90: “Volunteers”
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“Any volunteers?” Epsilon asks the party.

“Unless I am mistaken, such a mission has a high probability of a lethal outcome,” Gorrazsh says. “As such, I would rather not volunteer, because I like living.”

“Noted,” Epsilon says.

“It’s a good idea, but we won’t need volunteers,” you say. “At least not amongst you. We’ll sneak as close to the next gateway as we can and then I’ll summon some ‘distractions’. But we’ll have 20 minutes at most.”

“With that time limit we can easily reach the gates from here,” Rosetta says.

“And risk running face-first into enemies?” Elza asks. “Let’s proceed with caution.”

And that is what you do. Your party scales the rubble one at a time and proceeds on the other side. You check your energy reserves.

[Energy 350/356]

At least you recover it fast enough, at two points per minute. And you’ll need it. Summoning imps is going to cost you 120 points. But anything less might end up a complete waste. Better pay up now, rather than end up wasting a spell on Priscilla that will get surrounded and killed, only to have to summon the imps anyway. Considering the fighting power of your imps, you might end up getting enough experience for another level while they’re at it. That alone would be worth the energy since you’d end up with a refreshed poll straight away.

And that time is now. You manage to sneak only a little bit further ahead before it is obvious that you will be spotted. The path along the wall is blocked again, and the twisting alleyways are riddled with the creatures. You end up taking refuge in one of the abandoned houses at the last moment and close the door behind you before you are spotted by one of the ash-covered creatures.

Turned-over table, fallen bookshelf on the floor, broken plates, and other items spread across the wooden floor. All points to a struggle but—again—no bodies. All this doom and gloom is—Ah!

“Eisheth, have you ever heard of anyone called ‘Doom Brothers’?” you ask the succubus when you remember an important detail you failed to mention to her before.

“Doom—what?” Eisheth seems perplexed as if you’re speaking gibberish.

“Supposedly they’re the guys in this city that might have your sister.”

“Are you pulling my leg?”

“No, I’m not joking!” you say. But in your mind, you start to wonder—did Chi make that up? You turn to the other two bunny girls.

Epsilon just shrugs her shoulders and says “Never heard of them.”

“Alpha?” You ask the emotionally absent girl.

“Yes?” she acknowledges her name.

Sigh. “Have you ever heard of these ‘Doom Brothers?’ Maybe Chi or Xi or some other bandits mentioned them?”


Sigh. “Elza?”

“Hm, there were some shady figures meeting with Xi a couple of times,” Elza crosses her arms and looks sideways trying to recall. “But I don’t remember them called ‘Doom Brothers’. But now that I think about it, I don’t think anyone besides Xi knew who they were.”

“It doesn’t matter what they’re called,” Eisheth says. “If they laid so much as a finger on Ariadne—they’re dead.”

“Alright, everyone ready?” you ask, preparing to cast your spell.

Silent nods from your party members.

“Summon Imps!” you cast one of your favorite spells to summon your most reliable minions. This time there are eight of them. Eight giggling, scantily clad little girls with small curved horns on their heads and daggers for weapons.

“We have to reach the gateway unnoticed,” you explain to the imps. “Which leaves you with the important task of fighting through to the main road, making as much of a commotion as you possibly can, drawing the attention of the ghastly creatures to yourselves. Kill as many as you can. If you manage to— fight through to the gateway. Go!”

The imps don’t have to be told twice. They break down the door and storm outside. You see a fireball fly by the window and faintly hear hissing and screeching coming further down the street. The imps run past the window. Soon their excited, borderline psychotic laughter echoes through this section of the city and you can be sure that everything malevolent that lingers here is about to converge on your lolis.

“Let’s go!” you say and, with haste, your party exits the house, taking a detour to the gateway, away from the explosions that can you can hear and see above the rooftops of the smaller houses. It doesn’t even take you ten minutes to reach the gates. Nearly as high as the main gates of the city, but just as horribly damaged. By now there are no creatures on around the gatehouse.

Standing on the edge of the main road you look to the left and see several creatures running deeper into the district where you hear the combat. Not even a hint of their dazed walk, you think, noting once again how quickly the behavior of the creatures changes when they spot enemies.

Your party walks through the gates unopposed. Before you’re even through the gateway you notice familiar pop-ups appear in a form of square semi-translucent screens with text on them. Only you can see them as they manifest one after the other before your eyes.

[Level up!]
[Congratulations! You are now a level 9 Demon Lord!]

[Energy 402/402]

[Use a Spell Point!]

[Summon Golem – lvl 1
Cost: 25
Summons a Clay Golem with defensive capabilities.]

[Wall of Fire – lvl 1
Cost: 10
Summons a two-meter high, five-meter long wall of fire.]

[Tentacle From Beyond - lvl 1
Cost: 15
Summons a highly durable, lust-filled Tentacle to trap a single target.]

[Masturbation Hex - lvl 1
Cost: 10
Places a hex on a single target causing them to be consumed with the desire to masturbate.]

[Loss of Libido - lvl 1
Cost: 5
Temporarily reduces the sex drive of a single target.]

[Offense Trait – lvl 2
Additionally increases the power of your spells.]

[Defensive Trait – lvl 1
Additionally increases Your defensive statistics and resistances.]

[Summon Duration Trait – lvl 2
Increases the time duration of your summons by another 20 minutes (for a total summon duration of 40 minutes).]

[Energy Pool Trait – lvl 2
Increases your maximum total energy by another 10% (for a total energy increase of 25%).]

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What spell do you choose?
  • Summon Golem Votes: 8 13.1%
  • Wall of Fire Votes: 2 3.3%
  • Tentacle From Beyond Votes: 4 6.6%
  • Masturbation Hex Votes: 3 4.9%
  • Loss of Libido Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Offense Trait Votes: 4 6.6%
  • Defensive Trait Votes: 3 4.9%
  • Summon Duration Trait Votes: 25 41.0%
  • Energy Pool Trait Votes: 8 13.1%
  • Don't use the spell point for now. Votes: 4 6.6%
Total voters: 61 · This poll was closed on May 23, 2020 01:43 AM.