Ch,20~ it Hurts
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According to old Jin i should be starting my Spirit cultivation already but since i'm still on this land of forgetfulness it is currently postponed.

His advice was to strengthen my mortal Body and to dig deeper in my potential by laying a Firmer Foundation for my Future road of Spirit cultivation.

As for the Soul strengthening training he told me that my current Spirit control is good enough for my current Body, any further training to the Soul is currently unneeded, since a stronger Soul means a better control over my Spirit, while a stronger Body means increasing the Spirit's over all attributes plus the bodily abilities.

He emphasized the importance of balancing the training according to what the current me needs in every moment of my cultivation journey.

'Never hurry yourself, always maintain a steady mentality in your training ' old Jin kept saying over and over.

That's why i'm training my Body like mad, old Jin gave me a bodily training manual, he said it was the only one he has in his collection, it was Missing the Last part an incomplete manual with the name of " Blood and Marrow Purification ".

' since your mind eye is able to make you control your Spirit partially and that is enough to the current you, why not train your Body in the couple months to come with this manual, doing that will strengthen your Spirit this Land doesn't suppress bodily cultivators after all ' that was his advice.

The incomplete manual had three levels, first level was meant for mortals.

First it worked at raising the Body's endurance by focusing on prolonged routines of punching and kicking while moving around.

When the stamina is high to a certain level you start working on unblocking your acupoints, when you link some of them according to the " Blood and Marrow Purification " you start controlling your blood circulation and concentrate it on these unblocked acupoints passages, it's called Qi revolving.

At the First day of Winter i unblocked the first acupoint.

Located in the middle of my chest, the First level of "Blood and Marrow Purification " has all together 6 acupoints for Blood, 6 acupoints for Marrow.

First you start unblocking the Blood points, then the Marrow points.

" From this moment you're considered a Body refiner, but the road ahead isn't paved with flowers " old Jin looked happy to see me succeed.

" Ugh, it stinks, what is this greasy sweat, it smells like something dead and rotten in here, i'm heading for the shower " i hurried to the bathroom ignoring old Jin advices.

' But i'm not even 6 years old, when did my Body accumulate all these impurities within, what if someone older wanted to be a bodily cultivator does that mean he'll eject even more impurities, which will make his success in unblocking them harder ' after washing my Body clean of sweat i soaked in the huge tub, then my thoughts started wandering on their own.

" Your air, food, water, is filled with impurities, us cultivators live and get stronger by drawing the elements in the air into our Bodies, if we don't do that we eat to replenish our used energy, our food itself is nourished by the elements in the water and air, sometimes miraculous medicine gets Born by nature and some Lucky cultivators find them, in this Land it's like a curse stripping it from Life, all it is able to bear is those mortal trees and weak animals, that's why it's called the Land of forgetfulness the deeper you go the more weak you become with nothing to replenish your strength with, finally you get corroded by impurities and you end up unable to return backwards, you get forgotten in time " old Jin sounded afraid of this Land.

" Should i move this village South then !!, Will they be safe here after i leave !!? " i started to worry for them.

" They're mortals, impurities doesn't affect them much, the danger of this Land is pointed towards cultivators, the danger to their lives comes from the inner area and what's beyond it, the monsters in there formed their true cores and started their demonic cultivation, but they're rarely sighted on the inner areas by loose cultivators, they'll be safe here in the outer reaches, as for the danger of Cultivators they refrain from entering the boundaries, not to mention the outer reaches, these who do are desperate loose cultivators at the end of their lives or being chased for something they did, in here they'll be a lot safer than outside don't worry " old Jin was confident in his words.

" What happened to this Land of forgetfulness in the first place, has it always been like this a forbidden Land for cultivators !! " i was getting curious about this land.

" Legends differ on this matter, but none of the Five Great sects spoke of this matter to the world, and i was a loose cultivator caring only about myself the matters of the world were none of my interests " old Jin simply didn't care.

" Anyway, now that i unblocked my first acupoint will there be any additions to my training menu !!? " i asked the question old Jin was dying for me to ask.

" Just balance between Soul and Body training, you're on the First step on both ends, if you walk only one road at a time you'll end up returning sometime to walk the road you neglected, anyway it's your own road the choice is yours to make, i'm just a blabbering old Soul " he sounds like a neglected housewife, ignoring him in the Future will be accompanied by severly annoying repercussions as it seems.

First thing i noticed on the next training session was the all over increase in my attributes.

At less than 6 years old i could carry my weight at ease, my speed almost doubled, i lasted three times longer until i got tired.

That was my Pure Body's Strength, no Spirit, or Soul involved.

When i unblocked that acupoint i discovered that it enabled me to use my Spirit longer without getting tired or running out of breath.

My Soul started to get more material in my training as well.

And i found that affecting my Body refinement, i was capable of smoothly controlling my 'PUMMA' particular routines.

they all seemed mysteriously related.

Second month of Winter Moon gave birth to 6 Cubs, 4 females and 2 males.

The village dwellers Celebrated under the falling Snow.

The whole village didn't wait for spring to come after all, they were creating, building, making all these new things Lily said she will reward those who do, these tasks meant them getting a better chance of gaining a companion after all.

They saw it as an honorable thing to do, they were seeking higher status in the community.

She found a metal lode near the place the Poor man died by my Father's arrow.

it was a new type of mineral but it proved to be conductive to heat and electricity.

Now that i think about it, when i leave Lily will change this area to be suitable to her civilization Sense.

As long as they're safe i guess.

Today while doing my physical training my wings appeared on their own, i didn't care at the beginning but the sting at the area between my lungs made me stagger during motion.

Ughh ~

i couldn't help but grunt in Pain.

" Endure it, there's another symbol flickering on one of the Feathers end " old Jin's voice was full of expectations.

" Awwww, it hurts " i fell to my knees with both Palms pushing against my ribcage front.