11. House visit, part one.
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Nikki and Randy sat together in her car, parked on the street in front of Randy's house. She was dropping him off, but they had stopped by McDonald's on the way home from school - they'd actually stayed at the library for a few hours putting some time into their essays.

Randy remembered what Nikki had said about hitting up the drive-through that one morning, so they decided to go and get some hamburgers. Randy got a smaller meal, but Nikki had proudly ordered two Big Macs and a large fries. No wonder she was so... filled out. If she ate like this all the time, she must've worked out a lot or something to keep in shape, Randy thought.

"I'll pay next time." Randy said, stealing a fry from her bag. She slapped his hand away, but let him take it. 

"Don't worry about it." she took another fry and scooped up as much ketchup as she could with it. "Maybe we could hit up Burger King, I like that place a little better."

As she reached the drenched fry up to her mouth, a big glob of ketchup dropped down and splattered on her hoodie. Instead of wiping it off, she pulled up her hoodie with her other hand and licked off the stray condiment. Randy laughed at her, and she quickly became aware of what she was doing.

"I'm gross." she said apologetically, reaching over him to snatch a napkin from the bag on his lap. She made a show of being ladylike, daintily dabbing the corners of her lip, then wiped her hoodie clean. "Oh hey, look, your sister has her friends over."

Randy looked out the window. Yep, there they were, Quinn and the same two girls from last time heading out to play basketball again. They tossed and bounced the ball around, chatting amongst themselves.


Randy's attention turned back to Nikki. The girl had taken off her seatbelt, and was now pulling off her hoodie. She had on a loose white tank top underneath.

"I don't want to go home just yet. I'm gonna see if they'll let me play with them." she said, tossing her hoodie into the back seat after she had it off. She tugged at the hem of her tank top, adjusting it. "I recognize that one, her sister's on the soccer team."

"Oh... okay." said Randy, scratching his head. She seemed to be in a really good mood, which was unusual. "Well, if that's what you want..."

Randy slung his backpack over his shoulder got out of the car, following after her. As soon as she stepped onto the driveway, the girls paused their game and took a look over.

"Throw me the ball!" Nikki called out. On a whim, Quinn tossed it over. Nikki caught it cleanly and, just like in gym class, did that show-offy dribbling between the legs trick. Then, with her back facing the basket, she threw the ball over her head. Randy watched as it clattered against the backboard, dropped to the rim, rolled around twice, and finally sunk through.

"Wow." said Quinn. Her friends didn't say anything, but from the looks on their faces, they were just as impressed. "You're pretty good."

Smiling, Nikki tossed the ball back to her. 

"You want to play, Randy?" Quinn asked. He shook his head, but then noticed Nikki giving him a pouty look.

"I guess I'll come back and watch." he said. "Just let me drop my stuff off inside."

As the girls started their game, Randy headed inside. He passed through the kitchen to wash the burger grease off his hands, and to his surprise her saw his mom peering through the window that faced the driveway.

"Hello, Randy." she said, pretending to wipe a dish off just to look like she wasn't spying. "Is that Nikki?"


"Christ, she's got a great butt." Mrs. Martin said, shaking her head as she kept staring. "I can see why you like her."

Randy gagged.


"Is she hungry at all?" his mom interrupted him, pushing stuff around on the counter. She grabbed her cutting board, took a green pepper, and started to carve it into strips. "I can fix her a snack if she wants. Tell her to come in. Ooh, does she wanna stay for dinner?"

"We already ate." he said. Freezing, his mom dropped her knife. It clattered to the granite countertop.

"You two went out and got food?" she asked, wide-eyed. "Like a date?"

"A date? No!" she let him talk for once. "The McDonald's drive-through is not a date!"

His mom paused, nodding her head with her hands on her hips. "Good, good, I'm glad you know that. I raised my boy right. Your dad took me to the Burger King drive-through for a date once, we did unspeakable things in that parking lot. Part of why I divorced him."

"Please... that is, too much information." Randy rubbed his forehead.

Mrs. Martin stole another look out the window, and recoiled. "She's gone!" there was genuine distress in her voice. Randy watched in disbelief as she ran to every other window in the kitchen, finally stopping in front of the glass sliding door. "Oh, there she is. Quinn's showing her the pool."

Randy looked over her shoulder, which wasn't very hard to do - the lady wasn't too tall. Sure as she said, Quinn was taking her around the swimming pool, which still had the cover over it. She pointed out the reclining lounge chairs and the diving board. Nikki looked pretty impressed, asking her things while Quinn's two friends tossed around the basketball behind her.

"Does she like to swim?" his mom turned to him. "Explains those yummy thighs."

Randy gagged again.

"I can open the pool early if you want, maybe she'll like that. What do you think, should I do that?"

Huh... that, that might be good, Randy thought. Is Mom actually gonna be helpful here?

"I don't know." he said casually, stuffing his hands in his pockets. "I mean, I'd like the pool open early either way."

His mom gave him a knowing look. "Oookay, mister." she said with a wink.