Ch,2~ Fresh Start
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Light !!?

i'm pretty sure i died.

" Hehe such a fool you are ".

Hey bitch not now, i'm trying to think this through.

" Oh dear, the idiot is a hopeless case, look around moron ".

Huh, where am i.

Wait this feeling.

it feels oddly familiar, yet new.

is it my soul.

" impossible " i shout aloud in denial.

" Hahaha i fooled you again, you spoke to me ".

i hear that voice within laughing in triumph, i tend to ignore it and i never answer aloud to it's nagging.

Whenever it happens it gets all drunk with the feeling of besting me.

" But still there is two points to be clarified, First point is that everytime you replied to me in your mind it was in fact you losing the game, second point is that in here i'm not inside you ".

" i'm everywhere ".

Then i see another me getting split from my body then turning to face me.

Suddenly in this soul dimension there was two of me and i felt intimacy from the other me.

One and the same, yet two at the same time and place.

" How did you do that " i said with a hand raised half way up, clearly in shock.

Do you know what makes a scientist mad ?, when someone achieve some supernatural incomprehensible scientifically actions in front of us.

it makes us doubt our knowledge, which is the thing we rely on most to think.

Now my mind is getting chaos attacks.

" Calm the fuck down " my copy reprimanded me then looked around.

" What is it " i ask as i feel something coming towards me.

" You feel it too " my copy said.

" Mmm, something is coming ".

Then i heard a woman's voice screaming her lungs out. Then the light gets turned off.

Now i'm in complete darkness.

Then i feel movement around me and it feels to me like i'm in a tight, warm, soft place with something pushing me forward from behind.

Light is at the end of this place and i'm heading towards it.

Then i was pushed out from there.

a woman on her back with sweat all over her mostly visible body and i just came from between her legs, underneath me a piece of animal fur with sticky liquid mixed in blood on it and i knew the situation i'm in instantaneously.

Then i heard my mother scream again while her private part expanded again then she started to push again.

" Don't tell me that he separated himself from me so that he can be reincarnated as well " as i think such impossible scenario my mother delivered me a twin sibling clearly a younger sister as it seems.

" Oh Boy, i guess i'll be having a slutty sister from now on " once i saw her glowing eyes i knew who is driving that meat suit.

Why do i feel much lighter !!?

What if that thing is gone forever from my inner self !!?

Does it mean that from now on i'm free from the annoyance !!?

Hell yeah, i'm in love with this experience of reincarnating already.

Right on sister, go independence.

Soo far Soo good.

One weight of my shoulders.

Phew ~

Our mother removed our physical connection with her by pinching our umbilical cord, then she held us close to her chest to feed for the First Time.

During my meal i kept my eyes on my little sister, those mischievous lip's of her were greedily sucking mother's nipple.

Foolishly loosing her mind over the idea of mere living, the kid is so absorbed in breast milk, what a hilarious story that perfectly fit as a blackmail material, welcome to my world sis, if i wasn't face stuffed with Tit's right now i would burst out laughing even as a newborn Baby.

After i had my fill i pretended to sleep, and mother placed me next to her on the floor.

She did the same to my sister, then she rested next to us.

it was starting to get dark so the visibility was fading to my Baby eyes as i was exhausted too.

" This cave doesn't look safe at all mom " this was the last thought before sleep took over my senses.

When i woke up it was still dark all over, it seems like i won't be able to move my body the way i want anytime soon.

it was an irritating feeling to be aware but not able to move as you wish.

So i started with my neck and kept focusing on gaining absolute domination over it, because it is even more annoying for me to keep staring at the same thing longer than it should.

By daylight our mother fed us again then left us wrapped up in the fur skin and stashed us behind a huge rock at the end of the cave.

The angle of my view was blocked by the fur, so i resumed my attempts to gain control over my enfant Body.

When i tried to talk all i heard was "aaaah" when i tried to say "hello".

i sigh within, sleep seems to be the only choice at the moment.

i woke up at my mother raising us up from our hiding spot which is in my opinion the dumbest hiding spot ever, not to mention any predator on the food chain will find us in a heartbeat.

My mother left at daylight every day and returned just before it was dark, i was speechless at how irresponsible she was we are just new Born Babies, you're supposed to feed us every 3 hours, how can you leave us hungry for so long, me and sis held on to our hunger and never cried, but we wallowed in silence, where's the Love Mom !!?.

it's been a month now and for a change when mother returned today she wasn't alone, there was a man with her and his clothing was almost non-existent and old if you consider it on the historic order that i know of, it belonged to nomads who mostly lived in places with little life in it's ecosystem and suffering from the lack of resources, that must be making their lives hard.

But i can't be too sure of my predictions, i need to see for my self first.

it's been a boring month for me, so it would be nice to have a change into our lives.

From that day onwards whenever he came back mother joined him and we slept alone, when he left she joined us in her sleep.

As for my Body takeover, i can proudly say that my eyeballs movement, was completely under my control in the 10th day, but doing a few eye rolls was tiring and it made me drowsy if i did it for long, lifting my head from the ground felt like weight lifting, after a month i was finally able to do it for 10 seconds, it felt like my neck is strong enough to withhold the weight of my skull and able to balance it out.

At every chance i kept a sitting position for as long as i could, just to look down at my little demon of a sister just to have fun, i was strangled by boredom and inability to move.

That man was dumb he kept trying to make us sit while scratching his head when sister fell back to laying position while i kept my position, Soo stupid right, children take at least three months till they're able to sit and you need to support their back while positioning them man, how much of an idiot are you, that's common knowledge you know.

But i had fun watching my little sister tumble left and right while staring daggers at me whenever i was in her eye line, here i am sitting still in complete balance in front of her, while her weak neck kept failing her, i giggled every time when it happened.

At day 44 they had sex all night long and believe me i wished for death all the time, i slept and woke up two times while they're at it, even bunnies don't have that kind of stamina, such strong libido is leaving other competitors in the dust for sure.

The next day my mother left with the man and i felt her mood change when she returned alone, i tried to grab her attention by making noise and she did as the man used to do to me.

She helped me sit.

But i mumbled more and more while doing the gesture of refusal, which is shaking my head left and right whenever she looked at me.

But she doesn't seem to get my intention.

Sigh ~

So i continue my training of my arms, as i focus on lifting each arm in turn one time each, then i change the angle but i'm Soo weak and tire easily.

Whenever i get tired i sleep.

my sister seems to like laziness, she feed or stare at me all the time, other than that she is asleep.

She's still ignoring my attempts to communicate with her, i guess she is angry because of my earlier prank with the dumb father.

Well suit yourself sis i won't waste a single moment.

Two month old and i finally managed to stop all the primitive reflexes from happening to me, finally got rid of all that twitching and kicking for no reason.

if i turn on my tummy i can raise my upper torso and head, my next goal is to be able to sit alone, drawing strength from my core to raise my upper body from the ground was challenging for me.

Actually what i'm capable of Right now is already ahead of others, but i liked the challenge of it, from the moment i came to this second life i had this ambition.

i want to be Great.

The past life i reached the limit of Humanity when it come to intellect, but i never had my Genesis operation so my experience of doing supernatural Acts was throughout the suit not my actual body.

Which is something that i regret to be honest.

Then again i come to realize a simple fact, no matter what you do or who you are, you never get everything in your life.

We all regret in our lives, no matter how Big, Small, or Tiny , the regret, you get Hit by that emotion, and you must experience it at least once.

if you treat that fact as a bad thing, it affects you throughout negative emotions, like envy, greed, pride, wrath and other negative emotions.

But if you take it in stride, you start seeing Life in a different way, full of light and spirit to grow.

You feel Peace of mind.

Third month, my father returned with what appears to be his hunt, how i wish for them to light a fire, it's starting to get cold at night.

if i my guess is right, now is the start of autumn, and it seems they don't even know how to make fire.

i can sit on my own now, and stand with the help of that man who i think is my father, he was very happy when it happened, but he kept letting go and i fell, which made my sister giggle, i kept staring daggers at her while feeling angry at my father for being such a complete bully.

Common knowledge says we start doing that at 9 months old, to balance our bodies during a standing position, my point is you're 6 months too early asshole.

Secondly, why the fuck would you do it only to me, at least do the same to her too, i would like to see that happen.

Thirdly, i'm starting to like the idea of you having sex with my mother instead of torturing me like that, which is making me feel guilty come on dude just let the Baby go, how can you be this sick.

But the thing amazing me the most was that their life without language was extremely boring, and it didn't seem to affect them much, they weren't bothered by it they either, ate, drank, had sex, or slept.

i kept sighing while enduring a Fall after Fall.

Day 100 my suffering ended and the sick demon left finally, and i discovered that my hands and legs were more capable.

At least i gained something from all those falls.

Crawling for twenty meters tired me out but i was happy, so i snuggled my sister to sleep with my full intention of making her as angry as possible.

Fourth month, i was able to use the cave wall to stand still for a whole second without falling, then i fell.

And the lazy one stopped having the primitive reflexes, but my interpretation of the situation was that those reflexes were waking her up from her sleep, so she stopped it only to sleep more soundly.

As for crawling towards the cave entrance i won't do it, the distance is more than 20 meters, if i crawl on this hard rocky terrain i'm bound to be injured.

only if one of them carry me out, will i see what's out there.

And the bully is back.

But i won't be as miserable as the last time pop's, everytime he made me stand up i would squat down and touch the ground with my Palms, then i would sit down and stare at him with contempt for bullying only me.

Gradually he lost interest of the game of bullying me, and returned to the game of gaining my mom's favour.

Fifth month, i can stand on my own for a whole minute, lets walk then.

Steady now, slowly lift a leg, then move it forward no rush.

Whenever i had my whole weight on a single leg, i kept losing my balance, my joints are still weak huh.

And the weather started to lower even during the daylight, while wind started gradually to pickup speed, my cold resistance is making me worry for my own health during the winter with those primitive parents of mine, what happens when i get the cold, and i would need someone to attend to my health if it happens.

At least bring other fur as a precaution and preparation measures for the winter to come guys, or make some door to the cave to block the wind.

One thing at a time, i focus on balancing on a single leg, my legs needs to be stronger inorder to walk, as for the door problem just you wait mom, as a thank you for having me as a child i'll gift you a comfortable life.

But i need to be able to do it to think about it, i don't need distractions, for now i should learn to walk first.

Day 160 i took my first step, and my tongue finally started to respond to my Control, so once i did it i raised my hands up to celebrate while uttering a : 

" yeth ".

My sister took a seating position then gave me a few clumsy clap's while giggling.

" Woo " 

She gave me that cheer then lost her balance and fell back to the fur, yawning in enjoyment of drawing her own breath, sucking her finger asleep.

And my mother's belly started to swell again, which made me not surprised at all, after all those monkeys go at it like there's no tomorrow.

My father is away for 15 day's now and my mother looks so sexually frustrated, it's been more than 3 hours since me and my sister ate and we're getting hungry, so i crawl towards her and i grab her arm then i try to drag her towards my sister so she feeds us.

When she found me dragging her, she woke up from her day dreams and carried me towards my sister, then she helped us to her chest while giving me curious looks.

After we finished the meal my sister slept and i continued my walking experience, then my father barged into the cave carrying a big piece of furry leather which appears to belong to some kind of Bear, but it was like 3 meters square and it wasn't even the complete skin.

Then he went out and returned with a huge pile of dry grass, which he spread under the huge long furred skin piece, it looked more comfortable than my bed so i changed location to the new piece of fur.

i got placed away at once and they started having sex.

After sighing i returned to my training.

Next day my father went out then returned with another piece of skin and some dried meat, plus some kind of wheat like seeds that he emptied on a stone container on the side next to the water container.

Then he pushed a stone towards the cave entrance, and made sure the exit hole was tight enough to allow a grown up enter the cave sideways.

Now we have the bed plus the cover and the provisions, i just hope the supplies are enough to last the whole winter.

Sixth month, winter came and as you know during cold weather i don't function properly, and what makes it worse is the lack of clothing so my only source of warmth is my twin sister snuggle or my mother's body, but the problem is that father, he keeps getting in the way of me burying my body on my mother's embrace, because of his endless Lust.

So my only destination of warmth was towards my lazy sister.

" Brrrrr " i make the sound of someone who's cold as i sneak under the cover and lay next to her.

" unn " i see her nodding at me with her head then she gave me a smile.

" Ar uo colth " i ask her.

" Un "  nodding her head she answers me.

i feel stronger than before but the cold alone is enough to waste my stamina, so i decided to conserve my energy during winter.

And during this coldness i decided to work on finessing the ability of speaking, at least i have a partner.

My lower central incisor is officially out only a matter of time till it's fully out.

Seventh month, i'm feeling the cold under the leather fur, which is not good for me because when i get cold i become uncomfortable, and i can't sleep when i'm uncomfortable.

My sister seems to know about it i noticed her sticking close to me all the time like a gecko, but her efforts seem to be working and it's much better than before.

Father lost his vigour by the middle of the month, all he does all day is stare at the ceiling laying on his back in complete silence, the only way to know if he is awake or asleep is the snoring sound.

Mother feeds us when i tell her, she tend to neglect us unintentionally, so i give her the call and she will come feed us.

" Mama " i call my mother and she hurries to answer by revealing her chest to us, and my sister's eyes light with greed as she dive head first for her food.

" Perv " i smirk at her funny action while i take my seat on my mother's lap, then i reach out to my mother's face and i pinch her cheek gently with a smile on my face.

The result is a smile on return and a hug plus a face rub, as i start my meal i think how women are gentle kind creatures by nature.

After finishing my meal, i climb her thigh for elevation then i give her a kiss to the cheek  then a hug to her neck as a gesture of thanks.

Eighth month, my upper central incisor is out as well, now i can eat fruits if i dont get breastfed.

Problem is, we don't have any kind of fruits here.

But the cold is insane, i'm technically inseparable from my sister at all times, but it seems both of us feel the cold encroaching deeply upon our Bones now.

The grown-up's are taking it with stride, which makes me angry because i have a lot of ways to remove the cold but i'm incapable right now.

As i hear the snores, the final bit of patience i have wears off.

That's it you big lazy ass monkey, since we need fire you're not going to have the Honor.

" We need fire " i say to the koala stuck on me.

" Ya " she answers while getting off me weakly.

A sign of fatigue and vulnerability towards illness.

i head to the edge of our bed and i pull out some dry grass strands, then i return to my sister's warmth and i start working on the strands of the grass.

if i light them on their current weak hollow form, they will burn out faster than ever and the whole pile under the bed will probably be consumed in 6 or 7 days, while winter can continue for more than a month.

And i can't communicate with any of my parents, so if we run out of the Grass strands i won't be able to get a refill.

So i planned to create a thick line of the grass by twisting it onto a rope first then we twist it tightly to a disk, after it's done i soak the bottom half wet with water then i light up the upper half with fire that way the fire would last and i can even cook on it.

The mere idea of cooked food made me Drool, it took me two days to complete it only because my hands aren't dexterous and nimble enough yet.

" Mama " i call mother and she thinks it's time to feed us, but i shake my head and fore finger for her and she stops in front of me with her head tilted in confusion.

" Up " i say with my hands reached for her and she smiles at me.

" There " once i am up, i point towards the water container with my forefinger, my mother looks at the strange disk in my hand then towards my intended destination.

When she looked at me again i gave her a nod to indicate to her that she figured it out Right.

" Go mom " i say again to eliminate her hesitation.

She reached the water container and lowered me to it's level, i dip the lower half of the disk carefully in the water then i pull it out after it was soaked well.

" All good mom, lets go back " i smile to her then i follow with a kiss, then i point back to the bed.

Mother smiles back at me then she goes back to bed.

As soon as i'm at the bed border i tell mother to let me walk.

i make a pile of rocks fit around the half wet grass rope disk, i grab some of the dry grass strands and leafes and i crush them on top of another flat rock by a stone, then i scatter the dry grass powder on top of the disk.

Now for the final job which requires Mother to do it herself.

" Snore~ fsheew SnoOore Fsheww " once i heard that loud snoring voice i had the urge to go and stuff his mouth full of grass to shut him up.

" Mom come " as soon as i called her,i saw her standing up then she even stepped on father's abdomen Midway towards me, that felt good and scary as well.

" Sit " i told her to sit while patting the ground next to me indicating her to sit, which she did.

i take two pieces of stone then i show her the motion of hitting the stone against each other, while pointing towards the prepared elevated disk position on and on till i saw mother nod her head, so i gave her both rocks.

She was clumsy at first but i kept correcting her angle of hitting, till the first spark happened and mother got startled and she threw the rocks away mid screaming in fear.

" Tehehehe, chicken " sister said it, and somehow it feels like mother understood her, her cheeks blushed and she stomped her way towards her and spanked her buttocks.

" Wooo wooo wooo " sister seems in Pain as she wails under the cover while feeling her buttocks, i kept chuckling in bemusement at such scene.

On the way back towards me she stepped on father's chest again, but he was still asleep and snoring, he even had Drool on his face.

Somehow i admire his thick skin, his pregnant wife is lonely after all.

When she returned, i stopped her from retrieving the stones.

" Don't be afraid mom, the spark won't hurt you " i tell her as i Pat the back of her hand to soothe her agitation.

" Unn " she nods to me then i get a free hug and a smile.

" Now get the stones back, i'm barefooted and it's cold " i tell her to go and retrieve the stones.

After a nod she brought the stones back, and resumed her attempts on something she doesn't know the use of.

After many corrections and guidance of where to aim the spark, it finally landed on the dry powder and i started blowing air at it.

" Hoooof hooof " smoke started to rise and finally the fire is lit on the disk.

" Woah " i see mother with a mouth wide open in disbelief so i pat on the back of her hand to calm her down smiling at the warmth i feel while feeling accomplished.

i keep my hands close to the fire feeling blessed.

" Join us sis " i turn towards my twin sis and i call for her while trying my best not to laugh as i just remembered her getting spanked.

" Hmph, you're good, snort " she seems mad as she crawled near me then she slept stuck to me with tears in her eyes so i kept patting her back.

Mother was enjoying the warmth of the camp fire, every now and then she would give me a hug or a kiss to the cheek, she seemed happy and that's good for pregnant women.

When my father woke up because of hunger, he found himself sleeping alone with us three sleeping near the fire, he was terrified by the fire and he stuck his back to the cave wall and made noise at us to wake up.

When i woke up i knew what's the situation, so i got to my feet and made him the gesture of palms facing the ground while saying :

" everything is alright dad, it's just fire, nothing harmful ".

When he saw the grin on mother's face he knew he just embarrassed himself, so he lowered his head and joined us near the fire with eyes full of wonder.

The heat reignited his vigour as it seems, so the rest of the day mother was on her back moaning and my father breathing ruggedly.

i hated having to be on the same place during such occasions, but there's nothing i can do for now.

When they finished father returned to snoring, mother was blushing when she saw me frowning my Baby face at her in reproach, it seems she understands that i am aware of their act and feeling embarrassed by instinct.

" Mom " when she heard me calling her, i swear it felt like a cat's tail getting stepped on, she was startled by my call and gave me that wary look.

Just what's going on that brain of yours i wonder.

" Come let's go there " once again i point towards the provisions corner and mom carries me there.

There is water, dried meat, and the wheat like seeds.

Seasoning none.

Vegetable none.

Salt none.

i decided to first search the walls of the cave for any salt accumulated on them.

After making a simple torch with the dry grass, i light it and have mother carry me as we search the walls from top to bottom, it was fruitful there was indeed some crystalized on a few places.

After collecting them in another stone container mother is confused by my actions again, i know because she stares at me with her head tilted to the side.

i don't want her as a hindrance on the things to come, so i grab a small piece of dried meat and after adding a pinch of salt to it i gesture for her to try eating it with a smile.

" it's good " again i reassure her as i see her sniffing it twice.

" Mmmm " she just gave it a try and she chewed it in slow enjoyment.

" Ah " once she found out that her joy ended as she finished her piece, i smiled at her reactions she felt like a kid who ran out of candy.

" Now lets try to cook food for you angel, consider it partial payback for bringing us to this life alright " smiling i say to mother as i take a quarter of the seeds, and the dried meat, then i scoop some water on the empty container.

" Mom can you bring those near the fire !!? " i point towards the ingredients, afterwards i make her the gesture of carrying them, then i point towards the bedside as i speak.

After nodding to me mother brought them near the fire, then she returned for me.

At once i look for a rock with a somewhat sharp edge, it took me half an hour to make a somewhat knife from it, i had all the dried meat cut as small as possible.

All that while mother watched every move of mine like a hawk.

i tasted one of the wheat like seeds and it wasn't bad, i didn't eat it just had a taste after all i don't know if my stomach will be able to handle it.

So i started removing the outer layer from the seeds, i kept the layers accumulated on the side to try something with them that i think might work.

i have mother place the stone container full of water on top of the fire, i kept telling her to be careful because a simple water splash can kill the fire.

Since she started to faintly comprehend my intentions through my gestures, plus hearing the weird sounds that differentiated in different occasions, over time she was able to respond to my guidance and communicate.

And she did the job right, i waited for the water to boil, adding the salt first then the skinned seeds and it started to smell good already.

Father awoke to the good smell, he wanted to scoop a handful of the water that smells good.

" Dad don't " i rised my voice to warn him but he seems to ignore me.



Mother hit him on the back of the head and he cowered momentarily as if to question her behavior, i knew he will try again i have to solve it with the carrot and the stick method.

" Come " i gesture him to come near me and he doesn't seem to understand, mother pulled him near me while glaring.

After sucking the tip of my right hand forefinger i point to the boiling water then i gesture for my father to try.

Mother heartlessly took father's arm and stuck it wrist deep into the boiling water, no surprise he gawked then pulled his arm out of the water and blew air at it while looking at the boiling water with fear.

" Hot " i point at the fire and the boiling water then i say the word while flailing my hand in the air.

i get a nod in return from my parents, they get the idea as it seems.

Then i point at the ice blocking the already tight entrance.

i say : " Cold " while hugging my shoulders and acting the shivering part of cold.

Again i get another look of understanding then a nod.

sighing in relief i take my mother and father to the corner of the cave where the water container is.

i dip his stung arm on the cold water.

At once his face expression changes from someone in pain to someone taking a piss after holding it in for a whole day.

and i hear him saying : 

" phew " ~

i smile at the circumstances this family is in and we return to our pot.

After adding half the fine cutted meat the smell became much better, but i didn't stop there i brought the collection of seed layers, then i started crushing them till they became fine like flour, the color is a little brown but i'm fine with it.

i add water to the flour and salt then after kneading it to dough, i add the rest of the meat to it and i shape them into different animals, then i lay the flat rock on the side of the fire with the baked food on it.

Finally i stir the soup with a stone ladle every now and then, i scoop some on the ladle and i have mother blow on it then i taste it.

After bringing 4 more pieces of meat and sprinkling salt on them, i leave them to grill on the hot stone slap and it started to smell good after getting done by the heat.

As i got busy i started seeking to present the perfect first meal for Mother.

All that while my father watched like a lost puppy, i'm sure he's losing his patience.

The soup is done i have mother bring me an empty small container then i fill it for her then i remove some animal shaped bakery and two pieces of well done meat for her to eat.

My father did the same and i won't lie i felt filial, and proud of feeding my parents and bringing satisfaction to them.

But i had to warn my mother from the hot food again.

The weather is cold after all so in no time at all they where slurping it and eating happily.

" Woah " mother was touching her cheeks with both hands in a feminine reaction, which i saw as cute, but my father had a hard on from it, then the smell of good food distracted him.

Whenever they finished their soup i gave them a refill.

i finished my little experiment, then i joined my sis and rested my Body next to her.

The parents ate their full then they sat in silence, i think they're mulling the last experience in their head again, seeking confirmation weather it was real or a dream.

" Mother we're hungry " i spoke after seeing no end in sight for their daydreaming experience.

" Uh oh " she was startled awake, then she hugged me and my sister towards her chest.

As for my father he kept looking at me as if i was boy wonder, then his attention turned to my mother's chest and the lust started to ignite in his tummy again.

i finish my meal then i lay my head to sleep.

Last thing i remember hearing that night was, mother starting to moan and when it got a bit high pitched i was lost in my sleep.

That month i made them food again once, then i instructed mother another two times on how to do it, and now she can prepare that meal on her own.

As for my father he was living the life of Kings, i bet he was thinking so, that satisfied look and that cocky attitude, i'll not be surprised at all if he went and challenged the Chief of the tribe for his position, if there was such a thing.

And i made myself a leather shoes, first i made the dry grass strands into locks, then in and out of a piece of leather that would be the sole, sturdy but somewhat lean, then i covered it's top with another double layers of leather with the fur facing the sole of my feet, for more comfort and so that it would prevent my feet from getting cold, accumulating sweat or getting slippery during long walks, the heel had support reaching as high as my calf with two wing like leather pieces whom i cover my leg with for warmth, and tie the rope on top of to further prevent my shoes from slipping.

All in all i can move freely in the cave now but Winter isn't over yet.

And they're still doing immoral things in front of the children.