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"Huuu~ nooooo" Alexa whined as she managed to take a hold of his hand, stopping him from his advance "I want you're cock to be the first to go inside meeeee~" She whispered in a tone dipped with need.

Alex took her nipple out from his  mouth with a pop as he smirked at her "That doesn't mean I can't lick it though does it?"  "n-no...OKAY fine!" She hesitated a bit before she quickly gave up at the offer of being eaten out with a red face...

Soon enough, Alex went down her body. Giving her tiny kisses on her stomach making her let out mewls of  carnal pleasure, he slowly showered her body with physical marks of his affection.

Arriving at her slit...she was smooth and hairless as a baby and her Labia majora covered it mostly with a pale pink skin. He hummed in curiosity as he looked at a real life pussy for the first time.

Alexa giggled at his expression as she spread her legs so he would have more space "Definitely different then the stuff you'd see online huh~" She joked pervertedly.

Alex nodded in agreement as he caressed her inner thighs with his hands "Oh yeah- doesn't look like a smashed deli meat sandwhich like how all pornstar pussy looks-." Using a thumb he spread it open a bit, getting a look at her small but throbbing clit and her leaking hole...

"Aahmmm~" Alexa gasped a bit as she could feel his warm breath on her opening.

Seeing her reaction, he wanted to see more of it as he moved closer to her crotch. He opened his mouth and took a breath... before sticking out his tongue to flick it at her clit.

Her toes clenched and her legs twitched...she definitely wasn't used to having someones face in-between her legs... especially someone who was about to  eat her up!

Alex used the broad part of his tounge as he gave her pussy a long and slow lick going from down to up and up to down. He countinued this dance rhythmically, from kissing her clit and even sucking on it as Alexa gasped with pleasure.

At this point Alex was rapidly targeting her clitoris while her thighs squeezed his head. Her breath was getting more and more rapid and raspy as she took a hold of his head "O-oh fuck- Oooooh fuck- I'm going to cum! I'm urghh- Cummminggg~" 

As his face was graciously embraced by her soft and plump thighs, encouraged by her moans, he went into sensual overdrive as he wanted to give her the best orgasm he could possibly give her. Lapping his tongue all over her pussy and sucking up all of her delicious fluids. It didn't take long for her to climax as she shivered from glee and a bit of girl juice spurting out from her hole.

He unhesitatingly drank it all up and marveled at the taste, it was exactly how she described his cum tastes like earlier today. He savored his impromptu drink as Alexa came down from her orgasmic high...hungry for more

"Put it in ...put it in you bastard- don't keep a girl waiting like this!" She said with bated breath as she laid down on the bed, beads of sweat scattered all over her beautiful body which was marked with hickies.  Her face had a smirk of depraved horniness etched in it as she moved both her legs to the side into a sort of M position as she used both of her hands to spread her pussy

"Cum over here and cash in our virginity together~"

He gulped at such a erotic scene that could come straight out of a hentai happening right in front of him. He shuffled to position himself over her his hard cock hovering over her steaming hot slit, the two of them being in the- "Missionary Huh? Such a vanilla position~ " "Vanilla is still a great flavor! And besides...this is soooo romantic don't you think?" She coo'ed as they both looked eachother in the eyes with smiles on their faces.

"Yeah that's true...but you know this is going to hurt like a motherfucker-" "Uh yeah doi! You think I don't know that?" She rolled her eyes "That's why be gentle at first okay? Your venturing unexplored territory for the both of us~" she coo'ed while she leaned up and placed a kiss on his lips.

Alex smiled at her words but prepared himself for the insertion. Taking a hold of his throbbing hard cock, he slowly pressed the tip of it unto her hole, slipping a few times from how wet she was. It took a moment before suddenly-


The tip went inside as her hole stretched to accommodate for it's size. Alex and Alexa held their breaths for two different reasons, Alexa preparing herself for the pain and Alex trying not to cum immediately from how warm and tight she felt around the tip of his cock.

Bit by bit, He slowly lowered himself into her depths letting out small quiet groans. He felt a barrier press up against his dick and immediately knew what it was "This is it- Let's say goodbye to our virginity on 3" she nodded as they both started to count down


"Haa~ 1" Alexa managed to say  


"2- AHH FUCK" Alexa yelled out as before she even started to speak, Alex immediately pushed through her hymen and pounding his 8 inch cock right to it's hilt into her scabbard-

"YOU ASSHOLE- I THOUGHT WE WERE GOING ON THREE-" She hissed through her gritted teeth as tears start to form on her eyes. Her insides clenching around his cock at each breath as her stomach felt full.

"I'm sorry- I figured it was kinda like pulling out a tooth-" "YEAH NO SHIT IT ISN'T- ...just ...fucking stay still for a m-moment" she muttered pleadingly while she looked down unto their connection

The two teenagers locked into each others embrace as their parts melded together. The two of them felt exhilaration at the thought of them losing their virgin status for the rest of their life now. And aswell as a deep connection between the two of them form...this felt right to them, like puzzle pieces fitting together...the two of them felt as they were one...

Okay now I see why other authors like cliffhangers- OKAY OKAY IM SORRY, I MANAGED TO MAKE THIS CHAPTER AFTER I FINISHED A BUNCH OF WORK SO DEAL WITH IT...and I promise promise that the next one will be the fun and steamy part along with a teaser of their system! And let's just say it's going to be a unique one since I've never seen any book that has something like what I'm thinking soooo tune in! And yeah Kate upload but it's still a chapter a day right?

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