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Hello readers.

This is me 4t4t, the author.

First i would like to apologise for something.

To those who read the first 5 chapters before i edited them.

" i'm sorry " kowtowing.

i'm embarrassed to say that when i tried to read those first 5 chapters i found so many errors in them, so i spent the last two days on correcting them.

My point is : try to re-read those 5 chapters if you have time, maybe you'll find less holes in my story.

Second i promise to double check on every new chapter i write from now on.

 4t4t out ~ Peace


i don't even know what will happen if i drib my Blood on the Ring, i have the accumulated knowledge of many novels.

That scenario was mentioned many times, once you accept you get attacked if you lower your guard.

it always end up in the Hero gaining advantage, mostly at a cost of almost biting the dust.

From the tune i just heard, he sounded at death's door.

if i risk it, the result of me failing to defend myself will be the ruin of my family.

The idea was mind consuming, strange mind talking Ring and it's instigations with the hidden meanings.

i stand there feeling conflicted, at one side there was the Dream of mine that i kept looking for the Day it would come true.

At the other side was the safety of my new Family.

i want to be Selfish.

Just this Once.

As i head for the arrows quiver to the side feeling determined i hear Lily's voice : " Lin, hurry back in it's getting cold in here ".

" Sun, take that Bow and leave it in the armory, then hurry back here " i order Sun then i focus on the important matters.

i hurry for the quiver then i poke my forefinger tip on one of the arrow heads.

Then i carry the ring with the other hand and smear it with Blood from my forefinger.

Nothing of what i expected happened, the Blood didn't get sucked into the ring, i didn't get sneak attacked by some remnant spirit trying to posses my Body.

None ~

" When you reach 6 years of age i'll awaken again " again i heard the weak voice in my head.

" Just who are you, why would you wait till i reach the age of 6 years " as i look at the ring in disappointment i ask with a frown all over my face.

" My name is Jin Bao just a loose cultivator, at the age of 6 the Spirit awakens for the first time, if you're fated you might be the one to inherit my Will, if you don't even have a Spirit the ring will disappear and won't appear again until you die, during that time i will be feeding off your vitality so that i can find another suitable candidate " i get Jin Bao's reply which further makes me confused.

" That's it, won't you at least give me some advice, warning, or goal " i'm on the verge of begging on my knees man, this is my dream you know.

i'm doubting myself of being hallucinating right now, if i'm left to my Brain there will appear more than a million rejections to your existence.

" Sitting cross-legged and meditating proved to be helpful for Awakening the Spirit the First time, that's the advice ".

" Don't train your Body for now, you wait until you're at the age of Spirit Awakening, i once heard that from a formidable Senior, that's the warning ".

" They say the Spirit is the result of our Will, the stronger the Will the stronger the Spirit and vice versa, while meditating try imagining your Spirit when you do that try strengthening the imaginary Spirit, that's the goal ".

After i heard the last of old Jin's words i find the ring disappearing from my left Palm, when i tried searching for it i felt it on my right hand ring finger.

When i stopped looking for the Ring, it disappears.

i tried a couple more times just to make sure, i was still in denial to be honest with you.

Sun returned and i hugged him in a boundlessly ecstatic mood, we even did a few rolls on the snow with me laughing out loud in complete joy.

" Scoff "

When i heard my mother's voice i knew i was noticed on this inappropriate situation, especially with Father's current critical situation.

" Sun, the quiver to the armory now " i order Sun then i head for the angry pregnant mother, since my mood is super fantastic, and my dream is 3.5years away and within reach already.

i head for mother, then i turn and represent her my smooth Baby butt with a forward bend.

Go on Mom, spank till the arms numb if you want, today even if i got raped by a donkey i don't think i would care much.

" Bffft, Little Lin do you think Mother is fond of child abuse, still it looks Soo smooth Mommy is Soo envious of yours, can i feel it ?" once i heard that i pulled my pants up, then i felt Soo embarrassed for this misunderstanding, redness crawled my face till the ears so i escaped to my room.

" Hahahaha, that will be our secret Little Lin " i hear my mother's voice as i run, i almost fell when i heard it.

" Mom, did i tell you how much i love you today ?" As i hear Lily's voice i began to worry for the secret already.

" Ooh, i don't remember Lily telling me today " Mom's answer was lazy which made my worry lessen, at least my secret is safe for now.

i can bribe her with jewelery, women's eyes Light with jewelery after all.

As i sit in my room thinking of this Day, it really is a strange day full of ups and downs, embarrassment, joy, shock, deceit, anger, sadness and competition.

" Come on Mom, i swear never to tell anyone, not even Lin " when i heard Lily's voice i unconsciously had this shiver to the back of my head.

" Lily be good, Mother will never tell a Soul about it i'm sorry " i was almost brought to tears when i heard Mother's adamant refusal.

" Cheh, stingy " i Snickered when i heard Lily protesting at my Mother for being tight lipped.

Then she barged into the room with a frown on her face, she was annoyed by my smirk when she saw it.

" What ?, you got a problem, broh " she crossed her arms while staring at me with anger.

" Why would you neglect the source and look for the distributor, idiot " i snigger in delight.

" Just so you know, father won the bet, you no longer have the wine storage under your control, wipe that smug look of your face " She supported her waist in a show of force.

" The wine storage ?, i don't need it anymore, you can have it if you want " i show my generosity as i smile in content.

" Cut the crap, what happened " finally she Lost her patience of playing this game of cat and mouse.

" Dreams come true, that's what happens " mysteriously i answer her question.

" Huh, No way, you're bluffing " Lily choked on her own words, then after reading my calm Body language she still wasn't believing me.

" As i thought, since you don't believe anyway why bother " i raise my shoulders as a sign of giving up.

" Prove it " this was her final argument.

" Sure " i say as i raise my Right Palm to her face level, then i make the Golden Ring appear.


She was staring wide eyed in disbelief as i made the Ring disappear again.

" No way, no freaking way " Lily jump's up and down with my right Palm in her hands.

" Tell me everything, don't miss a single detail " after calming down she hugged my hand and dragged me to the couch and sat next to me while asking for information.

" i was retrieving the Bow,...."

i started telling her everything.

" From now on we need to meditate daily, the thing about imagining our Spirit is very vague, still we have nothing to lose " i start listing our priorities.

" Mmm, what about Mom and Dad, can they join us !! " She asks me, but i really don't know.

" We'll have to wait for old Jin to wake up first " i shake my head, that's all i can do for now.

From that day my lifestyle changed, now i wake up, have breakfast, play with Little Lao and Sun for a while, then i meditate till i feel hunger.

After the meal, i take my time feeling myself for any kind of improvements then i resume meditating.

Finishing the second session of meditation, i eat my third meal then i go rest at the bed, eyes closed i start letting my imagination run wild, as i try to search for something that i might find suitable or to my liking as a Spirit.

Now, Spirit is something supernatural, if i try to imagine something natural it gets within the natural border of thought, while if i try to imagine my Spirit, which is supernatural it gets much more complicated, because even with my vast Brain i still can't fathom the possibilities, they just keep raising in numbers, improving, evolving, just like a being with endless growth.

if what old Jin said was true then the First step would be identifying the Spirit, Second strengthening it.

Somehow i feel like it shouldn't be just ending on the strengthening part, but i didn't even identify my Spirit yet.

in the beginning i couldn't stand sitting down cross-legged, i couldn't stand doing it for more than one minute, without having this irritating urge to scratch my skin or move my body, and believe it or not it got accumulated with every second.

While experiencing that emotion you want me to try to feel my Spirit !!.

i can see failure waving to me already.

All i got in my mind right now is, a Brain, who turned into a sponge, experiencing the feeling of getting poked at repeatedly.

Melt down point.

Freeze point.

Shut down point.

You name it, my brain had just reached all those points many times in the last few days.

But i endured, after all this was the Dream.

Then after a whole two months of doing all that like clockwork, i had a problem with the Spirit imagination, whenever i try to imagine my Spirit i kept getting the sight of the end day repeating in my head.

i don't know why it happened to me, but i paid it no mind and kept trying to search for my Spirit.

The meditating was much better on the other hand, i'm no longer vulnerable to the scratching or twitching for no reason tendencies, still i can't feel anything but oh well, i still have nothing else to do.

As for Lily, i didn't worry much, she's a Smart girl, she can handle her self.

The last month of Winter was peaceful with nothing out of the ordinary.

Now it's Spring's First day, Father is getting ready to leave, i ordered Sun to follow him along with Moon, i told him to be careful in his scouting and not to attack any prey untill Father order him to, and to flee if he discover any intimidating opponent.

They Left at sunrise and i headed for the Pool with Lily and Lao, we left Mother to rest at the cave she was on the last sprint of her pregnancy.

Nothing is wrong with the wheat Field as it seems.

Days went by and a week after Father left i noticed some movement when i left the Pool with Lily and Lao.

There in the middle of the wheat field there was over a dozen silhouettes creeping towards our cave.

i noticed them when we were on the highest point of the road back to the cave.

it was the worst scenario, we have no way to reach the cave before them.

We have no way to protect ourselves.

While our pregnant Mother is alone in the Cave right now.

" i'll distract them when they reach the end of the wheat field, you take Lao and head back to the cave through the Eastern tunnel Shortcut, close the front door First, then have mother take the machine crossbow from the armory First before coming for me through the western tunnel shortcut, the location there is more suitable for her circumstances, tell her not to worry and just wait by the door of the shortcut for me, as for yourself prepare food and drinks first then look for all the clothes that we won't need anymore and bring them all to the Eastern tunnel shortcut front then close the door back, tell mother to take some food with her in the bag, make sure of that " i grab Lily's arm and tell her of my spontaneous plan.

" Be careful, don't be a Hero " Lily grabs Lao's hand and head east.

Once i made sure Lily was out of sight i waited until those men were almost out of the Field.

Then i screamed at my highest possible tune : " Over Heeeere ".

When i saw them turn towards my direction i wave at them then i sit down and wait for them to come.

Come on i'm almost three, if i try to run away i'll cover at best 100m before i get caught by them.

Plus i need to delay for as much time as possible for Lily to do her part of the plan.

i see them straightening their spines then after looking at each other, i see the one third from the right nodding.

So that's the Boss, Huh.

He had a big physique, even more exaggerated than my own Father, he was 3m tall with muscle blocks stacked on top of each other, wearing almost nothing with a big bone on his hand, he looked intimidating but i'm sure if my father got half serious he can wipe the floor with him.

The one to the far Left with a lean physique and tall limbs and a little hunchback, bolted my way.


He is faster than my father at his best record, but i can't be too sure about that, since the old sneaky father learned to hide his strength, that man doesn't seem to be doing his best either.

Slow down man, take your time.

He reaches me and raises me up like a chicken, turned me in his Palms and felt my clothes and touched me all over.

" Hey, watch your hands man " i say as i slap his hand of my penis.

" hehe " i get a foul stenchy smile with missing and broken teeth in return from the skinny fast fellow.

Then he started taking my clothes off against my Will.


Molester, Pervert, pedophile.

" They're not even you size " i say with a hand covering my private parts.

He grabbed all my belongings then lifted me by the armpits, and headed back to his Boss.

as i stand naked in front of them i look at those intruders warily one by one.

The Boss looked my way first with a squint in his eyes then reached to take my clothes of the skinny one's hands, after feeling them and even smelling them he smiled.

WTF, why would you smell my clothes for Dude.

He looked around then pointed towards our cave entrance then he made me sit on his rough Palm against my Will, my smooth butt was feeling every thing.

At least give me something to sit on Man.

But i had to delay them more so i started to climb his arm to his shoulders and sat on it, then i started to pull his ear and slap his face.

Hrrrm ~ 

My slapping wasn't even grabbing his attention, so after pulling his nostril hard i finally get his attention.

He stops walking and the group follows after him and stops as well, i sigh in relief inside for succeeding in making them stop.

i point at the Boss and then i make all those simple gestures to ask if he is hungry, and he nodded my way.

i give a simple nod back then i look forward, he does the same and continues to go towards our cave with the group.

i kept on delaying their forward March with all kinds of gestures that i interacted with their Boss, sometimes i asked if that one chubby man is hungry or if that other dirty woman was hungry or if those two youngsters were hungry, and he never seemed to feel anything wrong with me asking, since i already mentioned i was hungry as well.

i just exited the Pool, and my tummy was screaming for food and growling with all kinds of different sounds as i sit on his shoulder, he heard them himself.

Once they reached the door it was closed.

They were intimidated by the picture depicted on the door, the twin tigers looked intimidatingly fierce.

After all it was done by me.


But they don't seem to be aware of anything happening without them knowing.

They started scattering and looking everywhere around the cave, they came up empty with nothing in return but our traces.

Plus the furniture left outside for when we dine in the open air.

The little swing for Little Lao, the forge, etc.

When they started to search on a wider domain they discovered my pregnant Mother, standing with worry in her eyes at the shortcut entrance of the western tunnel, that tunnel is heading South actually but since it's on the western side of the cave, i called it the Western tunnel shortcut.

Anyway mother can kill them with a squeeze of the trigger if she wants, and i'm here to guide her on what to do.

The door was on a rocky Cliff wall side, with the area to it's east lower with nothing to block the view, no one can sneak up on her when she hold that position, she can see us coming from up to 900m away easily.

They inched closer to her slowly.

" Mom, shoot the bag of food towards the front 50m from you, then shoot the first one to try to reach for you in the leg, then go in and close the door, after that wait for me on the Eastern shortcut door, be prepared to close the door after i enter at your fastest speed, make sure Lily did what i told her, if she hasn't finished help her speed things up " i shout for Mom to hear me then i watch the group look at me in puzzlement.

Hmmm .

The Boss gives me a cautious look.

Too late big fellow.

Mother did as i said and fired the bag to the ground in front of us, when we reached the bag location i pulled the Boss nostril again to grab his attention.


i climb my way down his arm till i reach the rough Palm and stand while pointing at the bag then my growling tummy.

He answers me and heads for the leather bag and lifted it up.

i reach for it and take it.

He snatched it back from me.

Asshole Boss.

so i gesture for him to open it.

But he can't do that with one hand busy lifting me up, can he !!?.

He placed me on the ground with alert obvious in his eyes, apparently he thought i would try to run.

But after noticing my lack of resistance plus the group members surrounding me he turned his attention towards the bag in his hands.

Opening it he found meat and baked food in the bag.

The good smell grabbed his attention instantaneously.


Reaching in he grabbed a piece of meat and drew it closer to his nose slowly, i felt him smile in joy doing that.

Heh ~ 

My Snicker woke him up from his daydream.

That made the Boss look my way warily, it looks like he thought that i want to take it from him, i raise my shoulders in helplessness then i gesture for him to try eating it.

After taking a bite he was emotionally electrocuted by the salty well done piece of meat, the easy to chew on fibers made him experience the joy of eating for the first time of his life.


He was moaning in pleasure with his dick poking at the leather piece tied at his crotch area.

Ewww Dude you just made me lose my appetite, for like forever by making me witness such a scene.

When the others noticed the behavior of their Boss they inched closer to him and neglected my mother.


crowded together around us they started looking the bag in the hand of their Boss in Wonder.

The Boss felt his position as their Boss getting threatened, first he threw the remaining piece of meat on his mouth, then he clobbered the one next to him on the head with the big Bone in his hand, the group gave him their full attention at once.

The one who got hit on the head was puzzled by the Boss hitting him, but he did the same thing like the group members and gave the Boss his attention as well.

i was having fun, even though i'm stark naked right now.

i was bored by my fun-less life.

i was used to a Life full of action and human interaction.

Our family is Small, our neighborhood was neighbor less, even birds don't shit here.

Anyway, back to the Boss, he looked the group then choose the one most obedient to his commands, he pointed for him to come closer then reached his hand in the bag and gave him a piece of meat from the bag.

That man threw the piece of meat in his mouth, he bit hard on it just the same way he used to do with the raw meat.

Crunch ~

His strong jaw muscles made his teeth and molars bang against each other in a loud sound that reached all the group, i think they mistakenly thought it was some hard to chew on food because of the sound of that.

The look of them losing interest was obvious.

Mmmm ~ 

But the moan the man made as well reignited their interest with even more vigour.

The Boss was Happy with how things were going, he gave another piece to the one who he just hit on the head next.

The man ate the meat slowly in bless, with the whole group watching him and salivating.

Next there was a woman with a voluptuous body who kept rubbing her body against the Boss to gain his favour as well, he smiled lewdly at her then gave her a piece.

She kept touching her vagina while eating slowly and looking the Boss's way.

i was amusingly watching their interactions.

They all tried the meat, but there was not much meat after all.

They ate the meat then the Boss grabbed a piece of baked bread and sniffed it as well.

This bread was filled with blueberry jam.

Let's see how you people handle sugary food.

i was captivated by such novel experience, it wasn't something that i ever thought about, nonetheless watch it as it happens.

He took a bite of the bread and his eyes lit up with delight at once and he finished it in bless.

Sigh ~ 

The Boss sighed then unwillingly looked at the group.

it seems he doesn't want to give them any of the bread, but those guys were giving him dangerous looks, he knew he can beat three or four of them, but he can't beat them all.

if he got greedy they'll beat him up together and someone else will be the Boss in his place.

So he gave them some each then gobbled up the remainder of the bread before they finish theirs.

i wasn't surprised for not getting a share of the food.

" Stingy " i mutter.

After they finished eating they were still hungry and started looking at the empty bag in the hand of the Boss.

He threw it to the group.

They tore it apart and after finding no more they looked towards the source of the bag in greed "my mother".

" Mom remember to aim for the legs, if you Miss go in and close the door behind you, then go check on Lily " i turn and tell Mom.

" Ok, see you on the other side " she replies to me with a smile, looking more relaxed.

The Boss noticed Mother's protruding belly and her charming looks in her fine clothes.

His "hard-on" made me angry and insulted when i noticed the big tent on his crotch.

Hrrmph ~ 

My hrrmph woke the idiot of his day dreams.

He grabbed the fellow next to him and stopped him from going to catch Mom, while clobbering the one to the left on his head to stop him as well.

But he was late by a step.

The fast dude bolted towards Mom already.

Graaaah ~

The Boss howled at his loudest trying to stop the rebellious member from reaching Mother First.

But the fast dude was 20m from Mom by the time he shouted.

" Aaaah ".

Then he heard the skinny guy wailing in pained voice.

He saw him fall forward with a bloody shower escaping from his leg, then he grabbed his leg in horror.

The whole group was stunned only to awaken to the Hmph of my Mother as she closed the shortcut door shut.

i go over to the skinny guy while cursing at him :

" Asshole, you get what you deserve, you had to take my shoes Huh, do you know how annoying is it for me to walk barefooted ".

Once i reach him i take the belt from my belongings then, i tighten it on his leg to stop the bleeding, he feels a lot better and looks my way in gratitude.

Then i take my shoes and clothes back and wear them on.

My pants is a bit loose but i solve it by putting my hands in my pockets, just to make sure my pants won't fall mid-walk and embarrass me.

During that time the group kept trying to open the door Mom closed, kicking, punching, pushing, and even bashing rocks at it didn't work.

Of course it won't work.

Just who do you think made this tunnel in the first place.


After hurting themselves trying.

They scratched their heads while panting for breath.

After wearing my clothes i helped the skinny guy bandage his wound with the remainder of what was once the food bag.

i did that then i watched them as i sit next to the wounded fellow.

" You guys are Soo dumb, if you don't mind me saying " i talk in boredom with him.

They camped on sight after helplessly trying for a while.

The Boss came and gave the wounded fellow a kick as punishment for his earlier mistake.

Then he sat next to me in obvious disappointment, after giving me a glance he turned away and sighed.

Growl ~ 

My stomach protested louder, now it is late afternoon and i only had an early breakfast.

After swimming for two hours and wasting a couple hours with those guys, it's been over 10 hours since i ate.

That didn't happen to me for over two years.


He slapped his forehead in a sign of remembering something.

Then he patted my shoulders consolingly.

" Huh, are you feeling regret for not giving me any, i wonder " i smile his way feeling sorry for the mindless fellow.

Then i gesture for him for food then i point East.


He tilt his head to the side.

i do the gesture again then i point East while nodding my head at him.

He nodded back.

They left the wounded fellow to crawl his way following us, i stopped leading them and went back to him and tried helping him to his feet.

He was wounded in his leg above the knee and Mom's shot hit his Bone.

" You thought you were fast, Heh " i tell the poor bastard as i try to help him.

i couldn't help but remember when i saw Mom use the machine crossbow for the first time.

After i taught her how it works i handed her the crossbow and watched, as Mom took aim with it and looked through the aim and calmed her breath, just how i taught her.

Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang.

She had such aim accuracy, just mind blowing.

i tested her aim on moving targets next and she never missed.

Later i had father throw rocks randomly at high speed but she still has the record of bullseye shooter.

Then i gesture for the Boss to help him walk by holding his arm.

Snort ~

He looked at him then snorted.

Growl ~ 

My stomach protested again.

i was not leaving the Pervert behind, so our Pace was slow like a turtle.

When the Boss had enough of the slow Pace, he clobbered a random member of the group and motioned for the woman to help him walk, then he pulled me forward to lead them for the food i promised him.

The Poor skinny wounded Pervert was hit by Fortune after Misfortune but that story is for later.

i led them to the Eastern shortcut door, Lily did her job and left food and drinks, even some newly made wine, and some unneeded clothes.

The Boss made sure order is in place by clobbering two rebellious fellows on the head.

Then he gave food to them, when he gave me my share i returned and gave it to the woman who helped the wounded fellow walk.

They were busy with food and drinks.

Nobody cared for my whereabouts.

" Time for me to leave " i say as i open the door to the shortcut.