Ch,29~ Disgrace
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Half a minute after the assassins engaged the flock Sun returned with Mia at his back.

" Hohoho look at them, their Cerberus is about to Die no saving for him in that dire situation, that Black Vulture King is not Bad he managed to cripple an arm but i don't think he'll be able to snatch anymore achievements now that these Two assassins are focusing on surviving this ordeal " Mia was ecstatic when she saw them suffer and voluntarily handled the commentary.

" No no why are these Vultures retreating, they're still alive and kicking and they're turning tail and running, these cowards don't they want to avenge their Dead " Mia got emotional when she saw the flock retreat just like some fan watching his favorite sport.

" Over 90 Vultures Dead, 35 immobilized by the Cerberus venomous Fangs, one killed by the Cerberus Tail Sting in its death throes their losses are severe " i told Mia the flock's casualties, i was not comfortable with dragging these Vultures into this mess in the first place but i had no other choice, i needed a fast solution because i had no more time to waste my Dream was waiting for me after all, they did more than enough already by getting rid of the dangerous Cerberus and crippling an arm of the assassins plus the scattered wounds on their bodies were nothing to scoff at. 

" oh well i guess it's my turn, these bastards better be ready for the main event " she pulled up her sleeves and was ready to kick some assassin ass.

" You do you, i'll sneak attack them with Sun if they drop their guard " i was eager to see her in action.

She smiled when she heard me and gave me a Wink then headed for the assassins direction.

she must've thought something naughty when she heard my last verse.

Sigh ~

i sigh as i think 'she's helpless'.

" Hey assholes didn't you Miss this Mother " she was standing at the Dead End high Wall and hollering at the Two Assassins who were trying to get some rest while tending to their wounds.

" Do you know what day that is, its the day you call retribution, reckoning, this day you assholes get what's coming, prepare to die " she was throwing trash at them from a high place with spittle flying two meters from her mouth but her feet didn't budge from her place.

'is this dog all bark and no bite' i think as i stay hidden behind some rock at the assassins blind spot.

All she did was curse at them, other than that was more cursing, is she really a Sword Master !!.

When i changed my perspective i agreed to her choice of not going down to this enclosed space when facing these two assassins, first they are the ones after her not the other way around, second since they're injured and climbing this high distance at their current state will tire them even more, third they can't take their time and recharge their energy because Mia as the target can just turn and leave and if she did that after their Cerberus is Dead, they'll not be able to re-track her position.

These assassins proved my point when they started climbing the walls at a hurry, they were afraid Mia leaves and they lose sight of her before they climb up.

For the first time since these assassins were placed under my surveillance, their teamwork Broke.

The one with the crippled arm was having it tough when he climbed with one hand, his partner on the other hand was injured but not crippled when he did his Best to hurry his wounds reopened and he started bleeding like a geyser from them.

i didn't hear him say anything when that happened.

'such strong Will, his mission is Paramount, these guys are fearsome in a certain way' i had this thought when i saw the sight of the assassin ignoring his Body's dangerous state and refraining from stopping because he didn't want to lose sight of his Target's location.

i secretly Patt Sun's Head gently he was standing on my shoulder, when he looked at me i use the sign language to convey my message.

- we will hit the cripple before he reaches the top, our mission is to make him fall down, when he near the top i'll get to his level discreetly and you'll strike him down with your claws after changing to Battle form, even if you Miss him change back to Kitty form and take your distance from the baddie - that was my message to Sun and he gave me the high-five gesture with his Tiny paw.

The one bleeding from his injuries reached the top while the crippled one was barely halfway.

" Finally, i was starting to get bored here, come to Death " Mia's excited voice rang in the area and echoed.

Death ~

Deat ~

Dea ~

The assassin secretly tried to change places with Mia on the initial opening of their clash, Mia countered him by changing from an overhead swing to a backhand Slash, she ended his attempt of taking the advantageous position away from the edge from her.

She kept playing with him with the Sword in her hand, she Left him with a new wound on every swing she made.

i was able to notice the guy's movement getting slower because of his injuries and Blood loss, but he made sure to do his Best in keeping Mia from leaving at the cost of his Life, he was stalling for Time waiting for his partner to join him.

' how did they Chase her for Two years ' when i witnessed her handling herself with ease i had this thought.

" She just made a major breakthrough in her Sword intent, to gain Fortune after Misfortune is never the same as being Born with a Golden Spoon in your mouth " old Jin's voice in my head answered my confusion with a lecture as a bonus.

Noticing the other fellow reaching three quarters of the climb, i start sneaking stealthily without getting noticed.

He was distracted by his disability, plus his partner getting his ass kicked by Mia at the top.

The reason he knew his partner is getting a beating because Mia wouldn't shut up with the needless comments and cursing.

" Hurts like a bitch Right, well, have some more " 

" Ewww, you spurted some in my mouth, barf, blergh "

Even i with that perfect logical mind was confused by some of the lines i heard.

Are you sure you're still fighting to the Death up there !!.

Raising my shoulder once i went full speed at the crippled Assassin back.

Howl ~

Sun jumped from my shoulder and the assassin was shocked by the sudden appearance of a Tiger at his back.

his reaction to the predicament he was facing was Swift, he let go wanting to drop down.

Sun was not your average Tiger, he's a Demonic Monster after all, i trained him and gave him all the Care i could give.

When the man let go of his grip Sun's claws filled paw reached his armpit, his functioning arm was severed at the shoulder and the assassin was Left with one arm that was crippled.

Grunt ~

The man made a grunting sound as he falls, then i saw his cheeks puff out and i sensed danger.

" Kitty Form, now " i shout and Sun complies at once by changing form to a Small cat.

VZzZztt ~

Before managing to grab Sun in my Palms i heard that sound, and my Soul Sense picked up a fine needle purple colored that was flying towards where Sun's Head was when he was in Battle Form.

" Bastard, you dare think of harming Sunny Sunshine, i'll kill you " before i got mad at the assassin who attempted to harm Sun i heard Mia's wrathful voice.

Then i saw a head sized Stone whizzing towards the assassin's crotch.

" for your sin of trying to harm Sunny, You don't deserve this member ".

Another Head sized Stone whizzed past me downwards towards the falling assassin.

" For your sin of trying to do to harm to my Sunsun, you don't deserve this knee "

then another.

The man fell and died but she kept throwing Stones at his body till he was completely disfigured and not a Bone Left intact in his Body.

i watched the assassin die.

That was the first time i see someone killed in my presence and witnessing it with my own eyes ever.

My hands shivered and my stomach rumbling and i felt dizzying nausea.

i flew up and stood to the side of a Rock and emptied what was contained in my stomach.

" You alright Lin " Mia asked me.

" Uh, yeah i'm fin.... Blergh " when i turned to reassure Mia i saw the other assassin's mutilated Body and i started vomiting again.

" Hmph, you're a Total embarrassment, utter disgrace, i'm Glad you're not my disciple, ptooey " old Jin was kicking me when i was down.