96: My Little Bitch
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Decided to try switch away from 2nd person. The MC did have a name for a while now... Let me know how it feels.

edit: after feedback switched back :D

“We are absolutely not going back,” you say with conviction to your party and then look at Xi. "We will proceed forward. As for that one..."

At full power Xi is dangerous. Even without his powers, he might be dangerous. On the other hand, keeping him tied up and/or an invalid, to be carried around, is a hindrance.

Give Xi to Gorrazsh to carry around? Even if you could not care less for the simple-minded orc’s life, you’d much rather have the brute at full fighting power. Even if that could mean the orc lasting just a couple seconds longer, nobly sacrificing his life for your cause. Or being a split second faster to jump between you and a stray arrow or magic spell.

Killing Xi for all he’s done? What little you know of Xi’s deeds, already earns the formal bandit leader several death sentences as far as you're concerned… But when you remember a certain agreement, you realize that there are fates worse than death.

To be precise, your agreement with Pythia about bringing Xi alive for her to eat and torture. Torture by eating? And sure, Pythia might be—no—most definitely is a bitch, but still… With your severely limited number of forces, the bird lady is useful. For now. And Xi is as weak as he’s ever going to be. It’s decided.

You walk back to Xi and looks down at him.

“Any last words as a free man?” You ask the broken bunnykin.

Xi raises his head, looks at you with sullen eyes, and says, “You’re going to die along with all the whores you’ve gathered.”

“Adorable,” you say and cast [Submission] on Xi. “From now on you’re going to be my little bitch slave, walking on all fours like the animal you are.”

To get your point across you cast [Submission] a second time and add, “My every word is gospel to you. If I say to lick my toes, your only response is ‘which one first?’. If one of my subordinates wants to use you as a plaything, your only question to me is ‘may I please be used as a plaything, master?”

You watch Xi’s defeated and half-dead expression lose what little signs of life there are left, then you ask the submitted bunnykin, “Is all that understood?”

“Yes.” Xi answers with a face devoid of emotion. His eyes are glossy, eerily similar to Alpha’s.

“Get on your hands and knees,” you order Xi.

Xi does just that. He puts his skinny, weak arms in front of him, into the muck. Then he shifts his weight onto those arms and lifts his lower body up, with his knees submerged in the same shit that you’re standing in.

“Lift your ass higher!” You command your new toy.

Xi obeys. He lifts his barely covered ass as high up as he can while still keeping his knees touching the solid bottom of the tunnels.

You turn around, to your party. Both Rosetta and Epsilon, who are the closest to you, look stunned, their gaze fixated on the slave. Does Rosetta realize her mouth is open? Then, they slowly turn their eyes to meet William’s.

“Pfft,” Epsilon finally can’t take it anymore and covers her mouth with both her hands and turns away, barely containing her laughter.

“Give me your whip,” you order Epsilon.

The big-chested bunny girl turns back to you and raises an eyebrow, her face still twisted in bemusement. But Epsilon does as you order, with a slightly curious look. Perhaps wondering what comes next on this crazy journey?

You take the whip, go back to Xi, and tie the end of the whip around Xi’s neck.

“Any volunteers to take him on his first walk?” You ask your party.

“H-how… How did you do that?” Rosetta asks you, still shocked.

You finally realize that Rosetta is the only one in your current party you haven't hasn’t submitted. Ariadne showed no problem with the idea of you being able to rob others of their free will, or other types of magic you use, but she is the daughter of a Demon Lord after all. Others you submitted also didn’t seem to ever react to the idea of you casting [Submissions] left and right. But Rosetta is neither bent to your will, nor a daughter of some demon. Just a simple, half-naked adventurer with a belt across her big tits. At least, as far as you know.

What is going on through Rosetta's mind when she just saw you turn a foul-mouthed, but seemingly harmless man into a willing sub-human slave?

What does William do?
  • Act like nothing out of the ordinary happened and proceed forward. Votes: 27 54.0%
  • Cast [Submission] on Rosette and turn her into his slave too. Votes: 4 8.0%
  • Just say to Rosette that he's a Demon Lord and proceed forward. Votes: 6 12.0%
  • Ask Rosette if she wants to have sex with this leashed bunnykin Votes: 2 4.0%
  • Explain that William can rob evil-doers of their will to do evil. William is totally a good guy. Votes: 11 22.0%
  • Order everyone to attack and subdue Rosette. Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Stall and BS while healing Xi and then order Xi to attack and subdue Rosette. Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Something else... ? (Write in comments) Votes: 0 0.0%
Total voters: 50 · This poll was closed on Aug 4, 2020 11:20 PM.