indiscriminate.


Stern like a drill instructor. Caitlyn’s stomach couldn’t help but somersault. Her demeanour wasn’t even an act. Kayle had been barking commands since the second they’d met, often without a word. It was all in her radiant, pure gold eyes.


She’s a dom for sure. And a strict one at that. “Sorry to keep you waiting.” Caitlyn curtsied. “How can I make our time together wonderful, Ma’am? Is Ma’am okay or would you prefer another title? Mistress? Goddess? Ask, and I’ll see it done.”


  “Tell me one thing.” Kayle’s voice was low, but soft. It demanded respect with feminine grace while not compromising on an ounce of dominance. 


  “Anything, Ma’am.”


  “What is it you want?”


Caitlyn didn’t let her confusion show. She presented an easy smile. “I’m in quite the state, as I’m sure you’ve noticed. If I had to choose I’d pick a simple, quiet time together. Gentle missionary on the couch. Nothing crazy.”


  “Right.” Kayle flattened the crumples of her white night dress and stood. “Upstairs, Caitlyn. Get the spa ready. Steaming would be best.”


  “At once, Ma’am.”




Caitlyn’s legs turned to jelly on the final step. Cold, hardwood slammed her palms and knees. Fire seared her lungs. 


Kayle stepped over her.


  “S- Sorry, Ma’am.” Caitlyn gasped. The air was thick with the salty aroma of cum.


Without a word, Kayle folded her wings and ducked through the spa’s doorway.


Pain is temporary, pain is temporary, pain is temporary. She could have crawled, but that would be letting the pain win. On wobbly legs, Caitlyn hobbled over discarded clothes, patches of dried cum, and through the doorway.


Tiles greeted her feet. They formed a path; a straight line from the door to a ring around the central tub. Otherwise, polished wood made up the floor, reflecting the fluorescent lighting. Chlorine and humidity lingered in the air.


Kayle was lounging on a heart-shaped bed in the far corner, nestled in the dip of its arches, wings spread, and legs crossed. A long, thick bulge showed through the folds of her white night dress. It lay across the top of her plump thigh.


  “The water,” Kayle said. She nodded at the hot tub.


Caitlyn blinked and tore her eyes away. “Right. Sorry.”


Twenty people could fit in the tub. Easy. It’ll take forever to fill. Caitlyn set the temperature on a wall-mounted dial and pressed ‘start’. Water flowed from a ring of two dozen spouts around the rim.


  “Can I get you anything while we wait, Ma’am?”


  “I’d like some foreplay. Oral will suffice.”


Caitlyn rounded the tub. “Sloppy, Ma’am?”


  “It makes no difference. Whatever your choice, you’ll do it on hands and knees.”


  “But… The bed is rather high.”


  “That isn’t a problem.” Kayle leaned backwards on her palms and spread her legs. “Sooner is better than later.”


Caitlyn tried her best to hurry. To pathetic results. She half-fell to her knees between Kayle’s legs. Ignoring the pang of agony, she the folds of Kayle’s dress. Kayle made no move to help. If she wasn’t blinking Caitlyn would have thought her a statue.


Kayle’s cock flopped off her thigh. It hung well past her balls. Pre-cum dribbled from the uncut tip.


Even as Caitlyn got on hands and knees, eased the tip inside her mouth, and thrust her head so it gaped her throat, Kayle made no move. Not a moan, nor a smile. And of course her eyes showed nothing except for the pure, glowing gold.


Caitlyn’s bottom lip glanced Kayle’s balls. She could go no further without sitting up. Still, Kayle’s tip was past her collarbone.


  “Hold,” Kayle said.


Caitlyn put the discomfort aside as easy as blinking. She’d lost count of how many times she’d done it before. All the cocks blurred together in her mind.


Her lungs demanded air.




They screamed.




Her lips tingled.




Pressure built behind her eyes.




The world began to sway.




Caitlyn pulled, gasped, and coughed up spit all over Kayle’s cock. “I- I’m-” A coughing fit struck. “So- Sorry, Ma’am.”


  “Again. Hold as long as you can.”


  “Does this… please you, Ma’am?”


Kayle arched an eyebrow.


  “I- It’s just…” Caitlyn stroked Kayle’s tip, twisting her palm around it. “Doesn’t something like this feel better? Something a pace and fluctuating pressure? Something that will make you cum?”


  “It does. Do as I say.”


Caitlyn let go. “Ah. So you’re the same after all. I figured with all the praise you get, you wouldn’t try to gatekeep my success like her. Guess I was-”


Kayle snatched the back of Caitlyn’s head and shoved her cock down her throat. She slid off the bed and onto her feet, and thrust it further until her balls were pressed tight against Caitlyn’s chin.


Frustration melted. A smile tugged Caitlyn’s taught lips and her eyelids drooped. Without another thought, she massaged Kayle’s cock with her throat.


  “It’s not personal,” Kayle said, her voice level. She pulled Caitlyn’s hair. “No one has ever done it. We’re not sure if it’s my physiology or celestial blood, but it just isn’t possible for me. I can’t cum.”


Caitlyn gurgled.


  “Ah. You’re turning blue.” Kayle pulled out.


Caitlyn gasped. The rush of air filling desperate lungs was almost better than sex itself. Before she could splutter or cough, Kayle thrust her limp length back down Caitlyn’s throat. As spit bubbled in the corners of her mouth, Caitlyn’s mind went blank again. Pesky worries and concerns hounded the gates, but the doors stood firm.


Steam trickled towards the ceiling and spread from wall to wall. Sweat rolled down the crevice of Caitlyn’s back. The constant hiss of running water vanished.

Kayle pulled out. She left Caitlyn to gasp and splutter and clutch her ravaged throat as she stepped over the tub’s rim. In one, smooth motion, she pulled her dress over her head and tossed it aside.


Her body was sculpted marble. The kind you see in textbooks meant to devote some forgotten god. She’d always assumed the sculptors had exaggerated to placate their goldy egos. They hadn’t. They’d been true to life.


  “I’ll be the first,” Caitlyn rasped.


Kayle paused and looked over her shoulder. Boredom dominated her flawless face. “You will try.”


Caitlyn fought to stand. “I… made Morgana cum.”


  “A bold lie.”


  “I used her ego against her. Tricked her into letting go by weaponising her shame. She wants to be you. To be revered. So, I let her wallow in insecurity in a safe place, likely for the first time.” Caitlyn planted her feet and straightened her back. “She blew ropes.”


Wonder popped in Kayle’s eyes. Tiny, silver sparks. They rained upon the water, bursting on its foamy surface. Her cock twitched, bulged, and grew like a mast hoist to sail. Golden light enveloped it. Like putty, it morphed. Twice as long and twice as thick. The light vanished and revealed thick veins, throbbing at a slow, agonizing pulse.


  “Get a rubber potion,” Kayle said, her voice sharp and curt. “Quickly. They’re in Ahri’s room. Through the upstairs lobby doors, first from the-”


  “No need.” Caitlyn stepped over the rim. The warm water was paradise for her tender feet and calves. “I can take that no problem.”


Kayle sat down, arms and wings draped over the rim, chuckling to herself.




  “That’s it. Nice and slow,” Kayle said.


Caitlyn hugged her neck. Tight. Her arms trembled and Kayle’s collarbone squished her forehead. Pain tore her ass to shreds. Not the inside, but the cheeks. They bore the brunt as they, with support from her arms, powered her hips through each slow lift. Inch by inch, she lifted her ruined asshole up Kayle’s shaft, flattening her stomach, until the tip threatened to pop loose. And inch by inch she slid down to the base, nestling against the bowl of Kayle’s crotch.


It was like the first day of boot camp all over again. The movies said she’d be doing 1000 push-ups and sit-ups runs. Sergeant Miles made her class do 30 of each basic cardio exercise as slowly as possible. Nothing tears muscle quicker than trying not to rush.


  “You’re rushing. Don’t rush.”


  “Fuck off.” Caitlyn’s heart pounded her chest. “I- I mean, I’m sorry, I just- the pain- and- and-”


Kayle fondled her hips as if Caitlyn were a new toy to inspect. “The words don’t matter, just the action.”


  “Are… you sure?”


  “Is it too much? The pain?”


Caitlyn’s asshole slurped as it lifted off of Kayle’s balls. “N- No.”


  “Then continue. Or give up. So long as you choose it’s fine by me.”


  “Choose?” Caitlyn’s eye raised to Kayle’s level as her rim met the tip.


Kayle stared through her, into her. Passion burned in her eyes. “What do you want, Caitlyn?”


Kayle’s cock bore back inside her gut. It stretched what shouldn’t be stretched. Hurt would shouldn’t be hurt. Pleasured what shouldn’t be pleasured.


Caitlyn whimpered. “I want to make you cum.”


The passion died. Kayle’s hands idled up and down Caitlyn’s back. Smooth as polished marble. “Can I help you in any way?”


  “Keep talking. Say anything. It doesn’t matter.” Caitlyn grit her teeth as her ass touched Kayle’s balls. She took a deep breath, held on tight, and heaved her ass back up the waterbottle-thick shaft. “I like your voice. It’s sexy.”


Kayle’s cock throbbed. “You remind me of someone.” Her voice sounded a touch lighter.


  “W- Who?”


  “Don’t talk if it’s too much – just fuck my cock.” Kayle hooked her thumbs around Caitlyn’s waist. “She was stubborn too. When I said one thing, she’d say another.”


Pleasure resurfaced. A stick in a white water rapid. Yet, it floated along all the same. “o- ohhh~” Caitlyn moaned. She focused on Kayle voice, the velvet vowels and rumble in her chest.

  “Even if it was wrong. Even if she knew it to be wrong. Even if the consequences to being right were worse than being wrong.”


Caitlyn found herself kissing Kayle’s neck. Her lips moved of their own accord. But not her ass. Of course not. Things could never be easy. Kayle tasted like salt, like sweat and tears. Her neck muffled Caitlyn’s strained moans.


  “She’d rather die and spite her rivals than admit an ounce of weakness.” Kayle’s hands froze on Caitlyn’s back dimples, thumbs on her hip bones. “Ah. You’re going to cum. That might cost you.”


Caitlyn could have stopped.


She sank to the base of Kayle’s cock, below the warm water, below Kayle’s collarbone. The water embraced her empty, quivering pussy and Kayle’s breasts hugged her face. 


Most would call that heaven. They’d pass out happy as the orgasms rattled their soul. As they clenched head to toe. As they felt the pleasure in their gut, the tips of their fingers, and behind their eyes. As it wound down and left them floating, wrapped in a blanket of bliss. Most wouldn’t feel dread as the world tried to sneak out the back door.


  “Your body seems to have made your choice for you,” Kayle said. Her voice was distant and ethereal.






  “N- No.”


  “Yes. Close your eyes. When they open again, she’ll be the first one you see. And she’ll be proud all the same.” Kayle kissed the top of Caitlyn’s head. “Vi would conquer the world for you. A silly bet won’t disappoint her.”


  “N… No…” Caitlyn scrambled for a handhold, but found only slippery tiles and slick curves. “I need… This… It isn’t…”


  “Try again when you’re at full-”


Caitlyn grasped Kayle's narrow waist and used it to push herself upright. “The girl. She was Morgana. Yes?”


Kayle blinked. “What?”


  “The girl from your story.”




Kayle covered her mouth. And laughed. Amusement twirled around her head. “Morgana? So stubborn she’d die? She’d need to have principals for that. No. No, the woman was a general of mine.” Kayle removed her hand and revealed a fond smile. “And one of my bed warmers.”


  “Bed warmer? Isn’t that a nice word for-”


  “Whore? No. She wasn’t paid to fuck me, she was paid to enforce justice. Her having a shapely behind and an insatiable appetite was just a pleasant coincidence.” Kayle cocked her head. “Do they not teach you of her in Piltover schools?”


  “Are you talking about… Venatur?”


  “Wonderful! Her legacy persists. What a shame it would be to lose such tales.”


  “You fucked Venatur?”


  “You sound surprised.”


  “Sorry, it’s as if you’ve told me that Grand General Boram Darkwill was fucking Swain on the side.”


  “Well, it’s not as if we hid it. The orgies were an open invite to the whole army. Helped keep up morale and forge stronger bonds.”


  “I think they left that part out of 6th-year mythology.” Caitlyn laughed.


Kayle stroked Caitlyn’s cheek. Until that moment, it hadn’t been apparent just how huge Kayle’s hands were. They’d make a heavyweight boxer nervous. Yet, they looked normal relative to the rest of her. “You even have her laugh,” Kayle said. “I wonder, could she be your ancestor? She left behind a rather large collection of descendants.”


I wonder… “Did she have a pet name for you, by any chance?”


  “Yes. One of her many ways to be a nuisance. She called me, ‘feathers’, despite my regular protest.”


  “Is that so?” Caitlyn lifted her ass. The smallest movement made her like she’d burst. A uniquely awful pain. So be it. Kayle’s tip popped free. Caitlyn ignored her ass as it quivered trying to return to something resembling normality, and flung her arm around Kayle’s neck. “How about this, Feathers? Pick me up, lay me on the bed over there, and fuck my brains out until your cock fucking erupts.”


Kayle tensed. Awe exploded in her eyes; pink and red fireworks. The spa room was bathed in golden light.


Caitlyn looked over her shoulder. “Wha… Fucking hell!”


A second cock lay flaccid over the original. Just as long and just as fat. It hardened and raised, prodding Caitlyn’s pussy. Both were larger than before.


  “Huh…” Kayle grabbed it and gave it a few strokes. “That hasn’t happened in a while.”


  “Don’t say that so nonchalantly!”


  “Nonchalantly isn’t a real world.”


  “That isn’t real.”


Kayle rubbed the second cock’s tip with her thumb. “Mphh~ feels real. So strange. This hasn’t happened since before the…” Kayle let go of her cock.


  “Since the what?”


  “It’s not important.”


Caitlyn grinned. “Since the what?”


  “Aren’t you supposed to have a new strategy for blowing my load? Get started already. Before they get soft.”


  “Oh, I’ve got one, feathers.” Caitlyn swung her leg over Kayle’s lap and stood over her on wobbly legs. “But I’m going to need a stretching potion.”


Kayle folded her hands behind her head and nodded to the door. “They’re in Ahri’s office.”


  “Good, you know where they are. Shouldn’t take long then.” Caitlyn turned and waded away.


A wave sloshed against the back of her thighs and droplets pitter pattered. “Go up the lobby stairs, through the double doors, down to the end of the hall, through the common room, and take the last door on your left.”


Caitlyn climbed over the rim. “I’m afraid I’m not allowed in there until I’ve finished this initiation, or whatever the purpose of this test is.” She looked over her shoulder.

Droplets rolled down Kayle’s slick skin, tracing her curves, and highlighting the ridges and valleys of sculptured muscles. They clung to her damp, matted, feathered wings and rained from the immense undersides of her heavy breasts. For a brief beautiful moment, there was trial, no pain, or failure; only art made flesh.


Kayle folded her arms. “And you suddenly care about rules, Ms unsanctioned orgy?”


  “Aren’t you meant to be justice deity?”


  “Justice is law.”


  “Law is rules. I should know. Had to study them.”


  “And yet, here you are with a pussy and ass loser than a caught thief's lips, and a notable lack of a gag reflex. Instead of pursuing your dream job.”


  “Everyone needs hobbies.” Caitlyn waved her hands. “Don’t dodge the point. You’re getting the potion.”


Kayle sat on the rim opposite. Her ass bulged to her sides wider than her unreasonably wide hips. Be strong Caitlyn. “Am I?” Kayle asked.


  “If you want to fuck me then…” Caitlyn sat on the corner bed. “Yes.”


A grin cracked Kayle’s stone face. “You’re under the impression that you, an otherwise notable mortal girl, can offer me something new? Me. A being of thousands of years? Who has tasted every fruit under the sun before the invention of the canon? Are you serious?”


  “Your mouth says one thing, but your cocks say another… feathers.


Kayle huffed. “Fine fine. If it’ll get things moving. Heavens above…” She swung her legs over the rim and marched towards the door, muttering. “Where did Ahri find such a brat?”


Each step, no matter how small, jiggled Kayle’s ass. Her broad, golden cheeks heaved like slapped dough when her heel met tile. As did her breasts. In fact, her whole body moved as one. She had that kind of body. The kind which made a nemesis of gravity.


  “Slower!” Caitlyn called.


Kayle groaned and took the last few steps at a snail’s pace. Gods… Too hot for their own good.




Lying on her back, half wet and completely naked, Caitlyn spun a pillow on a finger. It made half a rotation before it fell. She tried again. And again. And again.


  “There’s something there with Venatur and the army. If I can find it, strip it down the core, then maybe I can crack this baby. If only I’d paid more attention in mythology class…” Caitlyn sighed. “Why would an immortal justice deity want to raise morale with orgies?”


  “Why does the sun shine?” Kayle said from the doorway.


Caitlyn shot upright. “Bloody hell! You’re too tall to sneak up on people like that.”


Kayle tossed her a spherical flask. It arched across the room. Caitlyn ditched the pillow and caught it in both hands. The neon blue liquid sloshed about, foaming.


  “Is it safe to shake these?”


Kayle shrugged and crossed the room, stepping over pillows and blankets. “Probably. Ready for your fucking, or do you need more prep time? I can help you brainstorm all the ways in which I’ve gotten off over the past several thousand years.”


Caitlyn down the potion in the mouthfuls. Her throat hardly complained. But her neck did after tilting only a fraction. “Mating press.”


  “Ah. So you’ve given up.” Kayle climbed onto the bed. “The wise choi-.”


  “Mating press!” Caitlyn lay on her back and spread her legs. “Now, Feathers!” 


Kayle’s eyes twitched. She snatched the back of Caitlyn’s thighs, pinned her knees beside her head, and loomed. Her voluptuous silhouette blotted out the overhead lamp, and her hair dangled in golden ropes. “In your state, this will knock you, no question about it.”


  “A mating press involves mating.


Kayle’s cocks filled her. Both at the same time. Separate holes.


The air rushed from Caitlyn’s lungs. A quarter returned. She spluttered a wheeze, and swallowed the drive to whimper Kayle’s name. Slow, heavy thrusts buried Caitlyn into the fluffy sheets, bulging her belly, raising her chest, and clogging her throat.


Caitlyn swallowed sweet pre-cum. “F- Faster!”


Kayle’s stroll became a job. It made Caitlyn’s eyes want to roll back and her head to nod like a bobblehead. “This was the-”


She held firm. “Call this… fast, F- Feathers?” Caitlyn managed to force out instead of a gurgled moan.


Kayle’s eyes twitched, and her jog became a sprint. Ass cheeks clapped. Springs groaned. A frame rapped a wall. And a goddess’s face metled. As well as the iron will of a mortal.


Caitlyn went limp and let out a long, absent groan as Kayle’s cocks ran her through.


  “This was the wise choice,” Kayle huffed. She dug her nails in and let her head hang. “You can have some last – hngh~ – fun. Vi won’t care. After this, you two can talk about you’re – uhhh~ – feelings, indulge, and go back to your little lives all the happier. Until – so fucking good~ – the next party.


Caitlyn stiffened. She turned her head as it were the easiest thing in the world, and glared deep into Kayle’s golden eyes. “And what if I don’t want that?”


  “Don’t you?”




Suddenly, Kayle slowed and softened her pace. But added a kick to every third pump. It hit harder than any of the barrage. Like a punch to a broken rib, yet instead of a blinding stab, Caitlyn was overcome by a numbing swell. When Kayle’s huge balls slapped Caitlyn’s tailbone and her tips touched the back of her throat, nothing made sense. Sense returned for two gentle taps, only to vanish with the next slam.


  “I… I… I…”


  “Don’t you?


Caitlyn flung her arms around Kayle’s neck. “I’m gonna make you cum!”


Kayle let out a guttural, growled sigh. “You unbelievable, stubborn, little whore!” Her cocks twitched. The pressure of her grip increased, burying Caitlyn's knees into the mattress, and lifting her ass so it pointed at the ceiling. Her huge tits flailed above Caitlyn’s face. Warm droplets rained; some sweat, some spa. Kayle’s heavy breaths moistened the air.


And her cocks stretched Caitlyn’s lips. The two fat, uncut pink tips poked past her nose, slick with spit and precum. They lingered for half a heartbeat before Kayle set into a jackhammer pace.


That was it. Caitlyn lost any semblance of control. Floating on a cloud of desperate hope, she let go, and the orgasm tore through her. She spluttered from one end and squirted from the other. Her muscles contracted in slow, slow waves, making Kayle’s cock feel twice as huge.

  “O- Oh~” was all Kayle managed. Trembles loosened her grip and her pace ground to a crawl. Above her bust, Caitlyn caught a glimpse of her mouth. It hung open. Her throat contracted and bulged.


Caitlyn wanted to soothe her, to coax her past whatever held her back. But when she opened her mouth, only moans came out. Delicate, desperate moans. That, or Kayle’s tips. Instead, she did her best to maintain eye contact and put on a gentle smile.


Her best wasn’t much. The world span. Sounds warped. Smells dulled. Taste muted. Touch numbed. Black spots encroached on her peripherals, but that was okay, Kayle wasn’t in her peripherals. She was there. Right there. So close. Just a few more seconds and she’d… and she’d…


And she’d-




Caitlyn blinked. The ceiling and calm silence greeted her. Followed by pain. Dull and sharp, it twisted through her muscles and formed stones in her joints. Ignoring the pops in her elbows, shoulders, and back, Caitlyn sat up.


The groan caught Kayle’s attention. She was kneeling in the spa, wiping her now singular cock with a washcloth. Stone masked her face. “Go back to sleep, Caitlyn.”


  “Did you-”




Caitlyn looked around. The sheets were matted and a stain darkened the centre of the bed, but it wasn’t cum. Cum hangs around. It takes longer to absorb. Some of it would crust. The stain was only a dark spot; sweat.


  “Oh,” Caitlyn said. A single word hurt more than any of her joints.


Kayle flipped her golden hair out of her face. “If it’s any consolation, I felt it. In my lower back, my shafts, and tips. I felt the swell begin to start. But when you’re eyes rolled back and you went limp… well, that killed it I’m afraid.” Kayle let a hint of a smile past her mask. “You captured her spirit to a tee.”


  “Thanks.” Lying down would have been best. Caitlyn stayed sitting. “So that’s it?”


  “That’s it. All of this.” Kayle gestured all around her. “This little game is over.”


  “Is Ahri awake?”

Kayle’s eyes flashed. “No. Sona has taken her back to her room, and is preparing some hot sou-”


  “Then it’s not over.”




Caitlyn scooted the edge of the bed. “You said it yourself. Ahri’s rules aren’t law.”


  “This isn’t about-”


  “They’re just there to make things run smoothly. And well, this is the last round. If you’ve got nothing else to do what’s the harm in going another round?”


  “I do have other-”


  “Don’t you want to-”


  “Stop interrupting.” Kayle’s voice boomed. Her tone was level, yet it rattled Caitlyn’s bones. Pain flared everywhere.


Caitlyn winced and tensed. “Sorry.”


Kayle threw the washcloth over her broad shoulder, sat on the spa’s rim, and started drying off her breasts with a pre-placed towel. “I am responsible for matters far more pressing than pleasure. Tomorrow I return to my duties. And for that I need rest. Not for the body, but for the mind.”


Doubt set in. At first, Caitlyn dismissed it as desperate hope. Until it clicked, and she saw Kayle. “A couple days of sex is too much for your mind?”


  “We aspects are not as infallible as you make us out to be.” Kayle moved onto her arms.


Caitlyn wobbled over to the spa and sat beside her. She looked up to meet her eyes. “What are you so afraid of?”


  “Enough games, Caitlyn. You need rest. The mortal body isn’t designed for this much sex.”


  “You talk about all these orgies and claim they were for morale. But that’s not true, is it?”


  “I mean it. Enough.”


  “You could have raised morale a dozen different, more efficient ways. The orgies happened because you liked them. So why is it that you sit out of them now, watching over everyone like a queen on her throne?”


Kayle slammed the towel onto the tiles. “You dare speak to me as if I’m some troubled, insecure girl? I. Am. A. God. I have felt it all; the lows and highs; every single possible experience. There is nothing you can say to me that I have not already heard, nothing you can show me that I have not already seen, and nothing you can give me which I have not already had.” Her hands trembled.


Caitlyn grasped them, and stroked their backs with her thumbs. The trembles faded. “I don’t want to give you something new. The opposite. I want to give you something old.”


  “Nostalgia is for mortals.”


  “I know. Who’s awake right now?”


  “Apart from Sona, no one mortal. They’re gathered in the common room. Doing what you’d expect.”


  “Take me to them.”


Kayle sighed. “Fine… Fine. If you want to torture yourself, so be it. But this is the last time.”


  “Yeah, it is.”




The hall smelled too clean; the way a house looks too clean after a forbidden party. After a three-day orgy, it should have reeked of cum, pussy and all those other wonderful aromas. Instead, it stunk of lavender and lemon.


  “So, you guys sleep in those?” Caitlyn pointed to one of the many, identical doors along the walls. “Are they assigned or is it first come first served?”


Kayle adjusted her grip. “Stop trying to distract yourself. It won’t make the fatigue go away.”


Caitlyn let her arms dangle down Kayle’s back. “Maybe I’m just trying to annoy you.” She tapped a rhythm against the rut of her spine.


  “Then you’re succeeding.” Kayle folded her wings over her back.


Caitlyn strained, and stole a glance over her shoulder. Two double doors at the end of the hall approached. Tall, polished mahogany with brass knobs and fox-head knockers. Moans seeped through them, muffled and overlapped.


Golden light engulfed Kayle’s hand. She flicked her wrist, two gold bolts zipped down the hall, and hit the door with a heavy thud thud


Groans and giggles replaced the moans. As Kayle reached the doors, they swung open and revealed Janna. Sweat rolled down her porcelain pale skin and slicked her silver hair. Strands of spit clung to her erect cock. Her eyes windened. “What are you doing here?”


  “We’re-” Caitlyn began.


  “Her idea,” Kayle said. She shouldered past Janna.


Janna whirrled around, grinning. “And you listsened?”


  “She’s stubborn and persistent.”


The room opened past Janna. Twice the size of the rec room downstairs, it was a collage of colourful cushions scattered about the floor, crimson couches against the walls, and round bed islands plopped here and there. And clothes. Dozens upon dozens of clothes.


Lamb was kneeling on the pillows, Diana’s cock in one hands, Evelynn’s balls in the other. Her furred throat bulged in synch with the crash and pull of Evelynn’s hips, matted by drool. Dried cum plastered her wooden mask. While she and and Evelynn paid Caitlyn no mind, Dianna gawked.


  “Dibs!” Dianna yanked her cock out of Lamb’s hand.


  “Calm. We don’t even know why they’re here,” Soraka said.


Soraka was lying belly down on a stained, crimson couch. Crouched above her, Orianna’s steel goin clapped her fat, blue cheeks. Oriana looked up from her work, the wine of her gears petered out, and her pace fell from a sprint to a crawl.


Soraka patted her hand. “No need to stop, dear.”


  “A- Affirmative, mistress Soraka.” Orinana settled back into her blistering pace, eyes locked on Caitlyn.


Soraka smiled at Caitlyn. “The stars never lie. Welcome to your destiny, sweet one.”


  “You’re not meant to be back here yet,” Leona said. She was sprawled out on an adjacent couch, abs glazed in fresh cum. A scowl spoiled her radiant face.


Janna’s form twisted into a white dove. She swooped across the room, twisted back into her human form, and threw herself into Leona’s arms. Wind ruffled their hair. “Worry about them when you finish what you started.” She locked their lips and grasped handfuls of her huge breasts.


Leona rolled her eyes, but melted into the kiss all the same.


  “Hurry up whatever this is,” Morgana snapped. She was straddling Bel’Veth on a bed island, three tentacles in her ass, two entwined around her cock. “You know the rules, sister.


Kayle deadpanned. “Take it up with her. I’m not exactly thrilled to see you like that either.”


  “And since when do we let mortals dictate-”


  “We’re all going to fuck Kayle,” Caitlyn said.


Silence. Orinana froze. Evelynn pulled out. Janna and Leona broke their kiss. And Bel’Veth’s tentacles limped as she peered out from behind Morgana’s hourglass figure.


  “Seriously?” Bel’Veth asked.




They all gawked at Kayle. Even Morgana. Kayle, the aspect of justice, the righteous, the winged protector of Demacia… blushed. “She is irritating and persistent and-”


  “Dibbs!” Dianna yelled.


Seven voices erupted all at once. Evelynn and Diana argued, Soraka tried to soothe them, Leona and Janna rushed over to Kayle and assaulted her with questions, Bel’Veth laughed, and Lamb tried to ask Caitlyn something.


  “ENOUGH!” Morgana used her godly voice. The thunder echoed in the refound silence. She spread her wings, flew across the room, and flung open another set of double doors. Venom sizzled in her eyes. “All these centuries and you still manage to find new ways to disappoint me.”


  “Your opinion means little, sister.”


Morgana huffed, stormed off, and slammed the doors behind her, leaving an awkward silence in her wake.

  “Kayle, kneel at the foot of that bed.” Caitlyn pointed to the bed Bel’Veth was on. “You’re too tall to suck cock on your knees, so Leona and Janna will need to kneel on the bed to make up the difference.”


Kayle sighed. “As you wish.” She parted Leona and Janna, and crossed the room.


Lamb stepped in front of Caitlyn, head cocked. “How did this thing happen? Kayle does not take part in orgies. Mmmm. A truth?”


  “She’s right. I’m persistent. Your job will be-”


Lamb’s ears perked. “Truth and lie are one. But at heart, a lie. Disguised as truth. Yes, a lie.”


Caitlyn put on a soft smile and cupped Lamb’s fluffy cheek. “She wants this. It just took some nagging to drop her guard. Now, go stroke her curves and massage her breasts, please.”


  “Mmmm…” Lamb glanced at Kayle. “A truth.” She nodded and skipped over to the bed after Janna.


Caitlyn snapped her fingers at Evelynn. “You’ll suck her cock. Diana will suck her balls.”


Diana glanced at Evelyn, scowled, and hurried over to Kayle, but Evelynn didn’t move. Her twin tails swished and snapped, and her arms were folded over her light-blue breasts. She opened her mouth.


  “Do you want to fuck her?” Caitlyn asked.


Evelynn scowled. “Yes, but-”


  “Then choose a role if that’ll make it easier for you. If not, then get out. I don’t have time to placate you.”


  “Clever… Make it seem like your decision is mine. Too bad, I’m fucking her face.” With a grin, Evelynn strutted away, barged past Janna, and hopped onto the bed.


Caitlyn hid her own grin. She pointed at Janna. “Sucking cock sound good to you?”


Janna laughed. “Yes, Ma’am.”


Soraka and Orianna were waiting diligently side by side.


  “As for you two. How does a handjob sound?”


  “Wonderful, dear.”


  “I will perform in any role, Mistress Caitlyn.”


Caitlyn waved them off. “Kneel behind her head. Make sure your cocks are in her peripheral. She may be a god, but she’s not all-seeing.” While everyone else was waiting, Evelynn buried her cock down Kayle’s throat, stretching her plump lips and squishing them against her balls. A neutral expression fell over Kayle’s face. “I wouldn’t delay either.”


Orianna hurried off and Soraka strolled after her, a knowing look in her eyes.


A swell grew in Caitlyn’s chest. Two days ago, this would have riddled her with nerves. But, it was nothing. Easy as breathing. Half a dozen gorgeous naked bodies, giving orders, talking about sucking cock and squeezing tits; it all felt so natural. And right.


It was like… that day…


  “Hey!” Bel’Veth’s voice snapped her back to reality. “Tell moon and wind here to scootch over. How am I meant to fuck this whore’s ass with two idiots kneeling in the way?”


Caitlyn crossed the carpet of pillows on wobbly, tender legs. “You, my goddess have the most important job of all.”


Bel’Veth’s false face raised an eyebrow and her true eyes – located on her shoulders – sparkled with Curisoity.


Caitlyn sat on a couch. Soraka had left a wet patch of pre-cum; it clung to her cheeks. “Your job is to keep me horny until Kayle’s ready to blow.”


  “And why the hell would I do that?”


  “I mean, if you’re not up to the task then-”


  “Please! I can do anything these so-called gods can. That goes double for the robot. Spread your damn legs.” Bel’Veth stormed over to the couch. Poised like vipers, her tentacles hovered on either side of her false head. The tips split in four and oozed some sort of semitransparent lubricant.


Caitlyn touched her knees together. “Uh-uh, not until you promise to take it slow and gentle. My body is at its limit. You can’t push it past.”




  “And meant it.”


Splutters and gags fill the air. Oriana sighed moans. Soraka groaned deep in her chest. And Lamb whispered sweet nothings. Kayle’s muffled breathing was rapid.


Bel’Veth glanced backwards with the upper half of her body. She tapped her foot. “Ugh, fine…” Sincerity bubbled in her eyes. “I promise I won’t make you pass out.”


  “Thank you.” Caitlyn spread her legs. “I like slow circles on my clit-


Bel’Veth pressed a tentacle against her clit. “Yup.”


  “Pressure on my thighs and breasts-”


  “Uh huh.” She wrapped two around each leg and her chest.


  “And a touch of name calling.”


A grin from her true mouth split Bel’Veth’s chest into two rows of jagged teeth. “That, you didn’t have to ask for. Stupid bitch.” She started the circles. And squeezed.


Caitlyn gasped, slumped against the back of the couch, and sighed. “That’s it. Just like that. Ughh, just like fucking that.”


Fatter than Caitlyn’s thigh, Bel’Veth’s tongue slithered out of her true mouth and prodded Caitlyn’s asshole. 


The rim yawned open, but Bel’Veth’s tongue didn’t open.


  “Bel’Veth. What did I say?”


  “Just letting you know I could, slut.”


  “I’m aware.” Caitlyn craned her neck to look past Bel’Veth’s false head.


Kayle was sucking Evelynn’s cock like a pornstar. Full, deep-throated bobs of her head, punctuated by a subtle twist. Spit bubbled in the corners of her mouth and dribbled from Evelynn’s flailing balls. 


The demon’s face twisted into a new expression when Kayle’s lips crashed against her sack. Outrage, shock, euphoria, vacant, mania; yet, no matter the expression, her eyes flooded with Thrill. She had one handful of Kayle’s golden hair and another of Soraka’s fat, blue cheek. Both grips were iron.


Kayle pulled up, spat on Evelynn’s tip, and turned on Leona. For a fraction of a second, she grinned. Then her lips returned to an ‘o’ shape and she downed Leona’s monster without so much a gag. All the while, never missing a beat with Soraka and Orianna’s handjobs. 


There you are. That’s the real you, isn’t it? You like to please. To be useful. To take on more than should be feasible, and not only succeed, but excel.


  “Fuck yes!” Leona cheered. Her face melted. “Yes~”


Evelynn bore a glare into Leona. She shifted from one knee to the other, chewed her lip, and made a grab for Soraka’s cock.


Quick as a whip, Soraka snatched her wrist. And made Evelynn grab her own cock. Evenlynn spat in her face and hissed something, but Soraka just smiled. A baffled look crossed Evelynn’s face. Soraka leaned in and whispered something as she guided Evelynn’s hand up and down her long shaft.


And then she let go. Evelynn paused, but only for a moment. She massaged her tip and gazed into Soraka’s warm eyes. Soraka nodded. She massaged a little harder. Soraka locked their lips and fondled her pink hair. Evelynn jerked off wildly.


Kayle pulled up, spat on Leona’s cock, and plunged back onto Evelynn’s. Evelynn snatched Soraka’s huge tits. As she squished them together, bulging the broad dark-blue nipples, a laugh broke their kiss. Soraka chuckled. She stroked the slope of her jaw, eased their kiss back together, and caressed the curve of Evelynn’s hip.


  “Gods, Soraka is something isn’t she?”


  “She’s boring, that’s what she is,” Bel’Veth said. “Oh, don’t worry dear. Let me make it all better. I have nothing going on in my life, so fixing people gives me purpose. Blergh.”


Caitlyn flicked Bel’Veth’s forehead. “Less talk. More pressure.”


Rage frothed in Bel’Veth’s eyes; true and false. “I could snap you in half, you know.”


  “And get yourself kicked out.”


Bel’Veth grumbled and added more pressure to Caitlyn’s clit. Pleasure swelled and swirled through her groin, forcing a soft gasp from her mouth. As her lungs raced to compensate for their sudden emptiness, euphoria gifted her the all-to-familiar sensation of floating. 


  “Fuck~” Caitlyn curled her toes. “Why couldn’t you do this during our round together?”


  “Not meant to talk, remember? I think that includes answers.”

Kayle’s eyes kept wandering towards Lamb; when she was throat fucking and during the switches; when Lamb squished her watermelon tits together and when she pressed her flat, fluffy chest against her chiselled belly. Lamb never looked away from her eyes. And when they met, her little tail wagged.


  “When-” Caitlyn clenched. She swallowed. “Shit~... W- When you’re done with foreplay, you don’t need permission to move on.”


Golden light exploded from Kayle’s groin. Diana gagged, toppled backwards, and Kayle’s cock slipped from her mouth twice as large. She grabbed Lamb by the hips and stood up, knocking over Janna in the process. The others scrambled out of the way as she turned around, spun Lamb to face forwards, and slammed her on the bed.


Lamb could only gasp before Kayle’s cock was in her gut. Her glowing blue eyes drooped into half-moons. Kayle’s cock buried deeper and deeper with each thrust. The bed groaned. Lamb’s ass spluttered.


  “Mmmm. Mmmm. A- All the way. Yes… Yes~ That would be b- best.”


Kayle grinned like a maniac, Thrill burst from her eyes, and she drove her fat tip past Lamb’s lips, plus a fifth of her shaft.


Lamb’s half moons wanned into crescents


The others devolved into uncoordinated debauchery. Evelynn shouldered past Diana and mounted Kayle, matching her rhythm so that her goin clapped Kayle’s cheeks at the same time Kayle’s clapped Lamb’s. 


Janna found her way into Leona’s arms. Leona kissed her, twisted her onto her back, and took her at the foot of the bed. Kayle, Lamb, and Evleynn’s feet dangled above them. “Harder, harder!” Janna cried as she wrapped her legs around Leona’s waist. Their silver and auburn hair melted into one.


With an air of non-chalance, Soraka strolled over, tilted Leona’s head back and slid her cock down her throat. Leona’s eyes darted to and fro for a moment, before settling. Love welled in her eyes as she bobbed her head and cracked her balls against Janna’s cheeks in perfect synch.


  “That’s it, dear. Good girl.”


Diana stood on the bed and gently fucked Kayle’s face. The look on her face made Caitlyn wish she had a cock, if only to feel whatever could make the aspect of the moon grin like a high idiot. She set her lazy gaze on the ceiling and set into a crawl of a pace with half-length strokes, always keeping Kayle’s throat bulged.

The only one not doing anything was Orianna. She by the side of the bed, fidgeting as she watched. The light of hextech heart dulled in the gaps of her joints.


Bel’Veth loomed over Caitlyn. “Can’t someone else-”


  “Go on.”


Bel’Veth’s true eyes blinked. “Really?”


  “Yes, and quickly.


  “Don’t gotta tell me twice.” Bel’Veth unbound Caitlyn and pulled away, gliding across the carpet as if on ice. She slunk up to Leona, Janna, and Soraka. Tentacles stuffled Leona and Soraka’s broad, muscular asses and plugged Janna’s manic moans. The three of them melted. Putty in her… tentacles.


Caitlyn sat up properly. “Orianna, I need your assistance.”


Orianna’s light brightened. “At once, Mistress Caitlyn.” She skirted around the foot of the bed – dodging a kick from Lamb’s hoof – ducked Bel’Veth’s attempt to wrap a tentacle around her neck, and knelt between Caitlyn’s spread legs. “Slow circles, Mistress?”


  “You were listening to us?”


Orianna nodded. “Would you like vibration?”


  “While you were- did you say vibration?”


Orianna held up her finger. Blue light flared in her digit joints. It let out a buzzing sound and blurred slightly. “Should I take that as a yes, Mistress Caitlyn?”


Caitlyn nodded. Slowly. Eyes locked on the finger.


With a nod, Oriana pressed it against her clit. The vibrations meandered through Caitlyn’s groin, up her spine, and to the ends of her fingers and toes, stealing her pain as they went. She sighed and melted into the cushion’s soft embrace. 


  “Is that pleasurable?”


  “It feels like a massage.”


Orianna nodded. “Good.”


  “It’s going to make me cum.”


  “Already, Mistress?”


  “No…” Caitlyn caressed Orinana’s copper cast hair, running her fingers down the grooves towards her bun. “But eventually. Don’t let me, okay? I’ll probably want to.”


Orianna cocked her head. “Then why should I stop you?”


  “Because I need to be smart for half an hour or so, and this is making me bloody stupid~”


Something odd twinkled in Orianna’s eyes. Uniform, calm, and calculated. Nothing like the fluctuations of the hextech light Caitlyn was used to. It was purposeful; designed.


Caitlyn bit her lip. “O- Orianna?”


  “Should I stop?”


  “Do you…” Caitlyn swallowed a moan. “Do you feel curious right now?”


The twinkle faded. “What you said was curious.”


  “Huh… Your emotions look different. They’re not as wild as the others’.”


The twinkle returned twicefold. Oriana began to say something, but a gasp cut her off. A grunt followed. Then a long, fading groan.


Diana was holding Kayle’s face against her groin with a white-knuckle grip. Raw Euphoria bled from her eyes. And cum dribble down Kayle’s chin.


Kayle gently pushed her onto her back, swallowed the load, and lay into Lamb with twice the power without once missing a beat. Evelynn swore as she raced to keep up. Diana’s chest rose and fell, again and again.


  “Shit…” Diana breathed. “I’m tired. Like, tired tired. I haven’t felt tired in decades.” She sat up on her elbows and met Kayle’s gaze, Love blazing in her eyes. “Thank you.”


Kayle’s eyes blazed in return. At first with Love; pink flames; they whipped as if defying a hurricane. Until golden flames over took them. The bulges in Leona’s and Soraka’s bellies stopped pumping. Janna tapped frantically on the tentacles as they froze deep down her throat. That was until she noticed it too.


They all stared at the golden flames. Well, except Lamb. She wasn’t exactly present at the moment.


  “You guys are going to love this,” Caitlyn said.


Golden light erupted from Kayle’s groin and a second monster cock grew, forcing its way between Kayle’s abs and Lamb’s back. She pulled out, knocked Evelynn away without a fight, wiped the cum off her chin, and lay at the head of the bed. Her wings draped over either side; the left over a dumbfounded Diana.


  “Evelyn, ride the first cock,” Kayle said. She snapped her fingers, and Evelynn’s eyes fluttered. Although the demon scowled, she straddled her goddess all the same. “Lamb – I know you can hear me – take off that mask and suck the other. Leona, Janna, finish up and then come cuddle. I’m having you after this slut blows her load.”


Evelynn paused, her asshole inches above Kayle’s tip. “Says the-”


Kayle thrust. Her tip stretched Evelynn beyond reason as it vanished inside her. Evelynn melted and slowly slid down the rest. The tip poked its head out of her mouth.


Leona suddenly lay into Janna with a renowned vigour. And Janna squirmed, trying to desperately to buck her hips whilst on her back. Soraka shrugged and matched their tempo.


Bel’Veth scoffed. “Slut hog.”


  “Ravage Orianna,” Kayle said. “She can’t feel pain.”


  “It’s true,” Orianna said, staring at Kayle’s second cock.


Bel’Veth matched the other threes’ tempo.


Kayle smiled at Caitlyn, grabbed Evelynn by the throat, and used her like a fleshlight. “Don’t worry, Caitlyn. You won’t go without.” She lifted her left wing and Diana rolled off the bed.


As she stumbled pust the frantic quartet, Orianna looked to Caitlyn. Something new twinkled in her static, glowing eyes.


Caitlyn smiled. She stroked her smooth, polished cheek. “Go on.” Janna blew ropes against the bottom of Leona’s heavy bust. “Have fun.” Leona’s eyes rolled back as overfilled Janna’s ass. And then were glued shut by Soraka’s thick load. Bel’Veth’s tentacles muffled their moans.


Orianna shot to her feet and hurried past Dianna into the embrace of the tentacles. They abandoned the other three, coiled around her arms, thighs, waist, and throat. And suspended her in the air as two stroked her cock, three filled her throat, and four squeezed up her ass. The twinkle in her eyes flared as her light blazed blindingly bright.


Diana slumped between Caitlyn’s legs like a drunk at a bar. “This is so… cool.”

Caitlyn giggled. “Are you okay?”


Dianna nodded.


An idea popped into Caitlyn’s head. She swung her legs onto the couch, scooted back, and rested her head against the arm, putting her back to Kayle. “Want to fuck me?”


  “Yes.” Dianna declared.


  “I take it you can manage a gentle pace.”


Dianna sported a lazy grin. “Yeah. Spread ‘em.”


Caitlyn touched the back of her hand to her forehead. “Oh, you’re such a romantic!” She spread her legs.


  “Like you care.” Diana hopped onto the couch, grabbed the nooks of Caitlyn’s knees, and eased inside her gaped ass. “Huh… Not as tight as I remember.”


Caitlyn grunted. “You’re just as big.” She rubbed slow, gentle circle against her swollen clit. “What’s going on behind me?”


  “Hold on.” Diana’s brow creased. She shuffled back a bit and adjusted her angle, shifting the bulge beneath Caitlyn’s belly button. After a moment of deliberation Diana settled into a crawling pace of half-thrusts. The bulge travelled past her belly button, disappeared, and reappeared. “Let’s see.


  Kayle’s making out with Leona. She’s got her arm wrapped around the small of her waist, and is making the cheek bulge between her fingers. On the otherside, Janna’s giving her hickeys. Nasty ones too. All sloppy like. They’re both playing with her tits – which looks like a shit ton of fun by the way.”


Caitlyn arched her back and took a deep breath as the pleasure tried to take it away. “Oh, it is. They so warm. How’s Evelynn holding up?”


  “She’s loving it.”


  “Is she showing it?”


  “Nope.” Dianna grinned. “Gotta be the worst fake scowl I’ve ever seen.”


Evelynn groaned. “F- Fuck off, Dianna. You-” She gagged, spluttered, and moaned like the slut she was.


  “You should see her ass,” Dianna said. She casually kissed Caitlyn ankle and glided her hands up and down her thighs. “You would need a rubber potion to go that wide. It’s fluttering like crazy. Every time she gasps or swallows a moan the warped rim shivers. So fucking hot.”


Caitlyn rested the back of her heels on Diana’s shoulders and raised her eyebrows.


Dianna took the hint. Her hands slid down to Caitlyn’s waist and yanked her in. Groin slapped ass. Caitlyn saw stars.




Dianna leaned over her. The warmth of her body kissed Caitlyn’s breasts and stomach. “If I go with any real force, you’ll pass out,” Diana said, lips inches from hers. “You’re barely hanging on here.”


  “I- I know. Go… slow. Just, keep talking. It keeps me present.”


Dianna pecked Caitlyn’s lips, brushed a strand of hair out of her face, and got into a rhythm of painfully slow quarter thrusts – barely fast enough to maintain constant pleasure. “Lamb hasn’t moved.”


  “Oh? I didn’t take her for the – mmm~ – for the bratty type…”


  “She isn’t.” Dianna kissed her. “With Lamb, what you see is what you get.”


Caitlyn wrapped her arms around Dianna’s neck and held on her dear life. “Can the god of death sleep?”




  “How’s Kayle-”


  “Hasn’t noticed. Or doesn’t care. She’s rather distracted with swallowing Janna’s tongue right now. Fuck, Janna’s ass is so-” Diana smirked.


Evelynn whimpered. Leona and Janna gasped. And Kayle laughed. She laughed. At first, it sounded foreign paired with her serious voice. But after a few moments, it fit right in. Like meeting up with an old, forgotten friend.


  “I’m sure you two can figure a way to clean yourselves up!” Kayle declared. The crisp crack of a palm against a broad, dense ass split the air. Times two. Followed by a pair of giggles and the smacking of lips.


Caitlyn touched her forehead to Diana’s. “Evelynn?”

  “She’s still going… Dribbles instead of ropes, but still… She’s still fucking cumming.” Diana’s cock heaved. “The look on her face~” And again. “It’s caught between bliss and stress.” And once more.


Caitlyn kissed her. “Let it out,” she whispered. “I can take it from here.”


  “Are you sure?”


  “Glaze my tits.”


  “Yes, Ma’am.” Diana pulled out and straddled Caitlyn. She looked over Caitlyn’s head as she massaged her tip. Pre-cum dribbled from the fluctuating hole, splattering against Caitlyn’s nipples; warm as bathwater. Diana’s face scrunched, her cock bulged, and a rope splashed between Caitlyn’s tits.


As load after load dumped onto her chest, spitting droplets into her hair and mouth, Caitlyn let her head loll over the arm of the couch. Evelynn was on her side, twin tails intertwined, as made a mess of the expensive looking fluffy sheets. Kayle rose behind her, Janna tossed over one shoulder, and Leona tucked under her other arm. She swung her legs off the bed and carried them to the centre of the room.


Clothes lingered there. Dresses, armours, pants, bras, and panties, and all sorts. They’d been left tangled and forgotten amongst a carpet of pillows and blankets. Kayle kicked aside a silver chest plate and tossed Leona into the open space. She bounced. Her tits heaved and her ass shook.


As Leona – laughing – hurried onto all fours, Kayle lay Janna belly-down on top of her. She wrapped her arms around Leona’s chest, stole handfuls of her tits, and nuzzled the back of her neck. Their asses beckoned Kayle. One pale as the moon. One pink as a peach. Both huge and dense with muscle.


Kayle knelt behind them. One after the other, she spread their cheeks and spat on their holes. It dribbled down their cocks. Janna’s lay flat against Leona’s ass and taint, while Leona’s hung between her spread legs. Kayle brushed Janna’s cock aside and eased her monsters inside them.


They moaned. Three voices became one for brief moment until Janna blubbered, Leona laughed weakly, and Kayle sighed. Bulges travelled up Leona’s belly and Janna’s back. They could have gone out of the other ends, but Kayle’s stopped a third of the way. And lay into them.


Janna hugged Leona, squishing her tits. Leona dug her nail into the pillows. Together, they gasped quick, panicked breaths. Each shriller than the last. Until they reached a peak and let the moans flood free. Their bodies rocked like a bucking bull.


Kayle’s breasts bounced as she railed her sluts. Her breasts bounced, her balls swung, and her eyes danced. Thrill, Love, Delight, and Joy came and went. Euphoria softened Kayle’s harsh glare and stone scowl. Her wings spread as wide as two men each and flapped gently at a quarter the pace of her frantic thrusts.


  “She’s happy,” Caitlyn whispered.


Diana slumped against the couch. “No… shit…” she panted. “You should see… Oriana… That’s what I’d call happy.


Oriana was on her back beside an unconscious Evelyn. Tentacles writhed in her ass and mouth. Four, five, six – it was hard to tell. They all melded together as they fought for dominance. Orianna stared off into space. Sparkles popped in her hex-tech light. Caitlyn blinked three times, however, the sparkles remained.


  “You’re such a- a bitch for joining after me,” Bel’Veth groaned. Her true eyes were rolled back, and her false head was lolled back. “I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on this the whole time.”


  “She that good, Bel?” Diana called, suddenly filled with energy.


Bel’Veth hissed. “She’s mine.


  “Don’t be a whore hog.” Diana got up. “Hurry up and cum so I can have a go.”


  “Ahri’s not here. So, those foolish rules are- …”


Caitlyn pushed their argument to the back of her mind. She needed all her strength. Her legs tingled as if they’d fallen asleep. They hadn’t. Deep within, she sensed their last ounce of power. Her core was the same. And her arms. And especially her groin. She was running on fumes, and even they were getting low.


Janna came. Her limp cock spluttered a load, flinging it here and there as it flailed about. Her arms hung free. Kayle had to hold her in place, which gave her a better angle for really laying into them.


One more. And then it’s over. I win.


Leona came. As her cock dribbled hardly a thimble of cum, her arms gave out. She hit the pillows, face down ass up. Kayle kept going. Harder even. Faster. She slapped their asses and laughed. Smiles crept across Leona’s and Janna’s faces.


Forget pain.


Janna came again.


It’s not real.


Leona came again. A proper, thick load this time.


It’s just a feeling.


The pillows were ruined.


Feeling can’t hurt you.


Kayle pulled out.


Not really.


The goddesses collapsed in a sweaty, cum-covered heap. Caitlyn stood. She crossed the room, one step at a time.


Stroking her cocks, Kayle met her eyes. “I’m close.”


  “I know.”


  “Can you now?”


  “That smile says it all. Now, lie down, feathers. Those cocks belong to me.”


Kayle chuckled and lay on her back.


Caitlyn lay beside her on her side, earning her a raised eyebrow. “What? I can barely stand, let alone ride you.” She slapped her ass, grabbed her cheek, and spread it. “You can give me a side fuck.”


  “Or I could pick you up and use you like a cock sleeve.”


  “Or you could stop being so difficult and fuck me before your perfectly hard cocks go limp.”


Kayle sighed, but her smile remained. She rolled onto her side, scooted over, and wrapped her arms around Caitlyn’s chest. As she claimed a squeeze of her tits, her cocks slipped inside.


Caitlyn baulked. Even as gaped as she was, cocks like that never failed to make an impact. Laughter rumbled against her back.


  “I suppose the potion wore off then?”

  “L- Looks that way.”


Kayle kissed the top of her head. “I’ll be gentle. Just relax.”


  “Relaxing.” Caitlyn took a deep breath. “Not too gentle, right?”




Kayle stopped a quarter of the way in. Only half of Caitlyn’s belly bulged. She could feel them pressed together. Two cocks thicker than her wrist. Throbbing. Hot as sunbaked stones. It would have taken everything to hold back the moans.


Caitlyn didn’t have everything. Talking through whimpers and gasps it is. The first thrust made her gasp, and the first draw made her whimper. Kayle kissed her head, a smile on her lips.


  “Faster?” Kayle asked.


Caitlyn shook her head. “Nuh uh… That’s perfect~ You’re perfect~”


  “Adorable.” Kayle settled into a marching beat rhythm, with a touch of swivel. “What happened to that commanding persona?”


  “Sh- Shut up and fuck me.” Caitlyn moaned, tensing her core. “Please…”


Kayle fucked her. And groped her and kissed. She took her time. There were moments where her pace wavered as she stopped to explore the curve of Caitlyn’s hip or the ruts of her abs. None of the duty remained from their first session.


She’s ready. “You see that?” Caitlyn asked. She nodded at Bel’Veth, Diana, and Oriana. Oriana and Diana were making out as Bel’Veth plungered their asses with coiled tentacles and stroked their cocks.


  “Hard to miss.”


  “You made that happen.”


Kayle scoffed. “You made that happen. Without you, I’d be halfway to Demacia by now.”


  “So you needed a little encouragement. Who doesn’t?”


Kayle squeezed her breasts a little harder. “Thousand-year-old immortals who should know better.”


  “You’re allowed to make mistakes, feathers.”

  “No. I’m not.”


Caitlyn stole her hand and kissed the knuckles one by one. “Yes. You are. It’s part of being human.”


Kayle’s thrust froze midstroke for half a heartbeat. It returned with twice the vigour. “I’m a god.”


  “Y- You’re… You’re…” Caitlyn’s mind wandered. A dull fuzz started to set in. She caught herself and snapped herself back by tensing. Kayle’s cocks felt twice as big.


They moaned in unison.


Caitlyn twisted her upper torso. Kayle caught her cheek. Their lips and fingers locked. Caitlyn basked in the warmth of Kayle’s breath and the embrace of her pump lips until her lungs were ready to pop.


With a gasp, she broke their kiss. “U- Under this roof, our pasts are d- dust. Who you are isn’t the s- sword you wield or the armour your wear.” Caitlyn swallowed. “In here, all that matters is what’s at your core. And your core, you’re human, Kayle. Why… Why else would you be here.” Caitlyn flopped onto her side. “Oh fuck~”


Her groin swelled, and her pussy erupted. It hit her like a punch. She saw stars. Vision blurred, hearing warped, and sensation flared. Kayle’s heartbeat was a hammer. Caitlyn’s body was the anvil. It beat on her all over. Through the pulse against her back, the tight grip of her shoulder and waist, and the throbs deep inside her gut from two frantic, twin monster cocks.


Kayle railed her and let out a whimper. “I’m here for you. All of you. Y- You make me feel… feel…”


  “We remind you,” Caitlyn whispered, breathless. “That’s all. So… remember.”


Kayle choked, cutting off a whimper. Her body tensed. Her cocks heaved. Her heart soared.


And then it all let go. The whimper broke free, louder and shriller. Her muscles turned to pudding. And her cocks limped as they blew their enormous, hot loads. Caitlyn felt the warmth of Kayle’s cum under her skin. 


They pumped her full in seconds, but Kayle’s cocks were too thick. The shafts plugged her pussy and ass. Little by little Caitlyn’s belly swelled as Kayle blew load after load after load. 


The more cum filled Caitlyn, the warmer she got. It swaddled her. Like blankets on a winter night, they coaxed her. Each load dragged her further and further towards an inevitability. Her eyelids weighed more and more. Thoughts turned to soup. Even pleasure faded.


  “Thank you,” Kayle whispered. She blew another load. “Thank you…” And another. “thank you…” And another.



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