Chapter 19
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Felicia's Room

"Mmmmh..." The young 90 year old elf stirred in her queen size bed. Ears twitching from the sheer comfort of her sheets. It was a blessing that ALL of the bed rooms are sound proofed, leading too amazing nights of uninterrupted sleep.

A soft green aura seemed to glow around the room, giving the vibes of a soft forest breeze rustling the winds...only for a barrage of tweeting bird noises to echo around the room

"ACK FUCK-" Felicia shot up ready for action as she threw a pillow at her M.U.S.E (Multiple Uses, Speech, and Everything in a single device...device) which was the cause of her sudden alarm. 

She groaned before she face planted unto her bed, countinuing to groan as she rolled off down the side...before promptly falling off the bed on her face.

This was the usual and painful way she wakes herself up, but it still hurt since the fact she didn't have any natural airbags on her chest to cushion the fall...unlike every other attractive female in a 10 kilometer radius.

Slowly but surely she got up from her knees and rubbed her face, yawning as she scratched her stomach while making her way to the door. 

Walking out of the room, she opened the door rubbed her face. Another door opened...and then another-

Yeah, the three of them slept in the same hallway despite how big their house actually is. Most of it is just storage and extra room for guests and such stuff.

"Aaaaahhhhaaah~" Roxy moaned shamelessly in her birthday suit glory, naked as the time she was born. Her pale skin looked like it was never tanned, let alone touched by sunlight. "Guuudmornin everyone~" she greeted with a lazy smile.

Garnet yawned, putting a hand to her mouth as she also said "Morning..." Her dreadlocks looked as stylish as ever as she whipped her head back to fix their position effortlessly

Felicia squinted at Roxy still not used to the daily reminder that she was flat as she stared at her massive peaks. "Ugh- can't you wear some underwear atleast?!" She said annoyed, crossing her arms around her chest without any obstructions at all

Roxy tilted her head innocently to the side "Oh come on Felicia~ what's wrong with being naked inside my own home? Besides you know how rare of an occasion for a vampire to get naked without worry?"  She said propping her breasts up with her hands giving Felicia a knowing smirk

 "Oh you fucking-" a sound of a stomach grumbling interrupted her insult as the two girls slowly looked at Garnet...who had a blank face but undoubtedly still had a blush

"I'm hungry okay- and I smelt something good while you two were talking-" she explained her self.

They two sniffed the air, a delicious aroma of deliciousness~ wafted through the air. But they can't seem to recognize what it is-

"Is someone cooking?" Roxy asked only for Felicia to palm her forehead "Oh right! We have two new servants now!" Felicia said with an evil smile... As she can't wait to order those annoying kids around

Especially that big titted girl- I mean! How the fuck does she even have boobs that big!

Felicia gritted her teeth to the thought.

Garnet being the oh so calm leader she is...heh... spoke to Roxy "I think it isn't particularly good to be naked Infront of children-"

"oooooh kay- fine, I'll go wear guys go on first" she playfully whined with a pout as she went back into her room to change.

Garnet and Felicia made their way downstairs and into the dining room, Felicia walking in with a smug smirk and boomer swagger as if she was about to tell them kids to get off her lawn- 

Only to stop in her tracks at the literal feast that was Infront of them. Enough to feed a family actually!

"What in the fuck-" She said as Garnet stood there with wide eyes and a bit of saliva leaking out from the side of her mouth-

Alex and Alexa, the two servants who did this were in the middle of setting up plates and eating utensils paused as they straitened up and did a a little bow.

"Good morning uh- what are we supposed to call them?" Alex loudly whispered to Alexa...his 'sibling'  "Shouldn't we call them mistresses?" She suggested as she held a tray of cups in her hand

"Ah right-" The two of them did a little bow and greeted them good morning... actually it should be afternoon at this point from how long they slept and spent cooking- although most of the food are still warm. Even the first batch they made still is-

Felicia not expecting them to actually be good servants and doing their jobs to this extent! Hell shes never even seen most of the food here-

Which she was correct! The food on the table were a combination of Chinese, Mexican, and Filipino food. So you bet there was giant pot of cooked rice on the table....don't asked how they cooked it, magical stoves are amazing let's put it at that-

Garnet seemingly teleporting to take a seat salivating at the array of food choices. She didn't even respond to Alex pushing her chair in like the polite butler he was- and countinued to plan in her head on which strange and unknown food to try first.

Alex's who was standing infront of Felicia, causing the elf to snap out of her stupor offered her- "Would you like to take a seat Mistress~?" She said in a smug voice as she tilted her head to the side....atleast in Felicia's eyes she seemed smug

With a red face, the elf huffed but promptly pushed past Alexa and took a seat. Crossing her arms on her chest as she waited... Looking at Alex "Well? Aren't you going to push my chair?"

Being such a polite butler he is he said "I'm sorry ma'am- I think if I were to push you in you'd bite me-" he said seemingly intimidated... although it was only for comedic effect as Alexa stifled a giggle.

Felicia huffed again as she scooted herself in and grumbled. Garnet who had already decided to eat first, picked a strange and small dish that seemed to have a bit of meat stuffed into a wrapper like substance- "What is this?"

Alexa made her way to her Lady Garnets side and informed her "that is a dish that we remember how to make called Siomai" Garnet examined the bite size piece of food and asked "What's in it?" "ground pork, beef, shrimp, and the like. It is combined with extenders like garlic, green peas, carrots and among others which is then wrapped in wonton wrappers." Alexa further explained

Alex then appeared beside Alexa "I recommend you to dip it into this madam-" As Alex slid a small bowl that had soy sauce in it with a hint of lemon juice.

Garnet recognize this as a sauce from the east continent of CinDella. They forgot they even had it, I think they got a bottle of it as a reward from saving a village from said continent.

With a shrug, Garnet heeded Alex's advice and dipped it into the bowl and promptly threw it into her mouth.

He expression slowly turned into surprise from how such a delicious taste came from such a small food. Soon enough she pulled the plate of Siomai closer towards her and started to rapidly devour the small things-

Dipping it into the soy sauce and throwing it into he mouth where she chewed it up into oblivion and swallowed, rinse and repeat. All the while she had a blissful expression on her face

Felicia seeing this had some doubts on how delicious the food they made themselves, spotting a stack of round flat bread on a plate she snorted and picked it up. "and what is this?! How is this even considered food~ it's just a thin piece of bread!"

Alex and Alexa had to control themselves from laughing, reminding themselves that this is a world where they probably didn't have this type of food...but Its still rather funny seeing someone waving a tortilla wrapper around in the air

Alex with a charming smile on his face took the tortilla wrapper from her hands and gave her a slight wink "This is how you eat it madam..." He was about to put some ground beef into it but stopped as he remembered a piece of information from his old world "Do you eat meat? My lady?"

Felicia had a blush on her face for a few seconds as she wasn't used to any of the male species in the world flirting? With her or even referring to her as the higher authority such as calling her mistress or whatever-  and the fact that he even bothered to ask was also a bonus to the young elf-

"N-no I'm a Vegan". She managed to say without sounding a lot more flustered then she actually is

Alex nodded, quickly putting into the tortilla all kinds of vegetables, making it into a vegan burrito after he folded it into one. "Hold it on this side madam- so it doesn't fall apart"  Alex instructed her as he gently took a hold of her hands 

"w-wait!? I'm eating with my hands?" She yelped from the sudden touch of his hand. Alex gave her a smile but said nothing. Leaving her holding unto the burrito with inexperienced hands in arts of eating a burrito-

"Uh..." She examined the stuffed burrito from all sides- "What's next?" She uncharacteristically asked meekly.

Alex just clacked his teeth together, chomping into the air. Effectively sending the message to Felicia...with a little hesitation and a side eye looked at Alexa who still had a smug look on her face... although it was just a smile-

She braced herself and took a big ole chomp into the burrito 

YIPPE! THIS IS A SLIGHTLY BIGGER CHAPTER! Ranging into about 1.5K words...which isn't a lot in most novels but alot for me so deal with it! Hope y'all enjoy this food based chapter and if you want you can suggest a food that they can feed to the girls in the future!