7. On the flip side.
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Randy yawned, stretching as he pulled off his shirt. He was just about getting used to this early morning schedule now. He and Nikki hadn't hung out last night - apparently her dad was off work for some reason, and she still wasn't willing to tell him she was bringing a boy over. The guy must've been strict about that or something.

He leaned over to turn on the shower, feeling flecks of cold against his skin as it started to spray. Pulling his head out before it could get wet, he took the rest of his clothes off and waited for the water to get warmer. That was always how he showered - though he had heard cold showers were better for your hair and skin.

Speaking of which, he turned to the counter. He shared the space with Quinn, but his side had just as many (if not more) beauty products than hers. Definitely way more than the average teen boy had.

Yes, skin care was his guilty pleasure. He didn't care if it was gay or whatever, he just liked feeling soft. He didn't do anything too girly, like polishing his nails or wearing makeup, but he did like face masks a whole lot. Sometimes when he'd play online games, he'd put one on and just let it sit for as long as he spent shooting aliens or zombies. It was something about the tingly, cleansing, pore-opening sensation that he loved.

Randy studied his face in the mirror. There was a little shadow of stubble on his cheeks, so he was gonna have to shave in the shower - down there was getting pretty hairy too. Thank God for his water-proof, skin-close electric razor. Turned out Dollar Shave Club was good for something other than getting shilled on every other YouTube video.

He had a few whiteheads near his nose. He popped them all, making sure to rub some special skin cream on the area after washing it over with water. It was a trick his cousin had shown him, who was going into beauty school next year. Apparently the best way to get more whiteheads is to pop them and leave it at that.

What else? Oh, his eyebrows were getting bushy in the middle and around the corners, so he grabbed his tweezers and set on eliminating the scraggly new hairs. It wouldn't take too long.

Just as he finished, he got a notification on his phone. Nikki had texted him. "You up?" he grabbed his phone to type his reply.


"Showering?" Nikki texted back quickly.

Randy rolled his eyes, knowing what was coming. "Yes."

"Pics please????"


Randy looked himself in the mirror again. He looked nice today... maybe he... no, Christ, what was he thinking? She was just joking, and only creeps sent pics like that. Plus, this definitely wasn't the time for that... they weren't that close. He figured he should just joke along too.

"You first." he laid his phone down and hopped in the shower.

Just a few minutes later, he got another notification on his phone - but instead of a text, it was a Snapchat. He'd never used the app before - Quinn had made him download it a few months ago, and Nikki had asked to swap usernames last detention. 

Wait a minute. The pictures on Snapchat deleted themselves and you got notified if they were screenshotted, so it was what everyone used to swap nudes. Had, had Nikki sent him...?

Scrambling out of the shower, he wiped his hands dry, snatched up his phone, and swiped on the notifcation. The picture she sent popped up on his screen.

It was her hand. Just her hand. Flipping him the middle finger.

"Hot." he tapped out the message with a shaky finger, sent it, then laid his phone back down.

God, his heart was beating hard. And it seemed like most of his blood had flowed down... there. Just the thought of her body got him so hard... stepping back in the shower, he started up his razor again, trying to get the image of Nikki naked out of his mind.