A Pet Kitty (X-Men)
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Themes: Inhuman Sex, Bondage, Master/Pet

Summary: To the rest of the world Katherine "Kitty" Pride is a bonafide X-Woman, a strong and independent gal who don't need no man. But behind closed doors...


Katherine ‘Kitty’ Pryde was a proud and independent X-Woman who took shit from nobody and was always ready to back up her sterling reputation with action if it proved necessary. As far as her peers were concerned, be they friend or enemy, Kitty wasn’t the kind of person you fucked with. She was the sort who had outlasted so many others, and who had proven time and time again that she deserved a seat at the table, if not to be on top entirely.

Meanwhile, as far as even her closest allies were concerned, Lockheed was pretty much Kitty’s pet. The cat-sized purple dragon was technically an extraterrestrial alien from outer space, but with the appearance of a fantasy dragon state out of some sort of fairy tale. He and Kitty had become fast friends during an incursion away from Earth, and when things had ended, Kitty had brought Lockheed back with her.

They’d gone on many adventures together, and Lockheed was by and large considered to be Kitty’s ever-present, ever-faithful companion. Even among the X-Men however, he was seen as something of a pet, more akin to a dog or a cat than an actual intelligent being. He was Kitty’s dragon rather than his own individual entity in the eyes of most.

Of course, Kitty knew better. Lockheed was as intelligent as her or anyone else… and he was FAR from a pet. In fact, if anyone was the pet… it was her.


Feeling a rough, familiar tongue dragging across her slit is enough to awaken Kitty from her deep slumber. Her eyes flutter open as she finds herself in a somewhat unenviable position… again. Look, it’s not her fault she was such a heavy sleeper when she felt safe. Nor was it her fault that she felt safest in her room in the X-Mansion knowing Lockheed was watching over her.

It said a lot about their relationship that he was one of the few people she could truly trust to keep an eye out for trouble while she slept, especially after everything they’d been through together. It also said a lot about their relationship’s TRUE nature that he could take advantage of her heavy sleeping and Kitty wasn’t even mad about it.

Yeah, while she was asleep, Lockheed had once again gone ahead and stripped her out of her pajamas before bringing out the soft but strong nylon cording they kept under the bed for exactly this purpose. Oh and of course, he’d gone ahead and fitted an inhibitor ball gag into her mouth as well for good measure.

The ball gag meant that Kitty couldn’t just phase out of the nylon rope. Which to be fair, she wouldn’t have anyways… at least by choice. Rather, the true purpose of the inhibitor gag wasn’t to keep her from choosing to escape, but to keep her from accidentally losing control of her mutation in the heat of the moment. Which given the way Lockheed’s tongue was running roughshod over her pussy lips and the little nub that was her clit… was more than a little likely.


Looking down at herself, Kitty marvels at how much Lockheed managed to get done while she was asleep. There’s the lack of clothing, there’s the inhibitor ball gag in between her teeth, and then there’s the nylon rope bondage across her body. The shibari is done beautifully of course, with Lockheed having become something of an expert at the traditional rope bondage of the Japanese people after a solo trip to Japan a while back.

Her breasts are tightly bound at their bases and protruding outwards, her arms are safely secured behind her back, there’s crisscrossing ropes across her belly, and even her legs are forcibly bent at the knee and secured at the thigh and shin to keep them spread for Lockheed as he dives into her pussy.

She’s totally, utterly helpless like this. Admittedly, if any of her friends saw her like this, it might be a blow to Kitty’s rep that she never recovered from. But… she didn’t care. Letting her eyes flutter, Kitty moans through her ball gag some more, even as she arches her back and quivers under her Master’s tongue.

Yes, that’s right. In public Kitty was a strong, independent X-Woman who purportedly didn’t need no man. After the handful of relationships she’d had, ranging from just plain lame to downright disastrous, Kitty had all but sworn off men. However, around that same time something else had happened behind closed doors… namely, Lockheed had gotten frustrated with her constantly running off without him and decided to put the shibari he’d learned in Japan to good use for the first time.

One thing had led to another and Kitty had discovered a hidden truth about herself… namely, she really liked being tied up and railed by a dragon. Specifically, she really liked being railed by her favorite dragon in the whole wide world, Lockheed.

And so their relationship had evolved. Out in public it was still Kitty and Kitty’s dragon. But behind closed doors, the tables turned and her so-called ‘pet’ took up the leash as it were. She became his submissive little fuck toy, eager and willing to please him in any way… though often, she found herself tied up and made helpless while Lockheed did all the work.

Suddenly, his draconic tongue, long and rough on its surface, drives deep inside of Kitty’s kitty, causing her to arch her back even harder and squeal into her ball gag.


A fresh flood of pussy juices explodes out of her pussy, squirting all over Lockheed’s face as the purple alien dragon eats her to climax. Shuddering, Kitty notes how this doesn’t even faze her dragon master, his tongue continuing to writhe inside of her throughout the orgasm, his maw opening to accept her juices like a tribute of fine spirits or something similar.

Shuddering, Kitty looks down at Lockheed’s yellow eyes through the valley created by her bound breasts.

“Mmm… mmm?”

She tries to turn over onto her front, but Lockheed stops her. Truth be told, Kitty isn’t surprised… they’ve done this song and dance a million times before.


Her draconic master just sort of scoffs… and then dives right back down into her pussy, continuing to drive her wild with his tongue. Kitty constantly tried to get him to see reason, to recognize that he only really needed to bring her to climax once upon her tongue before they got onto the main event.

But Lockheed wouldn’t have it. He refused to do anything less than leaving her an absolute mess even before he mounted her and had his way with her. And since she was the one who was bound and gagged, he was the one in charge here. Kitty shudders and her eyes threaten to roll back in her head as one orgasm becomes two, and two becomes three.

The purple dragon down between her legs drives her absolutely wild with that tongue of his, and then he keeps going past that until she’s not even able to think straight. This happened every damn time. He loved to make her cum her brains out with his tongue while she was helpless to resist him. He loved making her orgasm again and again like crazy without ever even penetrating her with his big fat purple dragon dick.

Of course, that didn’t mean he NEVER fucked her. He just… went far beyond what constituted ‘warming a girl up’ and straight into the ‘overheated and tender as fuck’ territory. It meant that when he finally decided she WAS ready, Kitty was already a sweaty, hot mess of a girl, her pussy drooling from multiple climaxes and her body covered in a glistening sheen as she lays there, panting through the ball gag.

Finally, Lockheed pulls his tongue back… and proceeds to deftly flip her onto her front.


Kitty lands face down on the bed before tiredly turning her head to the side and craning her neck to look back. Thanks to the way her legs are bent and tied off at the shin and thigh, she doesn’t even have to lift her lower half up onto her knees. Rather, the bondage does that for her. Pushing her ass into the air all too naturally, forcibly spreading her legs for Lockheed’s pleasure… and showcasing her drooling, clenching cunt to his draconic yellow eyes.

With a single flap of his wings, Lockheed hops up onto Kitty’s upturned ass, causing the brunette to groan through her ball gag in anticipation. While the purple dragon himself might only be cat-sized, his dick was NOT proportionate to the rest of him. Sheathed inside of his body most of the time, when he finally got excited, the alien dragon’s cock came out to play… and what a beauty it was.

Kitty moans through the ball gag as she feels Lockheed’s ridged, tapered, purple shaft slide between her ass cheeks a few times. He hot dogs between her buttocks for a moment, humping away briefly before finally drawing his cock back along her crack until it slides down and the tapered end finds purchase in her slippery but also opening pussy lips.

She’s quick to clench down around the tip of his cock to keep it from falling away from her crotch, one of the few things Kitty CAN do in an encounter like this. In response, her dragon master rewards her by wasting no further time thrusting into her overly sensitive cunt. After making her cum more than half a dozen times from his tongue alone, having Lockheed stuff his huge fat cock inside of her kitty is enough to make Kitty Pryde climax instantly on penetration, her eyes finally fully rolling back in her head as she squeals through her ball gag.


Crooning down at her, mounting her properly now with his claws gripping at different parts of her bound and gagged form, Lockheed wastes no time in setting a punishing pace that Kitty absolutely loves. She’s nothing if not a glutton for punishment, always throwing herself into danger, always willing to put herself in harm’s way for innocent lives or her friends.

In the bedroom, this translates into liking it rough… REALLY rough. Fortunately, that’s something Lockheed is well-equipped to give his brunette lover. The purple space dragon pounds away at her pussy with every inch of his draconic cock, the ridges raking against her insides in a way that’s infinitely more satisfying than any other man she’s ever been with.

Heh, even if the X-Men could be convinced that Lockheed was his own person with his own intelligent thoughts and feelings, Kitty knew they would never be able to truly accept her and Lockheed’s relationship. Everyone would definitely look at her askance if they knew what sort of woman she really was behind closed doors.

… And yet, as Lockheed plows her silly like the big hunky alien dragon he is, Kitty finds her mind once again straying towards the idea of… invitation. It was a simple stray thought more than anything really. Not like she actually intended to go through with it, probably. But even still, there was no denying that Lockheed was a bit too much for her to handle.

Even now, Kitty is barely hanging onto her sanity. In fact, thinking about this was one of the tricks she had for how to keep from completely losing her mind while Lockheed was making her cum her head off and causing her thoughts to dribble out of her ears at a truly impressive pace.

Splitting her focus like this was how Kitty stayed sane and kept from drowning in an ocean of pleasure. But at the same time, it was still a lot. Lockheed, despite tying her up and basically doing all the work, was a VERY demanding lover. And she loved that about him, don’t get her wrong… but she didn’t feel like she was enough. She didn’t feel like she was nearly enough.

Rather, it was more like Lockheed could never truly go full blast without risking harming her. They couldn’t go as long as his stamina could last because in spite of all of Kitty’s personal strength, despite everything she’d been through, her own stamina wasn’t up to the task. If she could find another girl to involve in this, if she could find another woman as eager to submit to Lockheed as she was, then maybe they could finally find the purple space dragon’s limits.

They certainly aren’t going to find them today, that’s for sure. Kitty gurgles through the ball gag as Lockheed fucks her through climax after climax on her end. By the time he finally tips over the edge as well, she’s almost catatonic, her eyes rolled back in her skull and her body limp from the serious amount of pleasure he’s visited upon her. His cum splashing around inside of her womb is enough to bring her somewhat back to awareness, but she’s still as exhausted as she is satisfied, her tiredness going all the way down to the bone.

Of course, she doesn’t just love Lockheed for his big fat cock or his rough treatment or his skill with shibari. She loves Lockheed and happily accepts him as her Master because he cares about her. He doesn’t go beyond what she can take, even if he could likely continue for some time with how much stamina he has.

Instead, the purple dragon pulls out the inhibitor ball gag, letting Kitty phase through the nylon cords tying her up. Then, he helps her as she unsteadily walks to the bathroom, where they share a nice shower together. Aftercare was important, but even as they’re both cleaning up, Kitty can’t help but think that she needs to do more for Lockheed. He does so much for her after all.

The only question is, who would be the best woman to invite to the party? Kitty doesn’t know, but the more she thinks about it, the more her resolve firms up. She’s going to find a way to spread the joy of submitting to her handsome, hunky draconic master. No matter what.


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