Chapter 121: Change
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The words Gong Shang said before leaving swirled inside Shen’s mind.

She didn’t like them because they are full of my smell? What’s that supposed to mean? She doesn’t like my scent? No, is that even important?! The hell full of my smell? Is that so obvious...?!

Thankfully before his weak mind went astray, Yu Ruyan and Mingyue Gelou ran up to him.

For some reason, they couldn’t directly wrap inside the Palace. So after entering the Mortal Realm, they had to move inside.

It didn’t take long to find Shen since he was in the Throne room. The only thoroughly explored area, and also a straight path from the giant staircase.

Yu Ruyan arrived with a frown as she noticed the beast carcass out in the open. When she noticed the hole on the corpse, she became much calmer. She didn’t speak and only urged Shen with her eyes.

While Mingyue Gelou maintained the silence of the room that she eagerly wanted to break. She wasn’t Yu Ruyan who could assess every situation in a short amount of time.

Shen weakly shrugged in their response.

“Even if you look at me like that, I can’t say much. I just thought this might work but for it to work so perfectly... it’s even a surprise to me.”

“What do!...” Yu Ruyan wanted to interrogate but asked calmly, “What happened?”

“Hmm... ah well, I thought I might be able to trap whatever it was using the power of the Heavenly Emperor Palace but it went surprisingly smooth.”

“Using the power of the palace?” Mingyue Gelou made a strange face that clearly said, is that okay?

Shen chuckled, “No worries, I don’t know how powerful it is but according to the spirit, it shouldn’t be a problem...”

Before Shen could finish, he felt light-headed and his vision blurred.

Just when he felt his body heavier, a soft feeling enveloped him. Shen instinctively hugged the figure and knew who it was.

“Mm, sorry... I will rest a little,” he muttered not so apologetically.

Before he went unconscious, he only heard a helpless sigh.


When Shen regained his consciousness, he found himself on a comfy bed. It was a bit too comfortable for him to feel at ease. After all, they hardly used any bedding to make things comfortable.

Even though he wanted to wake up, the gentle warmth made him unusually lazy. Disregarding his urge to wake up, he nudged his head in a more comfortable position.

“If you are up, get up already. How long do you plan to sleep?” a gentle familiar voice chided him.

But Shen pushed his head further while whining like a kid, “Mm, just a little more...”

“Hey, don’t push your luck and get up now!” Now, the voice contained a hint of anger.

A bit of clarity returned to Shen’s head but after figuring where his head was, let alone getting up, he buried his head even deeper into the cleavage and hugged the figure tightly. His lips fumbled here and there as if searching for something.

In a matter of moments, a small bulge hid inside his mouth. Of course, a piece of thin fabric annoyingly hindered his invasion!

“Ah? Now you have done it!” Yu Ruyan furiously slapped his head but it was so light that even she felt her actions were a bit flirtatious.

As if Shen received a renewed vigor, his body turned and he got on top of Yu Ruyan!

Letting go of the flower bud, he refreshingly smiled, “Good morning, wifey.”

Yu Ruyan clenched her jaws, “It’s midnight.”

“Uf...” Shen felt surprised as he couldn’t remember why he was sleeping inside the Emperor Palace but it didn’t matter as his hot lower body pressed onto Yu Ruyan’s thigh. “Then I should continue what I was doing then!”

Like nothing ever happened, his lips went for hers but a palm blocked him.

He prepared himself for Yu Ruyan’s rebuke as shut his drowsy eyes.

But even after waiting for a few seconds, he didn’t hear anything.

Opening his eyes, he found Yu Ruyan looking at him with slight worry and unease.

“Are you okay?” a gentle tone as if her previous anger and annoyance vanished out of thin air.

And Shen started to remember the events before he went unconscious.

“I’m fine. I guess this had put more pressure on my spirit than I initially thought. Haha that’s what happens when you see more than you can.” Shen joked.

“At least nothing bad happened. I got worried for a moment when you took the beast token. I thought you wanted to recklessly head inside the Giant Beast Mountains, you almost gave me a heart attack.”

“Hey, who do you think I am?”

“Reckless young master?”


Yu Ruyan’s word left Shen speechless. Did he give such an impression?

He thought he had a cool temperament, at least that’s how he tried to express himself from a young age.

“Still, I didn’t expect your idea of taking the beast token to the mountains. And you even volunteered yourself...”

Something Yu Ruyan found surprising. As he never went out of his way to help someone, unless they wanted it themselves.

Of course, Shen didn’t plan on sacrificing himself or something.

A small, yet powerful beast at the very least of Martial Emperor Realm. If he could tame it, then he would have a powerful life-saving method. But as of now, let alone taming it he didn’t have the confidence of even surviving from it.

If he could use the Absolute Taming Card again, then he might not need to worry about their level. And he was able to upgrade the card only once, so far he didn’t gain the ability to upgrade it again. Nor could he use it again.

Being able to keep it captured would at least provide him a goal to work on.

He smiled thinking this far. Everything went surprisingly smooth.

“...And how long do you plan to keep it there,” her voice took a sudden sharp tone.

Indeed, when Shen got on top of her, little Shen comfortably snuck between her thighs.

Shen suddenly sealed her lips and invaded her mouth. There was a slight surprise at first but no resistance came from Yu Ruyan, so he grabbed her head and enjoyed her lips and tongue aggressively. His hands didn’t remove her wears but instead only exposed her important parts.

Shen let go of her head and looked at his masterpiece.

With only breasts and pussy exposed and eyes closed, Yu Ruyan’s figure exploded with exotic charm.

Even though it was done by Shen himself, he didn’t think his unconscious act would make the dignified and royal Ruyan look so sultry and enticing!

Unable to resist her newfound charm, Shen directly dove into Ruyan without any words of warning. And the lust of Shen, which was filled with the newfound charm of his beloved wife wasn’t something Ruyan could take so easily.

The sudden intrusion almost caused her to yelp but she suppressed it halfway. Yu Ruyan glared at him hatefully, at least tried to because before she could, Shen started to move aggressively. Her position was uncomfortable and she couldn’t move due to her dress removed half-way.

As if Shen could read her mind, he lifted her thigh and tilted her body sideways. He bent down while nibbling her earlobe while whispering as a playful grin pasted on his lips.

Yu Ruyan looked surprised but kept suppressing her moans.

Nobody can hear them in this room.

So, Shen told her to stop suppressing her moans and let him enjoy her seductive voice. However, Yu Ruyan didn’t mind his word at all and continued to suppress her moans.

He could only do something so she could not help but moan without any restriction.

And soon, the room was filled with incessant moans of pleasure and satisfaction.


“You’re too energetic for someone who just slept for 30 hours straight,” Yu Ruyan let out a tired but satisfying sigh as she felt her body.

She had never been this unrestrained as she felt a lot of the shackles which bound her, clearing away. Not her physical neither spiritual. It was her mental capacity, something vague. She could feel the change but couldn’t quite put her finger on what it is.

As if it returned towards its origin, rather than changing.

“Wifey that’s not funny. Even though my spirit felt pressured it wasn’t that bad...” She had already gotten up and dressed. He thought for a split moment and muttered, “ shouldn’t be that bad...”

Yu Ruyan didn’t reply knowing he won’t believe and hid her body with the quilt made of unknown materials.

Shen smirked seeing this, “Does that mean you slept with me for more than 30 hours straight?”

“...You look haughty for someone who won’t let go of me. You even called Yu He so many times. She didn’t run away, hmph. Don’t do that with other girls, ok?” Yu Ruyan put on an annoyed face, but the small smirk gave her away.

“Alright!” Shen smiled seeing this. He kissed her forehead and whispered, “Rest for now and take care of things around the city.”

Ruyan smiled hearing him.

She would’ve done so even without him telling. She couldn’t just leave without dividing the responsibilities around the cities. Especially when they gained territories and resources from the tournament.

After Shen left the room, Yu Ruyan mumbled, “Mm, he is trying to act like a husband... Even though he doesn’t need to...”

After all, Shen had no other reason.

Yu Ruyan smiled thinking this far.

Then she frowned. She couldn’t rest, not yet.

Not until her ‘brother’ got cured and she unconditionally believed in Shen that he would be able to do so.

And first, she decided to take a shower.

But where’s the shower?