Chapter 18
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"Ugh- why did you have to bite my neck-" Alex said as he rubbed the small but noticable bite mark. An annoyed expression was plastered on his face as he put on his butler suit in front of a full bodied mirror.

The perpetrator giggled as she changed their bed sheets...again- folding the sex stained cotton fabric "Oh please, don't act like you didn't like it~ the way you let out a moan was adorable" she said with a smirk

Alex shot her a narrowed look as he gazed at here using the mirror, before he smiled as well and snorted in response. "You're hair is still sticking all over the place" 

"Huh!?" She immediately ran up towards the mirror, standing beside Alex in her maid outfit as she looked at herself

"Hey! It isn't messy" she said with a pout, before Alex's arm was wrapped along her neck in a head lock as he decended his knuckles down on her head and gave her a noogie.

"Now it is!" "ACK STAWP ITTTTT"

The two had a valiant battle between one another, effectively messing eachothers hair up and clothes in the process as they fought like actual siblings.

Alexa then pounced at Alex, knocking him unto the now bare bed as she started to rapidly tickle the sides of his stomach through his suit.

Causing Alex to burst out into laughter as he struggled to escape her wrath, already starting to let out a wheeze.

"APOLOGIZE!!!" Alexa said loudly, leaning towards Alex's face as her hair was all over the place, even the cute little hair band that came with the maid outfit was askew

"OKAy oKay! I give I give! I'm SORRY BAHAHA HAHA-" Alex pleaded, which put a stop to Alexa's onslaught of tickles as she once again sat on his stomach. Her her hands over the heavily breathing Alex.

The two of them looked into one another's eyes with a bright wide smile on eachothers faces. Before the two of them leaned in closer at the same time and reached the middle with a small chaste kiss


"Love you~" 

"Love you~"

The two paused as they rolled their eyes.

"God you're so corny" 

"God you're so corny"

They paused again before they began to laugh "Is this what they call the honeymoon period?" Alexa said in between her laughter

"I think it is!" 

The two of them laughed for a solid minute before they shuffled out of bed and fixed up their clothing.

"I think it's about time we get out of our rooms and do our duties right?" Alex suggested as struggled a bit in trying his tie

Alexa fixed her head band and smoothen her frilly maid dress before she went up to Alex, Slapped his hands away and did his tie for him "Yeah it's about time...don't want to get kicked out of the first house we ever fucked in"

"So you mean we're going to have sex in other people's houses?" He said with quirked eyebrows as he looked at Alexa

A smirk on her face was the only answer she gave him as she tightend his tie and gave him a little choke before she let go.

Alex blushed and coughed a bit but didn't say anything as he cleared his throat. "okay now we can go now-"

Alex opened the door for Alexa who promptly went out first with Alex following behind.

The two of them never did get a good look at the house since they immediately went to their room to do some...relaxing.

The hallway they were in was remarkably well furnished, with wooden flooring and a well groomed rug. Paintings and such decorated the walls, but they didn't admire the decor...but groaned

"Ughhhh so we're going to have to clean ALL of this?" Alexa basically deflated, leaning down as walked raggedly dragging her feet on the floor.

Alex sighed aswell "Well a job is still a job...and we kinda have to do it whether we want too or not-"

Alexa just groaned again

The two eventually reached the ground floor, but found that no one was there "Is everyone still asleep?"

"I think so...well let's prepare breakfast then- let's just hope the kitchen appliances are similar to  our worlds" Alex stated as he pulled back his sleeves and walked into the kitchen

Alexa then came with the pitter patter of her heels hitting the wooden floor boards "Couldn't we just cuddle on the couch a bit...for a few minutes? If everyone is still asleep we can slack off a bit~" 

Alexa attempted to tempt Alex where he just shook his head with a smile "As comforting as that is~ no"

Alexa grumbled but nonetheless stopped as they walked into the kitchen

The two of them ooh'ed as the looked around the fully furnished kitchen "Oh man! This is going to be awesome to cook in!" Alexa finally said genuinely pumped up to do something.

"This would make Gordon Ramsey jealous! And look they even have a fridge...or something similar atleast-" Alexa said as she went up to the big metal cube with a handle that was covered in some time of runes that seemed to be engraved

"You check if there's ingredients in the fridge...if their even similar to our worlds- and I'll go check the cupboards. The cooking utensils here seems to be marginally the same-" Alex stated as he picked up a pan that was hanging on the wall and examined it

Alexa snorted "Ain't the convenient-" as she opened up the 'fridge' and got blown back a bit from how cold it was, goosebumps littered her snow-white skin immediately as she closed it abruptly

"How in the fuck is someone supposed to stick their hands in and get something that has Antarctica as a source of coolness-" she said as her teeth chattered

Alex shook his head as he stifled a laugh as he climbed on top of the counters as he had a hard time reaching the cupboards for some reason-

He spent a few minutes sifting through the fully stocked cupboards as Alexa struggled to last in sticking her head into the fridge and looking a the different types of meat and other stuff you'd have in the fridge for even a few seconds-

"it seems like every ingredients are atleast looking the same-" 

"S-s-s-s-same here!" Alexa gave him a thumbs up with a shaky and chattering smile

Alex hopped down from the counter as he walked up to her and hugged her to warm her up a bit "Guess we can start to cook now...what type of food should we cook for them?"

Alexa closed her eyes and embraced him back "Hmmm let me think..." She pondered for a few silent seconds

"Let's try!-"

A little late! But a chapter is still a chapter right? Hope y'all like the fluff and slice of life moments because serious fights and consequences are going to be few...since this is meant to be a whole and lewd novel, I'm I doing good simulating a relationship between two horny teens?~