14. The weekend.
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Saturday. Randy had a mountain of homework to do, but he hadn't even touched it. Instead, he had been pacing around the house all day, clicking his phone on and off.

Nikki. That girl had invaded all his thoughts. He wished he had a good excuse to text her about something...

Falling asleep last night had been really hard. He tossed and turned in bed, trying to work out his emotions, trying to figure out just how he felt about the girl. It had stretched on til morning.

Well, he probably shouldn't like her, after all the hell she'd put him through. But she had really turned around this past week... they had connected so quickly, it was weird. Her mean, teasing personality was really charming to him. And its not like she was all insults and taunts, she wasn't afraid to be open about her feelings and just be real. Not to mention she was really, really, really hot. Why did her ass have to be so nice?

He couldn't help himself but have a crush on her, despite everything that had happened in the past. But did she like him back was the question?

The thought of asking her out made his heart seize up in his chest. What if she said no? That would make the whole essay thing awkward... maybe he should wait until they turned the essay in. Or maybe he just shouldn't ask at all... she probably didn't like him. She probably thought he was gay or something, like everyone else did.

Sighing, he slid his phone into his pocket. He was hungry, so he headed for the kitchen. Outside the windows, he could see his mom talking with the pool guys... wow, when she said she was gonna get it open early, she wasn't kidding.

He opened up the cupboard, looking for his favorite snack - these awesome Korean barbecue kettle chips - but the bag was nowhere to be found. Damn it...

"Quinn!" he shouted, walking into the living room - he heard the TV on, and figured she was in there. "Did you eat my-"

His eyebrows rose at what he saw. The girl was curled up on the couch with a boy he recognized from school, a tall, athletic freshman who had quickly become popular for his good looks. Though he had known the guy she was dating was named David, he didn't know it was that David.

"Hi." the guy said. There was a bowl on his lap, and he took a Korean barbecue kettle chip from it.

"What do you want, Randy?" Quinn said, sounding annoyed. She sat up a little straighter, taking her head off David's shoulder.

Randy crossed his arms. "Uh, can you ask next time you take my chips?"

"Hmmm.... nope." Quinn hadn't been eating them, but took a handful just to irritate her brother. It worked. He was about to walk away, but then David said something.

"Hey, you're the guy that punched that girl, right?" he had a look of recognition on his face, shaking a chip as he talked. "Wait, is it true that she pulled your pants down?"

"Yeah." Quinn laughed. "Tell him about it, Randy."

Randy scowled at her, then walked off to the kitchen again. Leaning on the counter, he pulled out his phone again, staring at the screen. He wondered what Nikki was doing right now...

"What's up?" he hit send with a shaky finger. The girl replied in a few minutes, while Randy was fixing himself a bowl of cereal... but not with a text. She had sent him a Snapchat.

He looked over his shoulders, then opened it. It was a picture of her standing in front of a wide wall mirror - judging from all the exercise equipment in the background, she was obviously at the gym. She had still felt the need to add a little caption that said "at the gym" on the bottom.

Wow... she looked so hot in that tight athletic gear! A pair of those black leggings that she'd always wear to school, and a top that showed her stomach. Was she sending him a picture to show that off, or something? It would've been so easy to just send a text...

Randy sighed. He wished that there was a way to screenshot it without her knowing...

"Whatcha looking at, Randy?"

Out of nowhere, Quinn had appeared. Shocked, Randy dropped his phone to the ground.

"Jesus fuck!" he backed up instinctively, eyes wide. How did she do that?

Leaning down, Quinn snatched the phone up and gave it a look. She glanced from the picture to Randy, wiggling her eyebrows. "Wo-ow."

"Quinn..." Randy growled at her. "Give that back."

"I don't know how you think she doesn't have a crush on you." she said, speaking like a teacher giving a lecture. As a joke, she held the phone out towards him, but pulled it back at the last second. "Do you think girls send pics like this to boys they just want to be friends with?"

"Can you just shut up and give me it back?" Randy said pleadingly. It was hard not to be mean.

Quinn pulled the phone close for a sec, smirking.


Randy went ghost white. She screenshotted the picture! Tapping at his phone a little more, she handed it back. "Here you go!"

"I fucking hate you..." Randy wanted to sock her in the face, but there was a more pressing matter. Opening up the texting feature on Snapchat, he quickly started typing.

"I'm sorry, that was Quinn, she took my phone." he sent that, then added another message. "I guess she thought it'd be funny. I deleted the picture."

It felt like forever before she replied.

"It's okay lol."

Randy let out a sigh of relief. Fucking Quinn...

He tapped onto his saved pictures, staring at Nikki in her gym gear. God, she was so... was Quinn right? Did she really have a crush on him? It would be weird to send a photo like this just to a friend... but its not like it was intentionally sexy or anything. She wasn't puffing out her chest or turning so her butt was facing the camera. It really wasn't even that flattering a photo... people just wore clothes like that to the gym.

Randy shook his head. Why did this all have to be so confusing!