Chapter 12 (FIRST TIMEFEEE!)
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In a 3 story house, where 3 of the best Adventurers in the whole country live along one another, two of their newest servants were busy mauling each others mouths


Ironically, Alexa was the one who took charge. Pushing Alex hard unto the door while he smoothly locked it shut. As the two of them were the same height, there wasn't a high or low ground for them as the perfectly meshed their lips together.

Alexa, passionate and burning with need while Alex was a cool calm of gentle and loving reciprocation. Despite the two being the same person, their biological differences still had some effect as Alexa felt an ache in the bottom of her stomach. She wanted to be forced unto the bed and be taken advantage off, Alex however felt the masculine want to protect and cherish what was his …and also obsess on how she was his now.

Forever and ever~

Alexa took a hold of his face and looked deep into his crimson red eyes as she breathed heavily with need "C'moooon brotherrrr~ be rougher already- I know you want too. And I know you know that I want it too~" she whined with a sharp wide grin on her beautiful face.

Alex took a hold of her face as well as he squished it will an amused smirk "Aren't you a horny little gremlin~ We haven't even taken off our new clothes yet-" 

"Ossshuts up!~" she cursed at him while her face was being squished like when a grandma pinches their grandchildren's face, although she was giggling happily while he did so.

Their giggling ceased as they silently gazed at each other, huffing from being out of breath from their heated make out session, Alex's hand went from squishing her face to caressing it with his fingers... "You're very hot you know~" He cooed as he admired her pale white 

Alexa snorted at his very obvious compliment, although she still leaned into his warm touch "You're not so bad yourself hot stuff~" She shot back with a smug smirk on her face, but her smug look disappeared as Alex held her chin in-between his fingers.


He leaned in closer with a mischievous grin of his own "You're lips look so soft too~" "What of it?~" " Makes me want to bite on them till you bleed..." "So do it you fucking tease~~~"

Those words of challenge coming from his female and objectively attractive counter part riled him all up with an immeasurable amount  of excitement as he pounced upon her lips and nibbled on her lip

"Aaah~" She groaned, slowly Alex pushed her down to their new bed. The two not even blinking an eye as they let themselves fall unto it, now Alex was the one who's on top. 

The pang of pain on Alexa's lips she cherished the feeling with glee as her mind was starting to begin its ascendance to the sky, AND THEY HAVENT EVEN DONE ANYTHING BESIDES KISSING YET!

Alex slowly got up as he straddled over her "Lets take off our clothes first before we do anything messy yet" He advised as he slowly unbuttoned his butler uniform, Alexa pouted "why thoooo~, don't you want to fuck a girl in a maid cosplay~" She teased while lifting up her skirt and showing her stockings and garter belt...making him silently gulp.

Alex, having a red hue on his face but still continued taking off his uniform as neatly and quickly as he could "as much as I would love to do that- this is our only set of uniforms we have so id rather not have to explain why two 14 year old's have questionable stains too three adult women-" He said with a wince as he imagined the embarrassing scenario.

"BOOO you're no fuuuun~" She huffed at him for being a responsible partner as she stuck her tongue out before she also started to take off her clothes, soon enough they were both on the bed naked, their uniform neatly folded out of the way. They two of them admired each others body. To Alex looking at Alexa's small hard  rosy pink nipples right on top of her smooth pale  mountain peaks,  from Alexa biting her lips at Alex's developing abs and how delectable his sweat looked from how it gleamed in the fading sunlight, seems like despite the two of them having an upgraded body they had to work for their gains...which they both liked and disliked for the same reasons.

Closer and closer they got as Alexa tried to grab hold of his cock in which he slapped her hand "Ouch! You know the only place where it feels good to be slapped is my ass right?!" She yelped while rubbing her hand, Alex tolled his eyes as he gave her a kiss as an apology "You already made me cum earlier...Let me be the one to pleasure you first~".

That caused Alexa to freeze as her usual shameless behavior subsided as she mumbled with a blush  "O-okay..." Causing Alex to smile at her demeanor but opting to say nothing of it, he lowered his head down to her breasts. He could tell she was blushing heavily as even her breasts were a bit red and flushed. Using his fingers he tweaked and teased her nipples, much to her chagrin as she let out small squeaks of pleasure. "My my~ you're little nip nips are harder then pebbles"  He joked a bit causing her let out a combination of a giggle and a moan.

Increasing her pleasure he opened his mouth and took one of her nipples into his mouth, making Alexa huff out as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulling him closer to her chest. Alex sucked on her gently to let her get used to the feeling, he could taste the sweet aftertaste of the sweat on her skin.

It seems like the taste of  both of their body fluids to one another taste like candy or at least something sweet, the both of them definitely weren't complaining. His long and dexterous tongue swirled around the tip of her pale peaks, suckling on her like a baby calf to their mothers. each and every time he did so caused her to let out a a moan of pleasure. His hands were not doing nothing as they were busy with caressing her stomach, sensually teasing her belly button making her feel the weird sensation of wanting to pee "Noooo~ dont t-touch that haaa~" She moaned as she bit her lip

So abiding to her words...he slid his hand down...inching towards her leaking slit~


CLIFFHANGER! im sorry~ but im going to make their first time a two parter since i gotta do some assignements hehee and i want to make it a detailed and important event- BUT!! Dont worry, next chapter is only going to be the good stuff so for now! im going to ask yall...

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