Ch,24~ Game of Wits
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The girl ran towards a precipitous area, her momentum slowed down because of the upward climb.

Noticing that the highest mountain top was 400m to my Left i decided to leave the luggage Box there for now.

i didn't get near the girl and stayed at the mountain top to observe her more, but she was heading towards danger.

7km in her path there was a giant lone tree withered and completely leafless, on top of that tree was a group of Brown vultures that looked like the Andean vulture but double the normal size of the Andean vulture, in their midst there was an even larger sized vulture totally Black and his oversized Beak Blood Red in color with Long, rough, featherless Legs with three dangerous looking Claws at their end.

Sitting on the tree top like a king looking over the area around him with his Sharp eyes.

" Turn Left girl you're going head first into a vultures nest " i warned the girl of the danger ahead but i maintained my distance by flying a hundred meters up towards her back.

Eh ~ 

She got startled by my voice and turned towards my voice direction in alarm.

" Huh, a little Boy with Wings, no these are not real Wings, is that..... A Spirit !!!, H.. How !?, No no it must be a hallucination " she looked at me and started going through all these different expressions then made the gesture of rubbing her eyes.

She looked worn out by the Chase of these guys wrapped in Black.

The first impression i got of her was a sophisticated twenty something woman who's been through a tough experience.

Her messy Black Hair and the Light Green eyes staring at me through these Long eyelashes with her perfect eyebrows roofing her eyes from the naughty Light peeking at them.

Cute nose taking the Centre of her Face with two cheeks who got their blush taken away when she was shocked by my Wings being actually my Spirit.

Her Small mouth with those delicious looking lips widened and that enabled me to see a perfect row of White teeth that Shone when Light landed on them.

Her Small Shin and these ears hiding shyly behind her strands of scattered Hair, with that Proud Long neck lifting her Head.

1,8m tall with Long slender Legs that i was able to see one of them to the upper thigh through a Long Cut in her dress, wearing ankles high shoes that looked fine made with that Dark Green sole of the shoes that looked extraordinary merging with the leather top, it looked comfortable to Wear. 

Her slim waist and the flat tummy with her midsized chest protruding proudly and her petite shoulders with her dirty arms.

Even in that miserable state she's in, she didn't lose her Aura of sophistication and Charm.

" This girl is not Simple, tread carefully now Lin " i heard the advice and waited for her to speak First to know what kind of person she's.

" Ah, you're still there, oh no i need to keep moving i can't let them gain anymore ground " she looked at me again after rubbing her eyes and was startled again after seeing me flying in the air in front of her, then she was startled awake again when she remembered the guys following her.

" i told you there's danger ahead of you, you should run Left " i saw her continue in the wrong direction so i repeated my advice.

" Ah, what's ahead " she asks.

" A group of vultures " i say as i start flying Left i wanted to talk to the woman, maybe i'll get to know something new.

When she started to follow my lead i made sure she was always to my side never to my back.

Hmmm ~ 

She noticed my guarded attitude it seems.

" Who are you " she started asking me.

" Lin " i answer her.

" Where are your parents Lin " she handled herself well in that rough terrain and she looked experienced.

" Nearby " i squint a little as i answer i didn't like where this conversation is going but i dodged the question by mimicking a young Boy's attitude of being careless.

" i'm being followed by baddies who want to hurt me, can you help me " she started asking in a cute way by giving me a gesture of being scared with a horrified expression on her face.

" Maybe " when i saw that action i answered the way an uninterested kid that age would've acted, i guess.

" i can't find my way in here, can you help me with that ".

" Please ~ ".

Putting her Palms against each other tilted in front of her Face while shaking them back and forth in a pleading gesture she said.

" Why can't you find your way, where do you want to go " i was finding it weird, she have eyes on her Head and if she went to a High place she can notice the Waters in the far South.

" You tell me why do you have Wings, then i'll tell you where i want to go " she offered then smiled at me.

" Why can't you find your way then ?, if you answered that maybe i'll tell you the secret of my Wings " i threw the ball back to her while smiling within.

Oh ~

She was startled again by my answer.

" First tell me your name, auntie " when she heard me ask for her name she were happy, but i swear i saw a twitch appear at her Face for a moment there when she heard me call her auntie.

Snort ~ 

" Y.. you, Who's auntie, you're auntie ... sigh, just call me big sister Mia " i thought she was over it, but suddenly she snorted and while pointing at me in Anger and almost reaching the point of completely snapping at me and cursing my family she stopped suddenly then sighed in depression, then she told me her name in downheartedness.

Seeing her droopy shoulders i wanted to laugh aloud, here we are one Senior acting like a spoilt brat, and a Minor playing with a Senior's emotions in his hands.

" You didn't answer my question Senior Mia " giving her my innocent Puppy Face i ask.

Her face looked pale when she heard me call her Senior, just like someone who got stabbed in the kidney she even staggered back a step.

Huff Huff ~

" You see ' Junior' Lin, i'm one of this group that's called Cultivators, when we walk on this Land we get all Fuzzy and DUMB, we become Soo stupid we can't tell East from West " she stressed the word Junior then told me the reason she can't find her way.

Eh ~ 

i was confused by her answer.

The Sun is just Right over our heads, all she need is to look up to tell East from West.

" She's Right, that's why it's called the Land of forgetfulness in the First place, all cultivators see in here is a foggy sky, they only see visibly on a radius of one km anything beyond that is a thick curtain of white fog, nothing was able to unravel that curtain " old Jin confirmed the Truth of her words.

" Where do you want to go then " i ask.

" we had a deal Junior, you didn't tell me why do you have Wings " she held me calling her auntie and Senior against me as it seems.

" One day i woke up from my sleep and found them on my back, now it's your turn " i complied with her demand but my answer was not helpful to her in anyway.

Giving her my innocent smile was provoking her i just know it.

Tsk ~

" i want to leave of course, i need to return and tell Lord Father these guys will regret it for sure " she gritted her teeth in Anger when she remembered her pursuers.

" How would i know ?, i've never left before " i had this impulse to tease her.

" Uh, how could i forget such a thing you're too young to know your way around this Land " she slapped her forehead when i pointed that out.

" Why are you being followed by baddies Big sister Mia " i was giving out to her to distract her of my crucial question, i wanted to hear the answer to this question.

Because depending on her answer i'll decide to either help her or just pack my stuff and leave.