I am not Prepared!
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Chapter 26  I am not Prepared! by Harem-Fan


     Well I was forced to endure Momo's punishment. She made me let her sit in my lap for the entire class's lecture. Yeah, this is punishment I can do plenty of!

     So as promised the next day, I went and watched Yura in action doing her Devil work, and seeing her doing cheers was super adorable! Her Gap-Moe of strong fighting tomboy just crumbled wearing the adorable and sexy cheer uniform. I may or may not have 'accidentally' recorded some of it, cough.

     Due to Yura not being confident in her feminine charms, we are going to take our relationship slowly like kids in a first time relationship, more innocent than lustful.

     So she and I have started to just try things light like holding-hands (without gloves), hugs, and light kisses for hello and goodbye. Somehow this makes my heart feel warm and cozy.

     When I told Sona about Yura, she was fine with it and just smiled about how I looked guilty of some crime against her, while on the inside she was happy that it was her Rook, and not some easy girl from Rias peerage, now that she would dislike. Plus, Yura made sense to her due to our almost 6 month friendship as training partners. (the pink-line is the real reason.)

     Magic class with Tsubaki was a lot of fun and I actually learned a lot, and I did not perv-out around her. Tsubaki taught me general magic in the kitchen due to it being the next best place to learn it other than the battlefield.

     The kitchen requires one to use almost all of the elements and techniques like water, fire, air, electricity, cutting, cooling, heating, and countless other magics. So Tsubaki and I trained by making breakfast and boxed-lunches for everyone.

     I definitely could tell during the two lessons that Tsubaki in fact has positive feelings for me, but she is not as bold as Yura and Momo, so we just kinda have awkward comfortable silence between us. But it's peaceful with her, and I want to take things naturally with her for sure. Plus she too is a Pink-Line so I don't fear her looking for love elsewhere, like that emo Kiba, sigh.

     During water and ice class with Sona, I am treated very strictly and she is not so cute in teacher-mode! However her teaching is top notch and my use and control of ice and water have definitely skyrocketed!

     Once class is over she hugs me and tells me she is sorry to be strict with me, but magic is serious business for her. This is part of Sona's Gap-Moe. She actually feels guilty for bullying me during class, so she gets affectionate after to make up for her guilt. I love it!

     So for you who may not know, Devil magic affinity is special as part of the Devil bloodline, in that it makes you superior to them than other Devils. Even though any Devil can use ice magic like me, Serafall, and Sona, they can't compare to me and Serafall at all! Sona has about half the talent in ice than me and her sister, but that's still amazing. She is better at water magic than the two of us for sure though.

     So when you have a strong affinity for the element it is basically like twice as strong, controllable, and half the cost in demonic-power! Meaning Serafall and I can easily use 2-3 times more ice magic than other forms of magic, with twice the output and control.

     This is why Riser and Ravel from the House of Phenex use mostly fire, light, and wind magics, due to it being their shtick. Devils rely on their servants for other magic specialties.

     Rias Gremory is an interesting magic user. She has no element affinity and is considered average, except in the use of the Bael's Power of Destruction. This PoD is her go to magic because of her affinity with it.

     Sairaorg Bael without Touki, is considered a trash Devil like all commoner Devils for zero affinity in magics and no Power of Destruction, like his cousin Rias Gremory. Until recently he was garbage in Bael's eyes, but heads still hate him.

     Sorry, I went off on a Devil Info-Dump, he-he, but this is all important to know for next year, and to show why Sona was so excited for my Ice Affinity.

     Why do the Sitri see Ice as superior to even water? Purely for its combat value. Water is soft, flexible, and can also cause destruction, but ice magic is solid, cold, and penetrating in fights. This is why even Heaven fears a wrathful Serafall! It's like comparing a downpour to a hail-storm in effect, you should get it now, phew!

     Sona has been running party ideas my way, like what kinds of foods I like, what she will wear, and what I will wear.

     So she, not me, finally decided she will wear a gown matching the royal-blue of her family with a red shawl, and I would wear a red suit with a royal-blue necktie, to show our red and blue combination.

     On a side note, my demonic-power is royal-blue, but back when I saved Momo from the kill squad, I had noticed my Dragon Shot was royal-blue and not red like Issei's! But Ddraig assured me it was a subconscious act for my power to manifest in royal-blue, due to seeing Momo using it in battle before he manifested it on me, due to my strong feelings towards Momo.

     He said Issei only had red Dragon Shots due to being a Gremory Devil. So if I was Rias's pawn, my Dragon Shots would look red too. Ddraig's natural color is Green like his gems.

     Sona made sure there was at-least half of the meal as human food at the party, but she would have me try many of the Underworlds traditional foods as well. She is really excited to plan this event. This just shows Sona's adorable wedding loving side.

     So what has happened in school this past week?

     Issei, Matsuda, and I got beat for peeping on the Ken-do girls again, and they have stopped reporting us, now they just use us as practice dummy's as payment for licking their bodies with our eyes. Strangely the Ken-do girls have all started wearing very sexy underwear, that's strange, right? Even the women are perverts!

     This will be my last term in the music club and I will help out part-time in the Student Council as an unofficial member, and next year I will join officially. I was not going too because it sounded lame as fuck, but when Sona gave me puppy eyes (fake, she just wants her hubby around) I caved and agreed.

     The Gremory reaction to my Devilment and 8 Pawn piece count really made Rias upset. She felt not finding the Red Dragon Emperor was fate cheating her, cough, and she has not even talked with Sona this week. She had even thought that if she knew, she would have slept with me so I could not get away, well she cannot ever have me now and she looks at Saji with disappointment now.

     Akeno had some 'accidental' bump-ins with me and she was obviously hinting at things, but I sadly turned her away, sigh, Sona I am doing this just for you my dear.

     And this summed up the school week, and now I am heading to the Student Council room after club, to meet Sona and Tsubaki for our midnight trip to the Familiar Forest.

     Knock Knock! I am still not rude and knock in-case there are humans in the room, but I heard Tsubaki's voice.

     "Come on in Motohama, it's just the two of us."

     So I go in, close the door and take my seat in front of Sona's desk. She is going through a stack of papers, her eyes lifted briefly and smiled at me then went back to her work.

     That was her way of saying hello, due to her doing a lot of mental math, so I know not to mess her up with useless talking, a smile is all I need. Then Tsubaki came to me with a soda and said.

     "Here is your Virgin Jack and Coke."

     I take the cola from Tsubaki, smile and say. If this story is on any-other site than Scribble Hub, then it was stolen without permission!

     "Telling jokes with a serious face is an art form Tsubaki, I approve!"

     Tsubaki with a blush sat in the chair next to Sona's desk, and she too started to work on her duties.

     I just spent my hour going through my messages and replying. Then Sona cleaned her glasses, and said to me and Tsubaki.

     "I have finished, shall we eat now? And dear thank you for waiting patiently for me to work."

     "I like watching you do your duty, it is part of your cuteness. And I am starving. How about the Italian place around the corner? I can throw in a reservation for three right now?"

     "Then dear, let's do that."

     "Um, Sona, do you want me to wait for the two of you so you can be alone?"

     Sona gives me eyes of not wanting to abandon Tsubaki, but will do whatever I ask, so I help her out.

     "Tsubaki, a King should always have their Queens at their sides, unless you don't feel like eating with us? I would miss your company as well."

     Tsubaki looked into her lap and said.

     "I heard their Alfredo was delicious, so I would like to try it."

     Sona gave me a warm smile and the three of us had our ambiguous meal together. Sona also gave me tips and insights about what familiars I should consider, whether combat or utility. Yeah combat is out, because I have Ddraig and no familiar can keep up with us, so it is utility then.

     Later at Sona's home, the three of us at midnight, stood in the Sitri transportation magic-circle.

     The trip really was not so eventful to even mention, but in a nutshell, the forest was large, dark, and creepy. Fortunately the Monster Tamer in charge of our visit was not that rapping bastard from the anime, but an older looking woman.

     After an hour of looking Ddraig pointed me to a certain spot, and there I found a few months early, a little blue Sprite Dragon, I am sure is Rassei from the anime. Due to having Ddraig in me, taming him was not a problem.

     Thankfully he is not trying to breast nuzzle the girls. But Tsubaki is still holding the little bugger and petting him, with his eyes closed.

     "Congratulations young Sitri Devil, those Dragons can only be tamed as babies, and normally they are uncontrollable as they grow, so your luck is great, thanks for coming."

     Back at Sona's home, I am currently petting the sleeping dragon in my lap, and Sona asks me.

     "So what will the red Dragon name the blue Dragon?"

     I sure as fuck am not calling him Rassei after Issei, nope. So I will call him what Asia in the dream world called him...

     "I just really want to call him Blue. It is simple, cute, and goes with my red. Plus since I am a Sitri Devil, having a blue Dragon is perfect. Also he uses Lightning attacks so he is a good support."

     Sona gently strokes the diamond-blue-scales on his back, and says in a cute voice I have never heard, and apparently Tsubaki as well...

     "Aw, sow adorable~!"

     Sona realizing her slip coughed into her hand, and just said nothing while turning red! So my sadistic mouth just said...

     "Aw, sow adorable~! He-he."

     Sona changed the topic and told me.

     "Motohama dear, we are leaving immediately after class on Friday to the train-station, and our engagement party will be at midnight on Saturday, be mentally prepared."

     "Prepared for what?"

     "My sister."

     "I am not Prepared!"

(A/N Blue, Motohama's new Familiar!)



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