Chapter 58: Elemental Affinity
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"Hahaha—argh… Damn…" Axel accidentally charred his mouth a bit in the excitement. Thankfully, his intent just now was non-existent and he hadn't used any incantation either. So, only a little amount of flames were produced which went out unnoticed since everyone was looking at the spectacle in the sky.

"Man, I got too excited," he muttered, drinking some water. He was so eager to try it out that he forwent the safety precautions.

[Magic Hands:

Proficiency: 15% - 16%]

[You have unlocked: Fire Affinity.

Current Affinity: 4%]


What the heck is this?

After the flames of the dragon and Phoenix faded, everyone applauded.

"May we have a happy cooperation," said Dumbledore with a smile as he shook hands with Yamazaki Hiroshi, the foreign principal.

Everyone went to the great hall with the foreigners still looking around curiously. The Senseis sat at the head table while the Nins were allowed to sit wherever they liked.


"Come to Gryffindor!"

"No! Hufflepuff!"

"You're welcome at Ravenclaw!"


The students began clamouring to invite the foreigners to their tables.

At this moment, most of the nins split into two groups. One group seemed to follow a tall, handsome boy with spiky black hair and playful temperament. His forehead protector had a wind symbol on it. The other group followed a girl with auburn hair. She had a cute, serious face but a voluptuous body.

The girl went to the Gryffindor table to sit beside Rose Potter with the group following her also going to the Gryffindor table. The guy on the other hand, went to the Ravenclaw table right up to Martina.

"Can I sit here?"

Martina turned her head to look at the guy who was asking for her permission to sit. Even though she was slightly uncomfortable, she just gave a single nod. This wasn't the first time people were bothering her and it won't be the last. She just went back to reading the book she had opened in her Magi-mirror.

"I'm Endo Yuji. Pleased to make your acquaintance."

Martina nodded. "I'm Martina Valentino." Just like how everyone at Hogwarts was given an English to Japanese Amulet, everyone from Mahoutokoro was given a Japanese to English Amulet, so there was no problem in communication.

The guy nodded eagerly, "Yeah, I've heard a lot about you! You're that genius who's invented a bunch of things right?"

Oh, another fan. Martina nodded.

"So, what are you reading right now? Which subject is it? I might not even understand it but I'm still curious," asked Endo with a smile.

Martina looked back at the guy in bewilderment. "It's a fantasy novel."

"..." Right, can't genius simply read fantasy novels?

At this moment, someone else spoke up, "Endo Yuji, right? I've heard about you. You've play Quidditch in Major Leagues, right?


After that, Endo was forcefully engaged in various conversations with other Ravenclaws, not giving him a chance to disturb Martina further. The girl was strongly treasure/guarded/worshipped by the Ravens.

After everyone was seated, Dumbledore went to the podium. "I'd like to begin by offering a very earnest welcome to our guests from Mahoutokoro. I wish you have an enlightening, educative, and salubrious stay."

There was a sound applause for that after which he continued, "Hogwarts and Mahoutokoro are two of the best magical schools in the world. But, what's more interesting is that, the teaching methods of both the schools vastly differ from one another. Both the schools produces elites, but they have their weaknesses.

The students from Hogwarts can't compete with Mahoutokoro in combat, stealth, physical magic and so on while the students from Mahoutokoro, can't compete with Hogwarts in the fields like Enchanting, transfiguration, charms, etcetera.

So, when Principal Yamazaki here and I happened to be in contact with each other after a long time, we thought, why not combine our strength, and produce elites...who have no weaknesses?

And that my dear students, is how this cooperation came to be. From now on, the curriculum of both the schools will have slight changes, with new subjects being added to the mix. I hope you not waste this opportunity and learn what is being taught with an open mind," he said, finishing his speech under the thunderous applause.

Dishes then appeared on the table, this time with various Japanese dishes mixed in. Apart from a certain someone who was eating boiled tasteless meal, everyone else enjoyed the meal.

While the welcoming feast began, the students were also given their new time tables which made them gasp and even cause somewhat of a small commotion.

"The heck? It's starts from 7 in the morning?!"

"Mate, stop messing around, I go to sleep at 5."

"Physical Training? What do we need this for?"

"Well, I have no problems with this. I'm quite fit due to Quidditch."

"But then it's a stealth class. Wonder what that'll entail."

"The most exciting is the Hand Seal magic class. Can you imagine? Wandless magic!"

"But... so many classes? How are we supposed to do this?"

After the feast was over, Dumbledore made several announcements to sooth the students.

"Since the number of classes have increased, you are hereby absolved of a majority of the grueling homework that takes up most of your time. I hope you enjoy this year."


The students burst into cheers, some even raising their hands up in banzai. Sitting in the nondiscript corner away from everyone's gaze, Axel also smirked, 'So, even they know that the homework they used to give was useless.' he thought. He certainly hoped that was the case. Anyways, nothing changes for him, but Daphne should be happy, right?


Daphne was NOT happy. She had already done most of Axel's homework of this year, all of which is now useless. Also, it was already quite a small thing doing just doing his homework but now she has no way left to even slightly repay him for what he did for Astoria. Daphne felt very useless.

The next day, since everyone was already going to come at 7, Axel went to the grounds at 5 o'clock in the morning for his own workout. He usually starts after 6:30 but now he has to adjust his timings. It was said that you could wear training clothes, tracks, or other clothes you were comfortable in. So, Axel came in his usual clothes that he wears during his training.

After coming to the grounds, he found that there was an obstacle course of sorts built here. It must have been built yesterday night. Shrugging, he started his own training.

After being healed, he has upped the anti with his training, trying out every grueling and intense exercise. The skills which he couldn't progress or unlock in the past have started to be unlocked and progress rapidly. He first ran laps around the ground at high speed. While running, he also took a few seconds to clear the obstacle course just for a proper warm up. Then, he went to the forbidden forest to start the real training.

With so many skills to master, he was only half finished by the time it was time for classes. So, after cleaning himself up, he went to see what this basic training was about.

By the time he arrived, the grounds were filled with students. In the crowd, he found Daphne who was looking around with her magi-mirror in her hands.

"Why aren't you picking up my calls?" She asked as soon as she saw him.

"Well, it's usually off." He said, checking his magi-mirror. When he looked back up again, he found that she was just looking at him in a daze.

"You still haven't woken up?" He asked, waving a hand in front of her.

Daphne snapped out of her daze as she averted her gaze from him. "No, it's not that. I've rarely seen you in different clothes," she said, her ears turning pink.

Axel looked at himself. He was simply dressed in track pants, a sleeveless t-shirt and sneakers. Due to the heat from the earlier workout, he had taken off his jacket and simply hung over his shoulder.

"Oh. Well, I've also only seen you in school robes or dresses," said Axel with a shrug, not finding the problem. Daphne was sporting a t-shirt, tights, a jacket and trainers, looking quite spirited. In fact, everyone else was also dressed differently, but she wasn't looking at them at all.

"... It's different when it's you." She murmured in a voice low enough that he couldn't hear it.

"Everyone!" Just as Axel was about to ask her what she said, the Professor who was supposed to teach them had arrived. He was a muscular guy wearing a bandana over his head. His forehead protector had an Earth symbol on it.

"You can call me Yamato Sensei and I'm here to give you the basic physical training of being a Ninja," he said in a loud, heavy voice.

"Ninjas try to make 100% use of their body. A Capable ninja can kill a Capable Wizard without even using Magic," he said with a bit of disdain, and Axel had to agree with the man's words. Axel himself can take on a few wizards without needing to use magic.

"So, it would be better if you guys don't slack off and take this seriously. Those not interested can leave this class after they defeat me in a duel where you can use everything while I can't use magic." That got a reaction from various students. Some seemed ready to challenge the guy there and then, but Yamato Sensei continued.

"The very first thing that comes under the physical training curriculum of Mahoutokoro is: Physical Training. Second: Movement, your ability to move around. Third: Stealth and Fourth: Weapon-Welding and Hand-to-hand Combat. I'll only be teaching you the first two. Is that clear?"

There was a lackluster response. Forming a Hand Seal, Yamato Sensei lifted one foot and slammed it back on the ground.


The ground shook and everyone felt the tremors. "You were supposed to say, "Yes Sensei!". Once again. IS EVERYTHING CLEAR?!


Thus, the first class was spent running laps, which Axel had already done, and doing various exercises. In the remaining time, the sensei had a few students who still had a bit of energy left go through the obstacle course. The rest of the students were cheering for their favourites in the beginning, but in 5 minutes, everyone had given up, no one able to reach past the halfpoint.

Yamato Sensei smirked disdainfully, "You guys have a long way to go. Do you guys know what the top Mahoutokoro's student's current best timing is?"

The students grew curious. Many of the students here were Quidditch players who had been working out for years. Considering that someone would be able to complete it, the timing shouldn't be low, right?

"One minute ten seconds."


The students were inevitably shocked to hear this. The gap between them seemed quite huge.

Yamato Sensei clicked his tongue, "Does that seem impossible to you? Well, it should be. Unlike you guys, who live a pampered and easy going life here, the ninjas at Mahoutokoro are strictly trained from an early age under special conditions. Those who come from Ninja clans begin training even early. Of course they'd be different. The gap is not something you surpass quickly. My job is make you aware of this difference, so that you know the difference and know that magic is not everything. Physical ability is also as important," he explained, making some students very motivated while some humiliated.

Meanwhile, Axel who had finished the obstacle course in a few seconds as a warm up this morning: "..."

'What a waste of time.'

Thankfully, the next class is Hand Seal magic class. He's sure to learn a lot there.

Daphne, who was lying on the ground beside him, looked at him in bewilderment. "The fuck—hah—is wrong with you? You aren't… even slightly…winded." She asked while panting.

Axel's brows furrowed looking at Daphne's condition. This won't do. Her physical fitness is quite low. Looks like he'll have to train her a little a well.

"It's too easy for me," replied Axel.

Daphne also felt so. He was doing everything all too easily.

"Then, why didn't... you try going... through the obstacle course?" She asked.

Axel shook his head, "I'd gain nothing by doing that." He was even thinking of ways to quit this class. Maybe his cripple excuse would still work?

But then, Yamato Sensei gave one important news to everyone, changing his mind. "Listen up! From now on, you'll be treated the same as the Ninjas training in Mahoutokoro. In Mahoutokoro, knowledge and techniques aren't taught indiscriminately. So, the techniques you can access will be based on your performance."

Axel's ears perked up at that.

"Those who complete this course quicker will be rewarded with secret techniques you want to learn! The quicker you are, the higher the number of techniques you'll be taught! Of course, you are forbidden to teach them to anyone."


"... Well, that changes things, doesn't it?" Muttered Axel, a smirk forming on his lips. Looks like he'll have to come out of his crippled status soon.


Icitra, the Queen of Dark Elves, looked at the small Kingdom they had relocated and rebuilt after Voldemort attacked most of their kingdom. This time, it was underwater, covered in a layer of magic that prevented any water from entering.

"How did you come up with this? Making a kingdom underwater?" She asked Lily who was waving her wand over a few mirrors in front of her.

Lily shrugged, "It's not my idea. Back in Mid-world, we have a city called Atlantis which is also built underwater. I got inspiration from there."

Icitra got curious, "Oh? How did it look? Was it beautiful?"

"Well, I've heard it's beautiful but I've never actually been able to visit that place since outsiders are banned from entering. I happened to be friends with the princess of Atlantis though, when she and her lover were on the run. She was the one who told me about the mechanism."

"You knew the princess?" Asked Icitra, tilting her head.

"Yeah. Actually, that's the couple who were generous enough to leave their research about Netherworld and Aetherworld with me," said Lily nostalgically. The couple also had a baby whom they were going to leave with her at the Potter Cottage under fidelius since they had urgent business. But then Voldemort attacked the Potter Cottage, cutting their contact forever. She still sometimes wonders what happened to that couple and their child.

Icitra looked at the mirrors which Lily was working on, "Is it done?"

"It should be done. But are you sure they wouldn't betray us?"

Icitra nodded with certainty. "I know their rulers. They wouldn't betray us. Besides, most Vampires and Lycans wouldn't have submitted to Voldemort if they had choice. It's just that they didn't have a Lily Potter who could successfully help them escaped. If we contact them, they'll definitely side with us."

Lily was still uncertain.

"Even Vampires? I mean I had a werewolf friend and he was a good person, even though the werewolves of our world are different that your Lycans. But Vampires? They're just evil undeads on our world," said Lily.

Icitra scoffed, "The Vampires a Noble race. There are a few similarities but don't compare them to your world's Vampires."

"Well, as you say," said Lily, handing her the two-way mirrors. These things have always been handy so of course she had learnt how to make them. They plan on sending the other halfs of these mirrors to the leaders of other Races to establish stable contact. Since even the Dark Elves have also finally lost, they can only ally with other the races now.


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