Chapter 224
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Mark saw that the twins were incredibly busy playing their games with their friends. He saw that the leader of the group was Hamil’s son Deo which was expected since he was the oldest at around ten years old. He wondered where Hamil’s oldest son, Toby, was. He wondered because he was interested to know where teenagers or older hang out.

He remembered when he was a teenager, their usual hang-out place was the mall and before that when he was in his mother’s country when he was in elementary school, it was in the internet cafes.

Mark was sure that it shouldn’t be the tavern since only older people hang out there usually late in the afternoon or evening.

“Maybe the marketplace or the forest?’ Mark thought to himself.

Looking at the twins, Mark saw they were playing different variations of Star Wars. A few of them were busy looking at the dragon and golem toys and he was glad to see that the twins were incredibly generous in allowing their friends to hold their toys.

After a while, Mark decided to read his novel on his tablet while looking at the kids, so he summoned a chair and started doing it. Mark was focused on reading and when he looked up to check on the kids, he noticed they were gone. Exasperated, he kept the chair and his tablet in his inventory and would have started to look for the kids when Ronnie, one of Zenethor’s people came to talk to him.

“Hi Mark, what are you doing here?” the dog man asked.

“I’m supposed to be looking after the twins and their friends but when I got distracted, they’re suddenly gone.”

“Why are you looking after them? They should be safe here as long as they don’t leave the compound. Everyone in the city knows that you don’t touch one of our people which they learned the hard way.”

Intrigued, Mark asked what happened.

“A couple of years ago, one of our kids got taken by one of the gang of thieves infesting this city. They were taking kids to train to become thieves or beggars but now they don’t exist anymore. We have highly skilled people here in the circus Mark. The elven sisters alone are capable of very advanced magic and the acrobat brothers are basically highly trained warriors. The dwarves themselves are highly capable warriors as well and our halflings can enter any place they want to go without any problems. The people who take care of the animals are highly capable trackers and can track any smells for miles. It only took five hours for that gang of thieves to disappear from this world completely.”

Mark was glad to note that the circus people take care of their own and now they considered him and his family as one of their own as well. It alleviated his worries regarding having someone to look after the kids while they were in the compound and as a matter of fact, Ronnie shared the information that Nedertu usually just stayed with the zookeepers during the times Mark thought he was looking after the kids.

Mark thanked Ronnie and went back to his RV to wait for the kids. When he arrived there, he decided to clean the whole RV by destroying it and replicating a brand-new one with full storage. He also repaired and cleaned all of their clothes which only took him a few minutes. He thought of dungeon diving but didn’t notify Nedertu or the twins that he would be gone, so he decided to watch anime instead.

When it was nearing lunch, Mark prepared food for everyone. He heard knocking on his door which indicated that it was not the twins since they usually just barged in. When he opened the door he saw that it was Hamil, Zenethor, and Linuel. Mark also saw the twins and Nedertu arriving behind the caravan leader. He invited everyone in for lunch.

“I wonder why Nedertu isn’t going fat?” Zenethor asked while eating steak and mashed potatoes.

“I noticed that I was getting fatter, so I started exercising extensively. I’m worried that if I get fat, Mark will let me go,” Nedertu said which made everyone laugh.

“We’re here to tell you Mark that we caught the thieves,” Hamil said while his mouth didn’t stop eating.

“So fast!” Mark said, surprised.

“Our contacts here in the city are extensive but unfortunately, the devices got destroyed. Somebody opened it to check the insides,” Linuel added.

“Please bring back the devices here so I can dispose of them thoroughly. What happened to the thieves?”

Hamil told him that they let the guards handle them since they promised Natasha that they would do so since the guards didn’t want what happened before to happen again and to Mark’s understanding, they were talking about the gang of thieves that kidnapped one of their people.

Hamil, Zenethor, and Linuel left to attend the theater after lunch. The twins wanted to go back to playing but Mark decided to ask them to help him clean the cart that was left unused since they would go back to using it once they left the city. He noticed that the twins didn’t have any chores at all since he took care of the food preparation and the dishes afterward which was easy because he just replicated the food and destroyed the dishes. Even the cleaning of the RV was handled by him which was him destroying the RV and replicating a new one.

Mark decided to talk to Rendira regarding this because he didn’t want the twins to grow up ne’er-do-well. When he explained to the twins his reasoning as to why they needed to clean the cart, they understood that they would be traveling using it. He prepared buckets of warm water and soap and all of them started scrubbing the cart. It was a huge cart, so it took them a few hours to completely clean it.

Nedertu asked why he asked the kids to help him clean the cart since they already talked about cleaning it in a week. Mark explained his reasoning to the cat man and agreed that it would be bad for the kids to grow up not learning how to do chores.

Mark then informed Nedertu that, that was also the main reason why he was looking for a sitter and a cook so that person could prepare their food and it would generate chores that the twins could assist in cleaning.

After the cart was cleaned, he then asked the twins and Nedertu’s opinion on how to furnish the cart, and with their help, they were able to completely furnish the vehicle to their satisfaction. The main difference it had compared to the other carts in the circus caravan was it was full of modern devices such as the generator, electric heater, air conditioner, induction cookers, microwave ovens, televisions, speakers, electric lamps, and so on.