17. The mall, part two.
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While Randy liked clothes shopping a lot more than your average guy, after Primark, Forever 21, Abercrombie and Fitch, and Lord and Taylor, he was more than sick of it. If he saw one more overpriced cardigan or pre-faded pair of jeans, he was going to vomit. But Nikki seemed interested in following along with Quinn and her friends, so he just stuck with them instead of heading somewhere alone.

He was beginning to wonder if it was because she didn't really have any female friends. At least, he never saw her hang out with any other girls. Maybe this was a new experience for her? He watched from behind as she rifled through a row of crop tops, clearly lost by the chatter of the other girls, but trying her best to be enthusiastic.

Man, was she cute! He had always found her face a little... well, bitchy, for lack of a better term. That had completely flipped over the past few days. She always looked pretty now, even at her grumpiest. But when she was happy, it was just intoxicating. She was just so gorgeous when she smiled. He couldn't help but smile too.

"How long have you guys been together?" asked David offhandedly, through a mouthful of cinnamon pretzel. He had convinced Quinn to let him stop at Auntie Anne's, on the condition that he paid with his own money. Turned out the guy was actually pretty much broke. That explained why Quinn had such a sway over his purchases, Randy thought. His little sister was buying him everything.

"Been together?" Randy asked, realizing what he meant quickly. "Oh, we're, we're not like that. Just friends."

"Really?" David said, at first confused. But then a knowing look spread over his face. "Oh, alright."


"I mean, you're kinda like, obviously staring at her, dude. It's a wonder she hasn't noticed..."

What did he mean by that? Oh, wait... Randy realized now. His eyes had been fixed on the girl this whole time, even as he talked with David. She took something off the rack, holding back laughter as she brought it over for him to look at.

"Hey Randy, think I should get this?" she pushed it towards him. The teeniest tiniest crop top ever, embroidered with a little picture of an orange and the words "Squeeze Me" in a swirly font.

"It's so slutty!" Nikki laughed again. It really wasn't that funny to him, but Randy laughed along. "Who would ever wear this?"

"I mean... I wouldn't mind if you did..." Randy thought. He came close to almost saying it... God. Why did there have to be other people around?

Eh. Who was he kidding? He was too much of a pussy to flirt like that anyways...

The younger girls thought it would be funny to drag David along to Victoria's Secret, and so Nikki and Randy were there too. They stood awkwardly near the entrance, watching the kids from a distance. It was the first real moment alone they had got, but neither was taking advantage of it. In his arms, Randy carried Nikki's bags from the past few stores, along with the one that held the pair of swim trunks he bought. Quinn had insisted that it was only right for him to carry them for her.

"So... you excited to hit up the food court later?" Randy said, his best attempt at initiating conversation.

"Yeah, it looks like they've got some good places." she said. They had passed by it earlier. "You've been here before, right? What do you like?"

"Oh, well, they have this Vietnamese place that's good... and like, all the fast food places you'd expect... Chick-Fil-A is closed though, since it's Sunday, y'know..."

While he talked, he noticed that Nikki was leaning in through the doorway, peeking at something on display.

"What is it?" Randy asked. Nikki turned around, looking at him in suprise. She must've not noticed him catching sight of her.

Face flushing, she gave her answer. "Well, uh, they have a really good sale going on underwear. Ten pieces for ten dollars."

He looked for the sign and found it. It was on this weird wooden display, the sides covered with drawers, the higher part featuring tons of little separated built-in wooden bins. Each one was loaded with panties, a wide variety of different colors and styles.

"You gonna go for it?" Randy asked, hands in his pockets.

Nikki shrugged. "Well, I guess I would, but I already spent so much at the other stores..."

"I have money still." Randy said, shrugging casually.

As soon as the words escaped his lips, he went white, then red, then felt his chest clutch up inside.

"D-did I just say that?"

It was hard for him to look at Nikki. Her expression was hard to parse... a mixture of confusion, embarrassment, amusement, and more than a little shock.

"You, uh..." her face was as red as his was. "You want to buy me underwear?"

Neither could look the other in the eye.

"Well, I mean like, more like, y'know, like... lend you the money." he said, verbally flailing for his next words. "I figure, like, I owe you back for that time we got McDonald's, right? That was ten, or, or twelve dollars, right?"

"Oh... yeah." she replied. "Yeah, okay then."

Randy pulled a ten from his pocket, then an extra five. "I don't know how much tax will be." he explained, handing it over. Nikki took it, thanking him quickly. But then she didn't move for a little.

"Are you just gonna stand there?" she asked finally. He snapped back from where his mind had drifted off to.


"I mean, you can come with me inside... y'know, if you want to." she said, face still flushed. "I don't want to just go in alone."

"Oh... alright, sure!"

Quietly, the two walked in together up to the display with all the panties. As Nikki began to look through it, Randy averted his eyes, trying not to peek at what she was getting. He looked out for where Quinn was... yep, her and her friends were still looking around. Seemed like she hadn't noticed the two come in.

Eventually, it was too much to bear. He glanced over at Nikki as stealthily as possible. The girl was lifting up a tiny pink and white striped pair, looking it over. Instantly, the mental image of Nikki wearing them flooded into his mind. Leaning against the display, he casually crossed his legs.

"Not in public not in public not in public..."

Another glance. She had the striped ones clutched in one hand and was now checking out a little lacy black pair. She put it back down quickly, but Randy's mind had already pictured it.

"No no no no no no no..."

He couldn't look again. He couldn't look again!

He looked again. And this time, she was turning over a high-leg pink thong in her hands. She smiled... it seemed like she had found something she liked. Randy liked them too... uh oh.

"Fuck fuck fuck go down go down go down go down..."

"Hey, Randy!" Nikki walked over to him, laughing to herself. "Look at these!"

Nearly trembling from the effort of keeping any more blood from traveling downward, Randy just managed to flick his eyes over to Nikki. She was holding up a strange looking pair of underwear. Though from the front they looked like normal striped panties, the backside was made of a transparent fabric with little swirls of lace.

"This is ridiculous! It doesn't cover anything in the back. And that fabric is so uncomfortable." she stroked her finger along it. "I guess this is for girls who want to show off to their boyfriends, right? I can't imagine anyone actually wearing this, why do they even make-"

"I-I gotta go to the bathroom!" Randy cried, abruptly taking off after. He jetted forward with an awkward pace.

Nikki's gaze followed him in confusion. What had gotten into him?

After a few minutes of splashing water on his face to calm himself down, Randy came back to the store. Everyone had just gotten done shopping, so it was off to the next store. As the teens walked in a loose pack, Nikki drifted up to Randy's side.

"Thanks again." she said quietly, sliding him the change from the purchase. "I owe you."

"Don't mention it." Randy said. "And... you can keep it." he turned away the handful of bills and coins. Nikki shrugged and pocketed it.

From the front of the group, the two overheard Quinn and David speaking.

"I swear, if you drag me to another clothing store..." he had to be holding at least seven different bags. "Can't we go somewhere else?"

Quinn sighed. "Fine! Where do you want to go?"

"Auntie Anne's again?"

"Hmm... how about Hollister?"

David looked about ready to fling himself down the escalator. From his side, Nikki tugged on Randy's shirt.

"I'm getting pretty tired of looking at clothes too... want to go somewhere else?"

"Sure." Randy said, more than happy to stop.

Nikki called out to Quinn. "Hey, we're gonna head off on our own for a bit!"

Quinn looked back at them. "Cool, we'll just text you when we're ready to meet up."

The girls called out goodbyes as Nikki and Randy split off. The boy looked back to see his sister winking at him.

Well... it was just gonna be the two of them now...





Fifth on trending! No anime girl on the cover needed. I'm so happy, this is my first story to ever hit the front page. Thank you all so much for the support! I promise everyone that we're getting to the good stuff... in maybe just a chapter or three more of fluff.