Ch,71~ Parting ways
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" Young master Lin, how do you train your body to be this strong !? You almost broke my hand " while massaging his palm Zhang asked me.

" if you want you can join me when i do my physical exercises " shrugging my shoulders i offered Zhang to join me on my next training if he liked.

" Really !? of course i'll join you " simpleton Zhang was excited about it.

" Young master Lin, you're not only a soul cultivator but a body refiner as well !? How did you do it in such a young age !? Zhang spends all his time meditating or exercising and he only managed to clear 9 acupoints. Not to mention that his spirit minotaur helps him increasing his physical strength " Wang jumped in front of me and asked me his fanatic eyes told me his hidden dream, as someone who's a natural born with speed and agility he wished for weight behind each of his strikes.

The grass is always greener on the other side they say, it isn't that hard to miss the glint of envy when he watched Zhang send Lai flying before.

" if you want to learn how, it will be the old fashioned way. Join the training with Zhang if you like, but now that we're going to dock in the harbor it will have to wait for later " i didn't mind having others train with me.

" Oy leave my brother be, you lot prepare to dock. Remember the ship will be sent to old Guo's area for maintenance, after doing that you can take the token he gives you and head for the clan's residence in pearl city. Head butler Hai will be accommodating you and giving you your wages for the trip, as for me, Lin, Lai, Tao, Wang and Zhang we'll go straight for pearl city " Wei pushed Wang away from me then turned to the crew members and told them what to do.

" Yes young master Wei " the crew answered then returned to their work, the smiles on their faces full of happiness for returning home safely said it all.

Looking north and south i saw many other ships heading towards the same destination as us but from different directions.

" Halt " suddenly someone shouted from the ship front, because i was not extending my soul sense i didn't notice him earlier.

Surprisingly the crew and my new friends weren't surprised at all by this rude voice ordering them to stop in a commanding tune.

The crew did stop the ship and as i looked east i saw a man standing 50m in the air looking down at us in arrogance.

Clothed in white the same style of clothes Wei was wearing that resembled a robe with Blue pants underneath it strange for me but it looked easy to move in, his medium sized brown hair waving in the air. his tall muscular build with that raised nose and glaring black eyes as he crossed his arms in front of his chest said it all, he didn't look older than Lai but obviously he's much more advanced in his cultivation than him.

Because he's standing on air which means at least he's a spirit tyrant of the 1st stage.

He had a white sword scabbard strapped to his back at an angle while the hilt of the sword was completely Blue.

But the thing that grabbed my attention was the insignia at his heart area of two people sitting cross-legged side by side with a sword pointed downwards between them while each of the two holding the sword's hilt with one hand. it was Dark-gold with Two gold stars on top of the sword hilt.

" You know what you should do. Pay up or you can't enter the mainland through the harbor " the man dismissively said in annoyance as if he can't wait to get rid of us from his face.

" 10 Dark-Red coins per person, your ship has 76 people hurry up if you're paying i don't have all day " the man unleashed his pressure towards us intimidatingly as he spoke.

Tao remained standing in front of the crew members and dissolved the pressure from the swordsman.

Hmmm ~

The man noticed Tao's cultivation and didn't withdraw his pressure, he looked provocatively at him as if : Saying what are you going to do about it.

" Here's 8 Dark-Yellow coins " Wei acted as if he didn't see anything happen and offered the entrance fees to the levitating man.

The man didn't budge and stretched his arm forward from 50m up, obviously he was hinting for someone to bring him the money up.

And since no one can fly from the crew except for Tao who's in the same realm as him, it was clearly he was targeting Tao with his actions.

Crack ~

Tao clenched his fists and he was acting unlike his usual easygoing self.

" Control yourself Tao, he's obviously trying to get you angry. Even if you're angry don't give him the satisfaction of seeing it, if you're going to hand him the fees do it. if not, let me do it then to get over with this unpleasant situation " Wei sent Tao a sound transmission as he took a step forward intending to do it himself.

Huff ~

Tao released a breath to calm his agitation then ascended to the same level as the man then handed him the entrance fees in his hand.

" Welcome to pearl harbor, i'm sorry because i don't have any change on me. As a member of the cultivation alliance the currency i have is consisted of spirit crystals, these mundane coins are for mortals and third rated cultivators after all. Again welcome to the mainland, now if you'll excuse me there's other transactions to be made " the man kept the money in his ring then spoke in a polite tune with a chilling smile at his face but his words were full of veiled insults, he domineeringly refused to hand back the extra money to Tao.

" Since that's the case good day to you then, we leave " Wei wasn't affected by the man's words and ordered his crew members to move the ship to enter the formation surrounding the harbor.

" Grandpa Tao, i'm hungry. Yesterday you promised to teach me how to fry big fish. The small fish we caught a week ago grandpa Yong took them from Wei and he got all skinny because of it " when i noticed that Tao wasn't able to get over the incident with the cultivation alliance swordsman i called for him to come back, my words didn't mean anything to the crew members but Wang, Lai, Wei and Tao understood my message.

Ehhh ~

Tao was out of his clouded state when he heard my voice, he looked at the swordsman in front of him then smiled and headed back for the ship.

He completely ignored the alliance member who wasn't expecting old Tao to overcome his anger so fast.

" Count yourselves lucky that i'm busy searching for that deep seas water pearl, if not i would've played with you guys for a day or two. Tsk, the Tang clan dog's surely are getting better and better in tucking their tails between their legs " the swordsman said to the retreating Tao sarcastically while looking at a tool similar to a compass in his hand.

" This tool isn't helping at all in giving me a direction, before it was pointing west Now it's pointing at every direction like mad. i'm sick of this nonsense already, inspector Huang orders or not i'm tired of playing the rule of a coast guard. i've reached the spirit tyrant realm at the age of 25, i should be making my preparation for the tournament in 5 years not wasting time in here " the man spoke his mind like our ship full of people that just heard him were air, his attitude was like our ship was a garbage bag and we are flies on top of it.

Crack ~

Clinching his fists so hard that they cracked Tao was apparently very pissed off by what the man said.

" Men, lead us to the docks. i've been in the sea for 5 months now, even someone as fat as me with thick skin is feeling it itchy. Hahahaha " Wei tried to lighten up the mood while his back was full of sweat when he heard about the pearl he had before, put he's currently fit and symmetrical. All he got from the crew when they heard him were these looks of despise and side glances.

Cough ~

Tang Wei blushed and coughed in embarrassment then looked away, but his hand was cold and shivering inside of his pockets.

Bffft ~

Lai, Wang stifled their laughs at Wei's attitude then they looked at the agitated Tao and patted his shoulders both of them were doing far better than Wei in hiding their emotions when they heard the swordsman.

" Let it go old Tao, nothing good will come from getting angry " Lai said.

" Old Tao used to be the one with the biggest capacity for forbearance among us, i guess regaining some of your past achievements awakened some of your proudness buried in your bones. Looks like the stories were true after all, glad that i've witnessed that with my own eyes " Wang said as he punched Tao lightly on the chest.

As for Tao he was looking at me gratefully with his eyes in silence while his friends tried to pacify him, earlier he was almost about to take action but my words made him awaken to the case of the swordsman being only the small fry.

While someone else behind the curtains was using the swordsman like a pawn for their own purposes, when Tao heard the swordsman words he was sure i already saw through the swordman's intentions and said what i said to help him avoid possible disaster.

Then the ship passed the area i felt blocking my soul sense before, that was the border of the formations.

First there was a pressure to my soul sense and i felt some force being generated from everywhere around me trying to block me from extending my soul sense out of my body.

When my soul sense was at the 3m length i felt the formation creating some kind of illusory second barrier around it, that second barrier didn't feel hard to break to me but i noticed it connected to the main formation with hair like tentacles that gave me the same feeling like alarm motion sensors. if the second barrier broke these sensors will be severed from the main formation, and i'll be found out.

in front of me was a massive gulf with countless sized ships docked on it.

For the first time in this life i'm in the same place with a huge number of fellow humans.

Hisss ~

inhaling a huge breath of this air i finally feel alive, before i still had doubts if this world really had civilization because of how few numbers of people i dealt with.

Now that i've seen it with my eyes i'm full of burning expectations for the journey to come.

" You lot take care of the ship when i'm away, when i reach Tang city i'll make sure to see if any of your families need anything. Then again it's only 2 years until you get to return to your families yourself, goodbye for now " Tao turned to his crew members and told them when the ship stopped at the docks.

" Boss Tao make sure to pay my family a visit for me ".

" Same here Boss Tao, my son is almost 12 by now see if he's taking care of his cultivation. if not you're allowed to roughen him up, i don't mind ".

" My daughter is almost at the age of getting married, make sure she's not being seduced by one of these Brats ".

The crew members were rowdy when Tao was leaving.

" Yes, now head for old Guo's area to prepare the ship like young master Wei ordered then return to the butler Hai with the token. Oh and enjoy your vacation, don't spend all your wages on the brothel or the gambling arena's. Or when you return home your wives will kill you, hahahaha " Tao waved them goodbye as he left the ship with me, Wei, Wang, Zhang and Lai.

" Hahahaha, you bet we will spend it all ".

" Have a safe journey back young master Wei ".

" Boss Lai next time we meet it will be in Tang city, let's have a drink when it happens ".

" Goodbye Boss Wang, next time we meet you'll find me perfect with the feather steps technique you taught me ".

" Boss Zhang next time i'll beat you in arm wrestling, fair and square then you'll pay me 10 spirit crystals like you said you'll ".

" Brat Lin, next time we meet i'll pay you back double for calling me a minion before. Hmph dare to mess with our crew, you're a hundred years too early ".

" Ya, you messed with the wrong crew ".

" Dam right, i'll make my son kick your ass everytime he sees you when i return. Don't say i bullied you because i'm older then ".

Heh ~

i was amused by these guys who were obviously feeling lonely already as we left the ship.

" i'll miss you too guys, take care of yourselves. Here, celebrate your safe arrival tonight with a drink. my treat " flicking my fingers repeatedly 70 times i sent each member of the crew a Dark-Purple coin to his hand.

Whoa ~

" Now don't cry and cause a scene because i'm leaving, otherwise others will see you and laugh at you " then immediately after giving them the coins i said that in a stressed tune full of hidden meanings.

When the crew noticed the highest grade of coin in their hand they were stunned, then they hid the coins in their rings in a hurry as they looked warily at the nearby ships to see if there's anyone who saw what Happened when they heard my warning.

" Good " when i saw the crew members react to my warning smartly i nodded then turned around to leave with my new friends.

" Young master Lin, take care of yourself and have a safe journey back. Please watch over young master Wei and Boss Tao, Lai, Wang and Zhang ".

The whole crew were stifling their agitated emotions and shouting at us from the back as we walked away.

" Fuck you assholes, we're the elder bunch here. are you looking for a beating !? " Lai turned to the crew and waved his fist at them.

Hueck ~ 

" Shit Boss Lai is angry, quick lets go for old Guo to hand the ship over to him for maintenance ".

Hahahaha ~

When the crew saw the annoyed look on Lai they turned the ship and moved away, but their rising Laughter made Lai almost pop a vein in anger as his eye kept twitching.

" Thank you young master Lin for your generosity " Tao sincerely thanked me with a bow.

" it was nothing, now what are you planning to do !? " While asking Wei what's on his mind i was looking everywhere as i looked at people unloading ships and others carrying things over.

it was bustling with noise and movement everywhere, it was so lively.

" i'm planning on leaving the harbor first, there's nothing for us to do here anyway. Let's go to the city first, there's a monster transportation point north. We'll rent some then head for the northwestern gate of pearl city, if we hurry we can arrive before nightfall " Wei said then led the way north for that monster transportation point.

Whiplash ~

Hmmmm ~

After passing a ship on the docks i saw some fancy clothed man use his whip to hit some people in chains, the sight didn't need any explanation whatsoever.

Their rugged dirty linen clothes that barely hid their privates and their scrawny malnourished bodies that didn't get a proper meal in a long time.

" Hurry up, get on the ship already or i'll throw your asses in the sea if you waste my time " the man mercilessly kept whipping the line of slaves as he spoke.

" Brother Lin, we need to go " Wei noticed that i stopped and said to me as he looked pitifully at the line of people, he wasn't comfortable with the sight as well but he looked to be in a hurry.

" This man is obviously a cultivator, why's he taking mortal slaves for !? " the man was a junior spirit realm cultivator, in my opinion he didn't need to use this violent savage method to control these mortals.

" They're descendants of the demon race, he must be taking them for the west islands to sell them on the auctions there. They can't cultivate but they can do jobs better than the dwarves sometimes, let's mind our own business and not interfere with theirs. Otherwise the alliance people will not let the matter go " Wei was trying to make me leave with him by pulling me by the shoulder.

Looking at these people i felt strange closeness towards them somehow i couldn't understand why i felt that.

Shaking my head i gave them one final look of sympathy before i turned to leave with Wei, unawarely clinching my fists so hard.

i was never someone who liked to see the world perfect, in a way i liked it's mistakes. And always looked at them as a natural things born inorder for us to work harder in fixing them, but these sights of needlessly oppressing and unjustly treating others were unacceptable for me.

" Someday, i won't need to walk away out of helplessness again. i'm sorry for being weak " as i followed Wei and the others i muttered inaudibly to myself.