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Hi! If your reading this, that means you managed to run upon this novel. First off let me welcome you to this shitshow~ and then tell you about what I'm going to talk about here.

Update Schedule: Depends on the amount of motivation I have and the feedback I receive on this novel. So comment your advice, criticism and hates. Aslong as I can sense that you put in effort or actually and genuinely mean then. If not and it's just empty headed praise/hate/advice then your comment is going to get smack in the face with eh delete hammer

What to expect from this Novel: Comedy, Romance, slice of life and of course smut! There is going to be fight scenes and drama but their not going to be the main focus. I plan this to be a horny light hearted novel where you can laugh and or jerk off, you can pick which to do~

And that's basically all I have to say, just be genuine and think about the comments your going to send my way.

(Might also make a Patreon if this actually gets popular so I can make a bit of pocket money *Cha ching!💰💰*)

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